Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2 Episode 9

Lost GirlEpisode 9: Original Skin

This one starts with Kenzi admiring the hot-ass boots she just got and parading them in front of Bo. But Bo’s a bit distracted, reading one of those “self-help” books about how to not freak out about being alone. (Kenzi: “Dude, no! This is how it starts.”)  Bo says she’s just trying to get her shit together, so Kenzi suggests going out since they’ve been working so hard lately. (Bo: “You slept until noon then took a two o’clock nap.”) Bo’s not too keen on going to the Dal—she doesn’t want to run into Dyson and Ciara—but Kenzi says the Dal is “their” bar, so why not go? She tells Bo a change of style can do wonderspoison brew and gives her a wig and some rub-on tattoos (which she just happened to have in her purse). But when they get to the Dal it’s Bingo Night and the place is deserted … except for Dyson and Hale. Bo tries to play it cool, but Lauren chooses that moment to walk in. (Kenzi: “Stay strong, I’ll get us a pitcher.”; Bo: “Each!”) In the back room, we see a freaky-looking dude who looks like he just busted out of a mental institution injecting something into a large beer keg and giggling like an idiot.

Lauren seems to like Bo’s new look, but Bo’s still weirded out by their make out session in front of Lauren’s comatose girlfriend. Lauren avoids the topic and goes to talk to Trick.

Kenzi with beer
Nice jugs, Kenzi.

She’s been researching shamans and witch doctors to figure out who might have cursed Nadia, but none of Trick’s books helped. He warns her to be careful, as messing with witch doctors is dangerous. She’s pretty anxious to figure out the truth, though I’m not sure if it’s because she wants Nadia back, or if she wants her obligation ended so she can be with Bo; I suspect it’s the latter. Trick mentions the recent fighting between Light and Dark Fae and says the whole “Bingo Night” thing was supposed to bring the two sides together for some fun, but obviously it didn’t work. Lauren suggests a mechanical bull. Bo tells Dyson they should try to put all the awkwardness behind them and be actual friends and they toast theBo takes back the beer idea with two of the flattest beers I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, that’s when Ciara shows up and she ain’t happy. Apparently, she and Dyson were arguing about Bo because he won’t give her the whole story. He says it’s not important (Bo: “Give me back my friendship beer!”), then corrects himself before he wrecks himself and says he just doesn’t want to talk about it.

Before that turns into something, a white trash-looking guy comes in and says he’s tracked an escaped mental patient named Reynard to the Dal. The bounty hunter (whose name is Woods) says nobody’s allowed to leave and uses his power to scramble Hale’s brain. Woods says he’s put a force field around the Dal that’ll do the same to anyone who tries to leave. Why? Because escaped whacko Reynard may have a way to “borrow” people’s bodies, which means he could be hiding inside anyone at the Dal. Woods Woodssays Reynard was being treated at the nuthouse by a Gorgon, who used injections of her own blood to get inside her patients’ heads. But Reynard killed her and took a vial of her blood. Dyson sniffs Reynard out pretty fast and they find him unconscious in the back. They realize Reynard has injected the Gorgon blood into the beer keg, which means anyone who drank beer could be a potential “host” for Reynard. Everyone had some beer except Trick (“I wouldn’t be caught dead drinking that swill.”), so Reynard could be in any of them. Dyson says they all know each other pretty well, so figuring out who Reynard is inhabiting shouldn’t be hard. Ciara points out how she doesn’t really know any of them all that well.

Bo’s not impressed and wants to leave, but Trick says it’s too late for that. Kenzi wonders how she’d know if the dude was inside her (Hale: “Been a while?”), but Trick says Reynard wouldn’t just be hiding inside them, he’d actually take them over. Woods says the essence from the original body would dissipate into the ether once Reynard takes over, which makes Bo smile … I think I know where Reynard is hiding. We see Bo waking up inNain Rouge the Dal, still empty but now lit really weird. She meets the strange girl that she’s spotted a few times before, who tells her she’s in Limbo. Back in the real world, everyone is joking around (as they do) and Woods freaks out, saying they need to figure out which body Reynard has taken over and “extinguish” the threat. We can see “Bo” observing everyone, trying to learn more so she can play her role properly.

