Lost Girl Reviews: season 2, Episode 11

Lost GirlEpisode 11: Can’t See the Fae-rest

This one starts with Bo and Kenzi admiring a fancy leather jacket in a store window. Kenzi urges Bo to buy it, but it’s way too expensive. Kenzi mentions that Bo could use her succubus mojo to just take it, but Bo doesn’t really care that much about material possessions—or so she says, as she looks longingly at the jacket. They’re surprised to see Ciara coming out of the store and she invites them to lunch. Kenzi pretends to be in the throes of salami heartburn to get them out of it and Ciara leaves. Kenzi was kind of into the whole “freeKenzi fakes sick fancy lunch” thing, but Bo says she doesn’t want to be Ciara’s friend, so why hang out with her? Elsewhere, a sexy party is underway and a couple weaves their way through the throng to the bedroom. They’re about to get down to it when the dude asks what type of condom she prefers (he keeps an assortment in a bowl on the shelf—is that tacky? It feels tacky). Some kind of weird shadow or something seems to fall over the woman and when she looks down, the dude is dead on the floor. She freaks out.

We see Dyson and Hale investigating the scene and learn that this is the third weird murder in two weeks. The victims are all young and rich, and were asphyxiated—intensely, with crushed bones and internal bleeding. But they have no idea who, or what, might’ve done it. The girl is too small—and drunk—to have crushed the dude like that, so they don’t even have a suspect. They conclude the killer is obviously Fae, but can’t figure convincingout why it’s killing humans and not even feeding on them. Dyson says the dead guy had a round of upper-class parties to attend and suggests they send someone in undercover to check things out. Hmmm, I wonder who he has in mind? Yeah, it’s Bo and Kenzi. They don’t really take much convincing (after Hale mentions vodka tastings, Kenzi says she’s going to marry the parties), but I think they might be holding back a bit. Bo points out the obvious, that they’ll stand out in the crowd of rich losers, but Dyson has that covered too. He’ll get her a coach, someone who’s dialed into the young rich scene. Bo’s clueless, but I’m sure you’re way ahead of her. Yup, Ciara is going to be Bo’s Henry Higgins.

We see Bo and Ciara at a dress shop and Ciara’s giving her a cheat sheet on the guests at the upcoming party. She mentions a couple of guys, plus a woman named Lita, who’s in the fashion industry. (Remember that name, she becomes important later.) Ciara also finds Bo a dress and insists on paying for it. She’s excited to help, enjoying the window intoCiara feels bad Dyson’s (and Bo’s) world. I feel kinda bad for Ciara here; she’s obviously reaching out to Bo, trying to be nice to the ex (which a lot of people wouldn’t bother with), but Bo is treating her like shit. I know Bo’s still pissed off about Dyson’s love for her being (literally) taken away, but Ciara had nothing to do with that—I don’t even think she knows about it—so Bo could cut her a break. Anyway, we see another sexy party, with rich people mingling, bragging, and preening all over the place. We also get our first look at Lita, played by Sitara Hewitt from “You Bet Your Ass” and “Little Mosque on the Prairie”. She’s talking to the host (Russell) and giving him a fancy snakeskin belt. After he leaves Sitara Hewittto try it on, she’s immediately surrounded by men; I gotta say, I can buy it because Sitara Hewitt is fucking gorgeous. Bo and Kenzi run into Russell and try to bullshit him. Bo calls Kenzi “Kimmie” and Kenz reciprocates by addressing Bo as “Bitzy”. Russell seems to like Kenzi’s “downtown” allure, so he offers her a tour of the place and starts bragging about having a mini-bar in each bathroom (Kenzi: “Cause that’s the best place to eat food.”)

Bo runs into a guy named Clive, who’s kind of an adorkable tech genius—heavy on the “dork” part. He mentions he was at the party where the last guy died, but seems too freaked to talk about it. Lita comes over and Bo mentions she’s in the market for some kick-ass boots, but Lita says she only works with men these days. She hijacks Clive’s tablet and leaves. We see Kenzi with Russell, who wants to show her a book of artistic nudes; I guess etchings just aren’t enough anymore.

two dead guys
“Just what every girl needs, a matching set of dead guys.”

