Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2, Episode 7

Lost GirlEpisode 7: Fae Gone Wild

This one starts pretty much where the last episode left off. Bo and Kenzi are contemplating the “gift” the Morrigan gave Bo, which supposedly can help Lauren’s secret girlfriend Nadia, thus freeing Lauren from the Ash’s influence. But if Lauren’s girlfriend comes back, then she and Bo can’t be together anyway, so kind of a Catch-22. Kenzi urges Bo to open the box, but Bo says it’s not really hers to open. dancers in cop shopKenzi suggests destroying it without telling Lauren, but she (and we) know Bo’s far too morally upright to do that. Down at the cop shop, the police have some slick Slavic-looking cop killer (with the unlikely name of Zephyr) in custody when a troupe of masked leather babes shows up and starts dancing right there in the squad room. The cops don’t seem to find that strange … or maybe they just don’t care. Zephyr watches from the other room; obviously, the babes work for him.

When Dyson and Hale show up later, they find a bunch of half-clothed cops and no Zephyr. After looking at surveillance footage, they see one of the babes leading Zephyr (dressed in a cop uniform) right out the door. Obviously the babes are Fae who used their powers to entrance the cops, but Zephyr is human so Dyson wonders why Fae would bust him out of pantsless copcustody. In the park, a woman named Donna tells Bo the masked girl in the photo (yeah, the pictures are in the newspapers already) is her daughter Sheri. She says they’re “simple tree folk” and thinks her daughter must be in trouble if she’s mixed up with a scumbag like Zephyr. Bo always has sympathy for the old mother-daughter thing, so she agrees to check things out, but says if Sheri really is involved with Zephyr, she’s turning her over to the cops. Bo knows investigating won’t be easy, especially without running into Dyson. Kenzi says that if Zephyr was Russian, she knows people who can help.

At the cop shop, Hale’s still trying to get info from the cops, but none of them remembers anything after the women came in … even their descriptions aren’t helpful (36-24-28 … that doesn’t even sound possible). Dyson comes in and says they got a last known whereabouts for Zephyr. Meanwhile, Bo looks around the warehouse Kenzi’s contacts told her about. She finds a mask and sexy outfit with blood on them beside a van. The van is empty except for a few papers in the cab. When Bo hears noise outside she stuffs the papers in her pockets and heads for the backdead Zephyr door. But she runs into Zephyr—or what’s left of him. He’s hanging from the rafters, hacked up, with one of his hands missing. Dyson and Hale come in and Bo tries to cover for why she’s there. She says she’s on a case but can’t say for whom because of “client confidentiality”. Hale checks the van and says the glove box was cleaned out and Bo takes off. Dyson wonders if the sexy babes are the ones who wasted Zephyr and took his hand. He says the killing looks ritualistic, so they might have to call Lauren.

At the Dal, Bo and Kenzi look over the stuff she “liberated” from the van.  Ciara comes in and orders some fancy Scotch. Trick tells Bo Ciara is a billionaire, which doesn’t help Bo’s jealousy of her. Kenzi finds a VIP card to a strip club and says she and Bo should go check it out, since Sheri and the other girls at the cop shop were dancers. Dyson and Hale are still trying to figure out how the girls got into the station. Hale says Officer Kenzi mesmerizedBoyd recently “lost” his keycard and Dyson finds a photo of Boyd cozying up to one of the girls. At the strip club, Kenzi tells Bo to enjoy the sights (“It’s like Vegas for your crotch.”) but Bo says they’re there for business. But that thought doesn’t last long after they get a look at the dancers. Every guy in the club (plus Kenzi) are kind of hypnotized by the strippers. Bo recognizes Sheri and realizes she’s probably Fae, but she ain’t just “simple tree folk”.

As Sheri’s act continues, Kenzi gets more worked up, but Bo seems immune. (When Kenzi asks if she’s feeling it, Bo says “Horny, yeah, but not hypnotized.”) They realize Sheri’s power must only work on humans, which explains why the cops were so mesmerized. Bo wants to ask about Zephyr, so Kenzi calls Sheri over for a lap dance, but when Bo starts asking questions she gets suspicious. Kenzi says Bo’s looking for a job, so Sheri calls her boss (Lewis) over. He’s smarmy as hell, but Bo manages toSheri get a bartending job. Kenzi says they’ve actually done what they were hired to do—find Sheri—so Bo doesn’t really need to go back to the club. But Bo’s still wondering why Sheri busted Zephyr out, killed him, then went back to dancing. Kenzi says that’s for the cops to figure out, but Bo feels bad for Sheri because she seems to be in trouble and doesn’t have anyone on her side. At the cop shop, Hale talks to Boyd about how one of the girls got his keycard. He suggests maybe Boyd was paid off by Zephyr, but Boyd says he hung out at a strip club and mentioned to one of the dancers—named Sheri—that Zephyr was being transferred. He figures she stole his keycard. Hale asks for the address of the club.

At the Dal, Trick is on the phone with someone who’s telling him about some Light Fae nuns who attacked Dark Fae customers at a charity clothing drive. He pins the incident on a map and, judging by all the other pins, this isn’t the first weird incident like that to happen lately. Bo comes in to ask him about Zephyr’s murder. When she describes the injuries, Hand of GloryTrick figures someone was making a Hand of Glory. It’s a candle made from the hand (and hair and body fat) of a hanged person. Thieves use it to break into places, since it puts people inside a place into a trance, leaving the thieves to move around freely and loot the place for as long as the candle is lit. The only thing that can extinguish it is milk. In real life, Hands of Glory were part of folklore for centuries, but people apparently believed in their power; there are records of someone trying (and failing) to use a Hand of Glory in rural Ireland in 1831, which seems relatively late for something based on folklore. At the police station, Lauren gives Dyson the same information about the Hand of Glory. She says the more vicious the killer, the more powerful the Hand will be, and since Zephyr was a murdering scumbag, this particular Hand will be pretty damn powerful.

