Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2, Episode 10

Lost GirlEpisode 10: Raging Fae

This one starts out amongst a bunch of shipping containers, probably near the docks. There’s a limo a-rockin’ so you best not come a knockin’. We see Kenzi standing nearby, so obviously Bo is in the limo getting some sexual healing. Kenzi gets a call from Trick for her and Bo to join him for Sunday dinner, but Bo says she’s busy that night. After she finishes healing, she and Kenzi leave; what’s the etiquette on that? If you call a car service and fuck the driver, do you still have to tip? I’m assuming not.limo sex Anyway, Kenzi asks why Bo has been avoiding Trick lately and Bo tells her about the vision the Nain Rouge showed her, of Bo standing over Trick’s body. Kenzi is freaked and says Bo should tell Trick, but Bo refuses. Bo gets an urgent call from Lauren and, as she and Kenzi are leaving, we see some woman taking pictures of Bo. From the sound of it, she’s been looking for her for a while. The emergency turns out to be a guy who’s been beat to shit. He’s an MMA fighter (and an ogre) and says the guy who kicked his ass was human.

The ogre tells them he’s part of a secret underground fighting ring, run by a Light Fae guy named Ferraro. The fights are broadcast online (accessed by secret password) and people bet tons of money on them. Some human has been dominating lately (against other humans), so the ogre was brought in as a ringer to take him out. But the human beat the living shit beaten ogreout of him somehow. Bo gets pissed off about a Light Fae running a fighting ring and vows to shut it down—which is basically what Lauren expected when she called her. The ogre begs them not to let the Ash know what’s going on, or he’ll get in shit. Bo says she knows someone she can trust. That turns out to be Dyson, but he’s not as worked up about everything as she is. First of all, he doesn’t believe a human could wail on an ogre like that. He also says Ferraro is a pillar of the community: gives to charity, helps human immigrants, blah, blah, blah. And even if Ferraro is using humans in a fighting ring for the amusement of Fae, the other Fae (including the Ash) wouldn’t really care all that much. On the other hand, if Ferraro found a way to give Fae powers to a human, that would get him in shit. Bo says she’ll get the proof.

Bo calls Kenzi to meet her at Ferraro’s gym and Kenzi’s into it—apparently, she likes watching sweaty dudes roll around with each other. As she’s leaving, the woman who was taking pictures of Bo is right outside the door. She shows Kenzi an old picture of Bo (though she calls her Beth) and asks if Kenzi lives with her. Kenzi’s kind of circumspect and the woman asks if Kenzi believes in monsters, because she’s living with one. At Ferraro’s gym, we see him on the phone with someone, and also urging his latest sensation (Mike) to train harder, since Ferraro got him the biggest bout of his career. Bo comes in and Ferraro mouths off, but sheThrasher says she’s there to fight. He calls over a really ripped woman named Thrasher; obviously Bo has to prove herself. Back at home, Kenzi’s talking to the woman, whose name is Mel. She says she’s been tracking Bo for years, using every resource she could. Mel says she and Bo were friends in high school and Bo dated her older brother, Kyle. But Kyle was found dead in his truck (with a big smile on his face) after going on a date with Bo. Kenzi says Bo had nothing to do with his death, but Mel says Bo either killed him, or she knows who did and took off without saying anything.

At the gym, Bo is getting thrown around by Thrasher. She surreptitiously uses her succubus mojo to get an advantage and finishes Thrasher off. I guess Bo’s masquerading as a human. Ferraro is impressed and hires her. He says her stage name should be Boom Boom. But he’s not as dumb as he Bo beats Thrasherlooks, because once they’re in his office, he lets her know that she didn’t fool him … he knows she’s Fae. She tells him she’s unaligned (and he immediately knows who she is … the price of fame) and wants to make some money. She mentions the ogre and Ferraro says he didn’t know how strong Mike was, but he’s set up another match for him with an indestructible Fae called Obsidian Man. He tells Bo she’s in and her first bout will be against Thrasher. At home, Kenzi tries to convince Mel that Bo isn’t who she’s looking for, but Mel is sure and says they should call the cops, since Kenzi might be in danger. Kenzi mentions she’s friends with a homicide detective, so they should call him.

