Lost Girl Reviews: Season Two, Episode 13

Lost GirlEpisode 13: Barometz.Trick.Pressure

This one starts with Bo firmly in the Friendzone. She’s lending Lauren her car so Lauren and Nadia can go on a romantic road trip together. I suppose Bo is just doing it because she wants Lauren to be happy, but you can tell it’s killing her. And when Lauren mentions she’s recommitted herself to the Ash in gratitude for him saving Nadia … well, Bo’s really not happy about that. Understandable, since she’s the one who actually saved Nadia, but won’t say anything because she still believes the Ash’s crap about needing a “selfless act” to end Nadia’s curse for good. Oh Bo, when will you learn to be more selfish? I am glad to see the waving cat in thefrying pan background … I think it becomes a recurring character from here on out. Elsewhere, we see some asshole telling his wife how he’s going to tell his boss to fuck off. He then insults the wife’s cooking and she brains him with a frying pan. I’d say the guy probably deserved it, but the “wife” suddenly transforms into a dude. Now what’s that all about?

At home, Bo asks Kenzi if she’s up for a little fun, like breaking into the Ash’s compound and kicking his ass. Kenzi wonders why and Bo tries to tell her about the deal she made … without, you know, actually telling her. Bo says she’s gonna stop being so naive and trusting (yeah, right) and Kenzi tells her a life without trust is no life at all. That gets Bo’s attention and she quickly realizes Kenzi has mellowed because of Nate. She accuses stupid t-shirtKenzi of being in love and of getting some action (Kenzi: “Oh, honey please; it takes a lot more than a blooper to shallow right to get past first base with me.”) Bo decides to take on Lachlan alone, so Kenzi can hang with her new boyfriend. At Dyson’s place, he and Ciara are packing to move him into the fancy new place she bought (though his cheesy t-shirt almost sours the deal).

At the Dal, Bo vents to Trick about wanting to waste the Ash (though she still doesn’t tell him everything), but he’s a bit distracted (and looking very Steampunk). He’s preparing for the Blood Moon ritual; once every twenty years or so, he can perform a ritual to go into a trance and see the future. He wants to see if he can get a line on the evil that the Nain Rougesteampunk Trick predicted, but he needs a ring (the Kingmoor Ring) to protect him during the ritual. He paid a guy named Teague to steal it, but Teague is now asking for more money. He wants Bo to “retrieve” the ring for him, while he goes to get some Barometz—a hallucinogenic plant that’s part sheep. Sounds like the Vegetable Lamb of Tartary or something. But Barometz causes severe bleeding, so he needs the Ring to keep him from dying of blood loss. He gives Bo a satchel full of gold and tells her to convince Teague to honour their original deal. She heads out just as Dyson and Hale show up to escort Trick to his Barometz dealer.

At a scuzzy motel, Bo finds Teague’s room with the door open and goes in. Teague (hiding in the bathroom) sees her and shifts into an exact duplicate of her, though wearing a fancy suit. He pulls a gun and they sit down to negotiate. Bo’s a little weirded out talking to herself, but it soon fake Bobecomes obvious that Teague is a bit whacked out. He starts ranting about getting what he’s owed and how he can’t even remember what his real face looks like anymore. He says he wants to use Bo’s face to rob Trick then make a new life for himself. Bo takes one of her boots off and makes some skin-to-skin contact, putting him under her succubus mojo. His face shifts a bunch of times and ends up (presumably) with his original one. I can see why he doesn’t care for it. Bo gives him the gold and takes the ring.

At the drug dealer’s shop, Trick introduces Dyson and Hale to Wai Lin, who turns out to be an old girlfriend of his. He says she was much hotter before she got into drugs, but Dyson and Hale don’t seem to care (Hale: “Play on, player.”) Hale says they’ve come to see if she has a Mogwai for sale, but she forces him to blurt out that they’re looking for Barometz. Turns out she’s a Luduan, a Fae who can compel the truth from people byAaron on guitar clicking her fingernails together. Wai Lin’s price for the Barometz is for Trick to freely answer four questions. He agrees. At home, Kenzi gets a visit from Nate, who found some goofy old song she wrote him when she was six. He wants to hang out, but she’s worried about Bo. I should mention that at this point Nate has no idea about Bo or the other Fae; he’s just a regular ignorant human. He manages to talk Kenzi into letting him stick around and tells her how purty she is, which does get her attention.

At Wai Lin’s shop, she’s asking Trick questions (ha! See what I did there?) She asks about some box that Trick brought to the Americas hundreds of years ago. He says it contained the skull of someone very dangerous, but he can’t say who it was or where he buried it and if she compels him, he’ll Wai Linhave Dyson go full wolf on her. (Apparently Hale had no idea that Trick is the Blood King and he’s blown away by it—and the fact that Dyson knew all along.) She asks how Trick’s wife, Isabeau, died; he says her throat was slit in battle during the Great Fae War. She finally asks if it was Trick’s fault that his wife died and he says if he’d used his Blood King powers sooner (to end the War), she might have lived. So in a way, her death may be his fault. Wai Lin gives him the Barometz and they leave. On the way out, she propositions Dyson and he says he’s spoken for. But Wai Lin uses her power to force him to admit that he “can’t” love Ciara.