Lauren calls Bo and tells her about Dyson’s investigation and the Hand of Glory, both of which Bo already knew. Unfortunately, Lauren doesn’t mention the whole “secret girlfriend” thing, even though Bo gives her plenty of opportunity. That pisses Bo off, so she doesn’t mention the gift the Morrigan gave her to help Nadia. At the strip club, Bo makes small talk with Sheri, who says she’s looking to get out of the business. Before Bo can get any real info from her, Dyson and Hale walk in. They’re obviouslyDyson and Hale at club surprised to see Bo working behind the bar. Hale figures out that Bo’s missing person case and their murder investigation are both pointing at Sheri. Dyson’s pissed off that Bo knew where Sheri was all along and didn’t say anything, but Bo says Sheri’s in trouble and something heavy is about to go down. She says she’ll keep them in the loop as long as they don’t blow her cover. They decide to trust her. After they leave, Bo goes into Lewis’s office to snoop and finds a weird-looking, not-quite invisible  door behind a sliding panel.

Bo snoops
If that’s what bartenders wear, she may as well have been a stripper.

She takes a photo and is about to leave when Lewis walks in. She pretends to be fascinated by his collection of mounted fish and gets out as soon as she manages to grab his Scotch glass. At the Dal, Dyson and Hale look at the photo and realize the safe was made by dwarves who can work iron so it exists in between dimensions … or something. A fingerprint match comes back on Lewis … he’s a Dark Fae bunyip, a water spirit who likes abducting women. They’re ready to bag him, but Bo says there’s something in the safe that Sheri needs and if they grab Lewis, she won’t get it. Bo says she can figure out what it is and Dyson gives her till noon the next day.

At home, Bo and Kenzi talk to Sheri’s mom, Donna. She finally tells them the truth: she and her daughter are Selkies, a type of seal shapeshifter. Donna says she fell in love with a human fisherman when she was already pregnant with Sheri, and gave up her pelt to be with him. When Selkies Donna sadgive up their pelts they’re mostly human (Kenzi: “Except for your super-seductive snatch power.”), so the Fae didn’t bitch about it too much. Donna says she never told Sheri that she was a Selkie, instead hiding her pelt from her. But when Sheri was fifteen, she found her pelt, freaked out at her mom, then left home. Donna tells them if a Selkie doesn’t have her pelt, she can never return to the sea. Sounds kind of like Nereids in Pathfinder/D&D, when their shawls are taken away. Bo figures Sheri’s pelt must be in Lewis’s fancy safe.

Bo goes to the club and finds Sheri preparing to hit the safe. Bo tells her everything she knows and Sheri says Lewis tricked her (and the other girls—they’re all Selkies) and took their pelts. He promised to return them if the girls danced for a year, using their sexy charms on his human customers. But he was bullshitting them and never gave the pelts back. Sheri wonders what Bo is going to do and Bo says she was hired to help, so she’s gonna help. As they’re about to light the Hand of Glory, Lewis walkssmoky hand attacks in. Before he can figure out what’s up, Dyson and Hale come in, saying it’s noon so Bo’s time is up. Bo and Sheri grab the Hand and light it, which puts everyone else into a weird stasis. They go into Lewis’s office and try the safe, but it’s still intangible. They set the Hand down and a disembodied hand rises from the smoke and opens the safe. They get the pelts, but the disembodied hand—obviously a remnant of Zephyr’s spirit—starts strangling Sheri. Bo douses the Hand in milk, saving Sheri, but waking everyone else up.

Sheri gives the other girls their pelts back and Hale hauls Lewis’s ass away. Dyson is ready to arrest Sheri for killing Zephyr, but Bo pleads for her. Sheri asks if Dyson knows what it’s like to have part of you torn away; obviously, he does thanks to the Norn, so he lets Sheri go. But Dyson says people will want answers about Zephyr’s death, so he and Bo get Zephyr’s body and stage a new crime scene. So, I guess the news about Donna and SheriZephyr’s death hadn’t been made public yet? At the Dal, Trick gets more news about Light and Dark Fae clashes and calls Lauren. Down by the sea, Sheri makes peace with her mom, turns into a Selkie, and swims off. Elsewhere, Dyson and Ciara are banging like crazy. She sounds like she’s about ready to move in with him, but Dyson looks a bit hesitant—though Ciara doesn’t notice. I guess she wasDyson and Ciara distracted by something. At the Dal, Trick tells Lauren about the clashes between Light and Dark. She says she can’t think of anything that would cause such unprovoked blind rage. Bo shows up and she and Lauren have a long-delayed chat. Bo gives her the box she got from the Morrigan and asks about Nadia. Lauren says she and Nadia were in the Congo five years ago when a disease outbreak swept through the country. Lauren went to help and that’s how she found out about the Fae. Nadia was the only human affected and the old Ash offered Lauren all the Light Fae’s resources to help find a cure in exchange for Lauren becoming his “property”. Nadia’s been in a coma ever since. They open the box from the Morrigan and there’s an old-fashioned iron nail inside. nailWhat’s it for? Who the hell knows? We’ll find out next episode.

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