Bo lets Dyson know she got into Ferraro’s network and she mentions Mike as the unbeatable fighter. Dyson says to find solid proof that Ferraro’s juicing him with Fae power. Bo talks to Mike (and meets his son, Tyler) and asks if he uses anything to “enhance” his fighting ability. Mike saysFerraro slaps Mike he’s clean, to set a good example for his son. Ferraro sees the kid and gives Mike shit, saying he’s not running a daycare. Mike says he wasn’t feeling well and wanted Tyler close, but Ferraro starts being a prick, saying Mike is a dimwit. He gets slappy and Mike hulks out, ripping down a heavy bag and throwing it across the room. He then keels over and Bo goes to help him. Tyler seems concerned, but not completely freaked out. At the cop shop, Mel is telling Hale about Bo supposedly killing Kyle. Hale says he’ll give the matter his full Mel and Kenziattention and asks Mel to wait outside while he talks to Kenzi. He says since Bo is unaligned, the Light Fae can’t really do anything to protect her. Kenzi says Bo is always helping everyone else, so maybe it’s time they did something for her, but Hale points out that they’ve actually helped Bo quite a bit since they met her. He says he’ll try to talk Mel into forgetting about Bo, but refuses to use his siren power on her.

At the gym, Bo talks to Mike and he tells her he can’t remember his freak-out. He says he used to be a mediocre fighter until he got the shit beat out of him once; after that, he was basically unbeatable, but he had blackouts about what happened in the ring. Bo wonders if Ferraro could be juicing him on the sly, but Mike says Ferraro’s okay to him. He gave him a job and paid for his wife’s funeral, even lent him money when he lost his job.shake time Of course, he made him pay off the loan by fighting, so he’s really just an asshole, but Mike says his next fight is his biggest one ever. Once he’s done with that, he’s quitting. Tyler comes in with a gross-looking protein shake, which Bo eyes suspiciously. Later, we see her giving the remains of the shake to Dyson for testing. As they’re talking, Mel walks in and sees Bo. Naturally, she freaks, accusing Bo of killing Kyle. Bo is upset, moreso when she sees Kenzi and realizes she knew Mel was around and didn’t say anything. Bo leaves and Dyson asks Kenzi what the hell’s going on.Mel freaks out

At home, Bo is packing to run away again. Kenzi tries to talk her into staying and they get a little snippy with each other. Bo’s mad because Kenzi didn’t tell her about Mel, Kenzi says she was trying to protect her, Bo says she always gets in trouble when people try to protect her, Kenzi says she couldn’t know what to do about Mel since Bo never talked about Bo packingit … each of them makes valid points. Bo tells Kenzi she was a fairly normal kid, until puberty. Her Fae powers kicked in then and she knew something was different. Her parents were apparently pretty religious and told her sex was evil, so when she and Kyle were getting it on and he died, she actually thought there was a demon inside her or something. She told her parents what happened and they told her she was adopted and showed her a baby picture with the name Bo scrawled on the back. Bo was pissed off at them—and herself—so she ran away, and hadn’t stopped running until she met Kenzi and found out about the Fae. Dyson calls and Bo goes to meet him. I’m assuming it’s not just the stuff with Mel’s brother that’s bugging her; she’s still worrying about maybe killing Trick sometime in the future.

The shake Bo got from Mike was juiced … with frog sweat. Actually, with the secretions of an amphibious Fae called a Gumma, which would give a human a significant strength boost. Unfortunately, it’s also killing him, fucking up his internal organs enough that his next fight will be his last. Bo mentions that Ferraro had spiky things coming out of his hands, like a horned toad, but Dyson says they need absolute proof. Bo says she needs to take off, but Dyson says Mel has been tossed into jail on a 24-hour psych hold, so Bo’s good until tomorrow at least. Dyson says everyoneBo pounded hurts people they love at some time or another, so she shouldn’t be so hard on herself. She says she’ll get Dyson into the fight so he can check out Ferraro. At the fight, Bo’s still obsessing about Kyle and tells Kenzi she’s taking off after the fight. Kenzi says she’ll come too. When the fight starts, Bo is so freaked about what happened with Kyle (and what might happen with Trick), that she’s afraid to fight for real, so she tries to play rope-a-dope (or whatever the cage fighting equivalent is) with Thrasher. It doesn’t work too well, and Bo gets her ass kicked.