Kenzi starts lifting stuff and almost gets caught (Russell: “That box … Balinese”; Kenzi: “I love Balinesia.”) Kenzi asks if he can introduce her to Lita and he shows her the belt Lita gave him. Before they can do anything, Kenzi is conked out from behind, and Russell looks pretty freaked. Kenzi wakes up some time later, wondering if she was roofied upside her head, and Russell is lying n top of her. She says that’s a cheap way to cop a feel, but soon realizes he’s dead. She backs away and runs into Clive, who she also thinks is dead, but is just knocked out. He comes to and is even more freaked out than Kenzi on seeing Russell’s body.

At the Ash’s compound, he calls Lauren into his office and shows her a Peri in a glass box. Peris are kinda like locusts, cute little Fae on their own, but deadly when they swarm. Lauren reminds him she just did an autopsy on a dead Peri and he tells her to do it again, more thoroughly. Of course, he’s a prick about it. Lauren mentions Nadia and the new evidence Kenzi's rap sheetshe found, but he doesn’t give a shit and dismisses her like the asshole he is. At the cop shop, Kenzi is being interrogated about the murder by a hardass cop. He pulls out her record (which is about the size of a phone book) and mentions a bunch of her aliases—including “Tony (Toni?) Soprano”. She tries to bullshit him, but he seems to think she had something to do with Russell’s death. Hale comes in to take over and asks Kenzi about all the stuff she saw in the room before she was knocked out. As Bo waits to testify, she meets a woman named Maganda, who says she’s “of the forest” and lives under aMaganda tree. She also says she sees all and when Bo asks her if she knows anything about the murder, she gives Bo some cryptic bullshit about the moon and a beautiful snake woman. Bo talks to Dyson and he tries to determine everyone’s whereabouts at the time of the murder. Bo asks where Lita was, but she isn’t on his witness list and apparently disappeared after the murder.

At the Dal, they ask Ciara about Lita, wondering if she might be Fae, possibly a snake-shifter of some kind. Bo mentions Russell’s snakeskin belt and Dyson says Kenzi saw a snakeskin case n the desk. Bo thinks Lita might be using her own cast-off skin to make accessories, which is very “green” of her. She says Lita’s only into dudes and Ciara suggests Dyson pose as a rich, good-looking dimwit … and take Bo as his date. (Bo: “Wait, who’s doing what now?”) Ciara insists they pose as an engaged couple snake spitand says they’re all friends now, so what’s the big deal? Ah, if she only knew. They finally agree to it and we see them in Lita’s office. Bo presents Dyson as someone deathly in need of a makeover and Lita is definitely interested. He goes a bit too far when he mentions knowing Russell and she gets suspicious. She’s ready to leave and Dyson straight-out tells her they know she’s Fae. She spits venom in his eyes and takes off and he tells Bo to go after her.  Bo runs into Maganda, who’s pushing a shopping cart full of crap, but Dyson recovers and tackles Lita—lucky bastard.  Dyson takes her to the Ash’s dungeon and returns to help Bo go through Lita’s files. They find ou the last two murder victims were clients of hers, but Dyson is surprised to find the name “Heinze” on Lita’s list. He says Heinze is a Kobold, ex-Navy, and not Lita’s type at all.

We see Kenzi and Hale meeting with Clive at a café to ask him out Lita. He says she’s at all the parties and shows them a bunch of pics. Yeah, he’s kind of smitten, in a vaguely stalkerish way. He’s freaked out about maybe being next on the hit list, but Kenzi tries to reassure him. After all, Lita’s locked up, so what could happen? At the Dal, Bo and Dyson talk to Heinze,Heinze who seems to be some kind of smuggler/wheeler-dealer, like Cyrano Jones … I wouldn’t be surprised if he had some tribbles for sale. They ask about Lita and he says he used to smuggle stuff for her—and provide rats from his ships for her to snack on—before he started selling for himself. They mention the murders and Heinze suddenly remembers a previous engagement. Trick says never to trust a Kobold unless it’s bound to you. Obviously, Heinze’s quick exit is suspicious, but before they can wonder too much, Dyson gets a call that Lita is awake and ready for interrogation.