In Limbo, Bo finds out the freaky kid is called the Nain Rouge and she’s compelled to witness events of great significance. (Bo: “Like a mini-paparazzo?”) The Nain Rouge says she’s also known as the Harbinger of Doom; I think Bo prefers Nain Rouge–I certainly would. The kid tells Bo (who she addresses as Isabeau) that she has to embrace her destiny because the Fae are facing extinction from some kind of all-powerful threat. Bo figures she’s full of shit, but the Nain Rouge shows her a vision of Bo standing over Trick’s body, having apparently just killed him. Back Kenzi grabbedin the Dal, Woods is interrogating Hale and Kenzi to see if one of them is really Reynard. They do their back and forth thing and we get a hint of sexual tension between them—not for the last time. He finally gets tired of their Frick and Frack routine and moves on. Ciara talks to “Bo”, who’s acting weird, basically ODing on all the emotions she’s experiencing and giggling like a maniac. Kenzi figures out what’s up (“Yo, Boba Fett, I think I know where Reynard is hiding.”) and Reynard/Bo grabs her. He says he could kill Kenzi easily, which would break Bo’s heart. Dyson threatens to kill him, but Reynard says Bo’s soul is in Limbo and will be stuck there if he dies in her body.

Speaking of Limbo, Bo’s pissed off at the Nain Rouge for bringing her there, but the kid says she’s not responsible. She just chose Limbo as the best place to meet after Bo was pushed out of her own body. Bo wants to be sent back, but the Nain Rouge says she can only offer guidance. She tells Bo to follow the light, but there’s light coming from three different doors. Bo chooses one at random and the Nain Rouge says things are about to get messy. Back in the real world, Woods is about to stab “Bo”Kenzi as Dyson when Dyson stops him. The real Bo comes back, but her reappearance is so abrupt she ends up in Woods’s body and his essence (or soul, or spirit, or whatever) ends up in hers. That sets off a chain reaction for some reason, with everyone switching bodies. (Trick: “I’ll get the name tags.”) So, the new lineup besides Bo and Woods inhabiting each other’s body: Dyson and Kenzi have switched (Kenzi loves having the wolf-junk and Dyson’s sexy voice); Hale and Ciara are switched (Hale really loves Ciara’s tits, which you’d think would bother Dyson, but it doesn’t seem to).Hale as Ciara But of course, Reynard is still in the mix somewhere, and Lauren claims that Dyson is in her body not Kenzi’s.

The others sit Lauren and Kenzi down to ask them questions, trying to figure out which one’s really Dyson. It … doesn’t really work. Also, the Gorgon blood seems to intensify natural feelings, so Hale (in Ciara’s body) wants to jump Kenzi (in Dyson’s body). Bo (in Woods’s body) wonders dead Trickwhere Lauren is and they figure she must be in Limbo. Bo mentions the Nain Rouge and Trick freaks, dragging her off for a private chat. She tells him she’s seen the Nain Rouge before, but when he asks what the kid said, Bo remembers the vision of her killing Trick and clams up. He says they’ll talk about it later, after they restore everyone to their own body. Just then, Woods (In Bo’s body) starts slapping “Lauren” around to get answers. Woods almost keels over and they realize Bo’s succubus body still needs sustenance. Woods feeds on Ciara (well, Hale in Ciara’s body … damn this is confusing) and gets kind of whacked out on the sensation. Ciara’s body isn’t dead, but it’s close and the real Bo can’t fix it since she’s in the wrong bod. Among all the chaos, “Lauren” gets an evil look on her face and disappears, so I guess we know who Reynard was hiding in. Kenzi takes Woods off to “digest”; Trick suggests chaining him up if need be.