Dyson says Ferraro isn’t the froggie because his scent is wrong, and he and Kenzi drag Bo out of the ring. At home, she refuses to use Dyson’s chi to heal, saying she’s sick of her Fae biology compelling her actions. Obviously the guilt she felt over Kyle has been buried until now. Lauren Lauren and Boshows up and treats her the old-fashioned way. Bo talks about how shitty she feels about what she did to Kyle, but Lauren says she’s different now and tells her she loves her … then immediately tries to take it back. Come on, Lauren, you obviously meant it! Why fuck around? But I guess the whole “girlfriend in a coma” thing complicates matters. At the Ash’s compound, Dyson is telling him about the underground fighting ring and the Ash, as usual, is a complete prick. He tells Dyson not to do anything to Ferraro (who earlier bragged about being friends with the Ash) or he’ll be reassigned to the Outer Hebrides.
At the cop shop, Mel gives Hale shit for the psych hold, but he says he has news for her … big news. At the Dal, Bo tells Dyson if the Ash is crooked,  they can take him down along with Ferraro, thus freeing Lauren from her obligation. Dyson says that sounds like the plan of someone who’s going to be sticking around, but Bo says she can’t. He asks if she’s running from what happened with Kyle or from herself, but she’s not in the mood for his philosophical bullshit. She says they have to shut down the fight clubfake shake or Mike’s dead. Dyson wonders who the frog could be, since it’s not Ferraro, and Bo figures it out. We see Tyler, Mike’s son, frogging up one of his protein shakes. Dyson checks it out and finds info on a Fae couple whose car went off a bridge ten years ago; their baby was never found, but Mike was a volunteer firefighter at the scene, so Dyson figures he found the Fae kid and took it home like a stray dog. Bo says they have to stop the fight, or Tyler will be responsible for killing his own father.

At the fight, Mike is getting knocked around by the indestructible Obsidian Man. Bo tells Tyler that his frog sweat could kill his dad if he hulks out again and Tyler runs into the cage to stop the fight. He lets his dad know about his powers and, unlike Bo’s parents, Mike isn’t freaked out by it. Mike says the fight is over, but Ferraro says it’s not over till someone Bo wastes Obsidianloses. Bo uses her succubus draining on Obsidian and decks him. Ferraro says she’s dead, but Dyson chokes him out. Hope he enjoys the Hebrides. Bo tells Kenzi she’s sorry for being such a bee-yotch. (There’s a lot of apologizing in this episode … must be a Canadian show.) Kenzi suggests they run away to Malibu, but Bo says she’s done running and wants to tell Mel the truth. Dyson tells the Ash that Tyler has bonded with his human father and that he’s in Bo’s custody and she won’t give him up unless he’s allowed to stay with Mike. The Ash seems to go along with it.

At home, Bo is ready to tell Mel the truth, but Mel says Hale already told her the truth: Kyle was killed by a serial killer and Bo saw his face and went into witness protection. Bo is a bit pissed off that Hale lied without even consulting her, but it turns out it was Trick’s idea. So now she’s mad at him, but he reminds her that keeping the Fae’s existence secret is the most important thing. He says if Bo would embrace her Fae heritage and join them, she could do a lot of good. But Bo still thinks of herself as a monster and wonders if she might be the threat the Nain Rouge warned about. She finally tells Trick about the vision she had of killing him, but heLachlan blows it off and says visions are stupid. At Ferraro’s office, he catches Thrasher going through his stuff. Turns out she’s Fae and she’s been spying for the Ash, who shows up to give Ferraro shit for all the crap he’s pulled lately (though mostly for letting frog-boy Tyler reveal his powers over the internet). Ferraro says he’s felt a darkness growing inside him lately, like something feeding off the fighters’ rage. The Ash asks if he’s told anyone else about those feelings, and when he says no, the Ash goes all wolfy and (presumably) wastes him.

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