At the compound, Lita is strapped into a chair (oh, the fanfic possibilities) as Dyson and Hale ask her about the dead humans. She says she wouldn’t hurt them since she was making money off them and the only reason she ran was because she figured she’d be in shit for selling her skins to humans. She insists she didn’t kill anyone.

snake bondage
Dear Penthouse …

At the Dal, Ciara comes in and Bo tells Kenzi she’s actually starting to like her. (Kenzi: Okay, you need to get laid.”) Bo suggests Kenzi is a tad jealous that Bo might be friends with someone else, but Kenzi insists she’s “uber-mature”. Ciara and Bo talk about Lita and realize that she’s a poisonous snake-woman, not a constrictor … so why were all the murder victims crushed to death? You think Dyson might’ve figured that out, especially since he’s the one who got venom in his eyes. Kenzi immediately tries to warn Clive (whose number she apparently has … something we should know, Kenz?), but she’s a bit too late. We see him getting jumped by something just as he takes Kenzi’s call, which freaks Kenzi out, naturally.


Later, Dyson tells them Clive is dead, crushed like the others. Kenzi is broken up and gives them shit for bagging the wrong person. At the Dal, Heinze is trying to sell a barstool from Bali, but Trick throws him out, mentioning the stool is made of endangered wood so it’s illegal. At the Ash’s compound, Lauren’s research indicates that someone has been killing the Peris, electrocuting them in some cases. Lauren has a theory,Lauren freaks but  shows him the cursing nail and asks for access to the old Ash’s journals so she can figure out who might’ve used the nail to curse Nadia. Since he’s a prick, he refuses and Lauren basically tells him she’s done being his slave. But before she can leave, he has his goons haul her off. Afterwards, he asks for the old Ash’s journals to be brought to him. At the Dal, they compare notes and realize Maganda keeps popping up. Bo mentions her cart was full of wooden crap and after seeing the crime scene photos, Kenzi says the wooden box on Russell’s desk is missing. Trick says Maganda is a Batti-Bat (or something like that; I have no idea how to spell it), a Fae kind of like a Dryad, who Maganda crushes Dysonbonds to a specific tree. If its tree is cut down, it’ll do anything to get the pieces back, down to the smallest sliver. They’re so engrossed in their conversation that they don’t notice Maganda rooting through the bar. She freaks out and attacks Dyson, crushing him. Trick realizes Heinze was the one who cut Maganda’s tree down and he’s been selling stuff made of its wood. He left his cane behind when Trick threw him out and Bo uses it to lure Maganda into Trick’s vault, where they lock her up.

They find Heinze and drag him back, telling him he fucked up big time when he bought Maganda’s tree from the poachers. Bo tells Maganda that Heinze will track down every scrap of wood that he sold and return it, but he says that’ll take months and cost a shitload of money. Bo reminds him about the dead people and he reluctantly agrees to get all the wood back,no hugs so they let Maganda out. Bo promises Heinze will get everything back and Maganda offers her a hug … which Bo understandably turns down. Later Bo tells Ciara that she’s happy to be her friend and urges her to be direct with Dyson.  Of course, Dyson smells trouble when he walks in on Ciara’s intimate dinner. She tells him she’s crazy about him and asks if he’ll love her back. He says he’ll give her everything he can and try to make her happy. We see Maganda in a cell at the Ash’s compound. He says he’ll keep her there until Heinze gets all the pieces of the tree back and the human murders Lauren in a cellhave been forgotten. He says it may take years, but Bo reasons that it’s a fitting punishment for the murders Maganda committed. The Ash says he’d do anything to protect the Fae, though Bo seems to think he’s laying it on a bit thick. We get confirmation that he’s still an asshole; after Bo leaves, Lachlan checks on another prison cell … this one containing Lauren. Bo ain’t gonna be happy when she finds out about that.

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