Bo and Ciara have a heart-to-heart talk and Bo promises to save Ciara if she can. Trick tells them Lauren is gone and hey ask Woods where Reynard would go. He says Reynard is an anarchist killer, so he’d want to do something destructive. Trick mentions Reynard’s action might be fueled by Lauren’s deepest desires and Bo figures Lauren’s resentment of the Ash will lead Reynard to kill him. But the containment field is still active and it blocks their phone calls (doesn’t Trick have a land line?), so they can’t warn the Ash. Trick tells Woods if the new Ash is killed by aHale and Kenzi Dark Fae, it’ll set off a war, but Woods is more concerned with collecting the bounty. They wonder how Reynard got through the containment field and realize it doesn’t affect humans, so being in Lauren’s body meant he could stroll right on through. Which means Dyson (in Kenzi’s body) is the only person who can go after him. Dyson says goodbye to Ciara (and we get a Hale-Kenzi smooching scene) and leaves, promising Kenzi he’ll take her of her frail human bod.

In Lauren’s lab, Reynard is creaming himself (herself?) over all the crazy Laurenpoisons and shit he now has available. He’s being driven by Lauren’s hatred of the Ash, but the idea of starting a Light/Dark war is pretty tasty to him as well. He requests an audience with the Ash and laughs like a maniac. At the Dal,  Bo and Kenzi talk, and Bo tries to get the inside track on Dyson’s emotions. But Kenzi refuses, saying she can’t betray Dyson like that, and Bo understands. Meanwhile, Woods picks the ancient padlock on his chains with one of Bo’s hairpins and waits to jump Trick. At the Ash’s compound, Dyson (in Kenzi’s body)Lauren zapped finds unconscious guards and “Lauren” holding a hypodermic needle to the Ash’s throat. Dyson talks to Reynard, who’s thrilled at the idea of starting a war. He also mentions that “something is coming”, which is basically what the Nain Rouge told Bo. Dyson and Lachlan make “casual” conversation and Dyson sets off a trap that zaps Reynard with electricity.

At the Dal, Woods tells everyone he’s locked Trick downstairs and is going to kill all of them and burn the place down to cover up the fact that sleep dustReynard was there. Bo and Kenzi try to fight him, but being in Bo’s body, he’s too strong. Luckily, Trick shows up and knocks him out with some kind of sleep dust. Trick mentions how stupid Woods was for trying to lock him up in his own place. Trick also says they can all get back to the proper bodies with a “trans-luminal migration circle.” Of course, it’s so obvious in hindsight! Anyway, Dyson shows up with Reynard in Lauren’s body and they all (including Reynard’s original, still-unconscious bod) get in the circle that Trick inscribes on the floor. They jump back into their own bodies and Bo breathes chi back intomagic circle Ciara, saving her life. Woods takes Reynard back to be executed. I guess his wanting to kill everyone and burn down the Dal was his way of covering his ass for letting Reynard get away and kill the Ash, because now that he’s got Reynard, he doesn’t seem so homicidal. Lauren says she saw her Aunt Edna in Limbo, but no mention of the Nain Rouge, so I guess she really was there just to see Bo.

Ciara thanks Bo for saving her and Dyson and Kenzi chat. Kenzi knows Dyson has had a piece of himself torn away, but she’s not quite sure what it means. After Dyson and Ciara leave, she tells Bo not to be jealous of what they have, which makes it sound like Dyson doesn’t really love Ciara. Whether that’s due to the Norn’s curse, or something else we’ll have to wait and see. Trick says he threatened Woods to keep him from messing with them again. Bo tells him about the Nain Rouge’s warning and mentions the name Isabeau. Trick is pretty good at covering, but you can tell the name means something to him. At the Ash’s compound, we see Lachlan beefing up security, then going to look inside a chest. There’s a bunch of fancy stuff inside … plus a severed head that looks just like him.

A head chest? Those are chock full of … heady goodness.

So, yeah, that happened. This episode was interesting because it gave the cast a chance to chew the scenery and act like each other. We’ll find out more on Lachlan’s secrets in future episodes.

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