At the Dal, Trick prepares for the Blood Moon ritual (and Hale finds out Bo knew about Trick being the Blood King; just wait till he finds out KenziDyson and the scroll knew too!); Bo is worried about Trick, but she’s still pissed off at Lachlan and wants to go after him, thinking he may be the threat the Nain Rouge warned about. Trick forbids her to go, but you know how Bo is. She asks to borrow some of his books (probably to study up on Lachlan’s defences) and Dyson hands her a scroll on her way out, obviously knowing what she’s up to. At home, Kenzi and Nate are jamming (musically—get your minds out of the gutter) and getting their smooch on.

bedroom for Kenzi
The drums symbolize banging.

He tells her he’s leaving tomorrow and she freaks out on him. I gotta say, this whole “long lost love reunited” thing is a bit weird; Kenzi had a crush on him when they were neighbours and she was six when he left … that’s not exactly the recipe for a perfect romance. In fact, it’s a tad creepy that she’s still hung up on him after all this time. Anyway, he tells her he wants her to come with him on his tour and she says yes. They seem to be heading toward the bedroom, so I guess he hit a home run.

At the Dal, Trick is being strapped down and tells Dyson and Hale not to interrupt the ritual before the thirty-minute mark, but not to let him stay under past thirty minutes or he could die. They fire up the machinery (which looks like something from an S&M alchemical lab) and Trick starts his trance. He finds himself wandering through a drive-in (while a replica of his actions plays out on the screen) and meets his dead wife. At the Ash’s compound, Bo sneaks in and sets a fire to distract the guards. SheIsabeau slips into the Ash’s office and rifles through everything. She finds the chest with the severed head in it, except it turns out to be four severed heads. The Ash catches her there and bares his fangs. In Trick’s vision, Isabeau tells him the great evil that’s coming is something that feeds off the rage and aggression of the Fae. When he used his powers to stop the War, it starved the monster. But he can reverse his earlier edict of peace and the monster will give Isabeau back to him. She hands him a pen and a razor as a weird-looking dude watches from a nearby car. It’s the same dude that was masquerading as the homicidal wife in the opening.

At the Ash’s compound, he and Bo square off. He tosses her a sword, then insults her momma, so she attacks him. Lachlan is obviously better with a swordfightsword, but Bo’s anger helps her compensate. He keeps goading her, saying that even though she hasn’t chosen a side, she’s really Dark Fae like her mother. At the drive-in, Trick cuts his hand and a wound opens on his hand in real life, but it’s immediately healed by the Ring. In the vision, Trick sees the weirdo in the car and realizes Isabeau would never ask him to restart the War. She freaks out and disappears and the dude in the car gets out to confront Trick. At theBo ready to kill compound, Bo and Lachlan are fighting like maniacs and he keeps trying (rather successfully) to piss her off. She mentions the Nain Rouge and says Lachlan is probably the threat she warned about. He tosses his sword down and says she can kill him if she really believes that. Of course she doesn’t, since Bo’s no cold-blooded killer, but she does kick him in the face, just for a little thrill. He says they need to talk.

At the drive-in, the weirdo in the car tells Trick he’s a Goruda, a member of a race that feeds on Fae much in the same way Fae feed on humans. The Goruda were supposed to be extinct a thousand years before the Fae even existed, but they lived in secret, feeding off the Fae rage and aggression.Goruda When Trick used his power to end the War, the Goruda were starved, but lingered, hoping to find Trick so they could get revenge. When he used his blood to help Bo against Aife, that gave the Goruda the clue they needed, and they now know Trick is at the Dal. At the compound, Lachlan tells Bo he’s the last of the Naga (Bo: “is that like a Fae boy band?”); the heads in the box were once part of him, but were cut off to get their venom, which is the only thing powerful enough to kill the Goruda. (Bo: “I don’t suppose that’s a smoked cheese, is be my championit?”) He tells her the Goruda is the evil the Nain Rouge warned about and he’s been tracking and fighting them for centuries. He says the reason he screwed with her so much (and fucked Lauren around) was to test her, to see if she could control herself better than her mother, not give in to her anger. Apparently, she passed the test when she spared his life. He asks her to be his champion, to lead an army against the Goruda, saying her powers come from lust and passion not hatred, which the Goruda feeds on.

At the Dal, Trick hits the thirty-minute mark of his trance, so Dyson and Hale start tearing the machine apart to bring him out of it, which knocks both of them out. At Dyson’s place, Ciara is packing the last of his stuff, including the stupid t-shirt. Oh, you poor, unsuspecting girl. At home,Kenzi got laid Kenzi lets Bo know she’s been looking for her, and is bursting to tell her she got laid. Bo’s a bit distracted by the whole Goruda thing, but she’s happy for Kenzi and tells her she should go on tour with Nate. Knowing Bo, it’s probably her way of ensuring Kenzi stays safe. Bo wishes her luck and prepares to get up tomorrow and save the world. Actually, I think there may be a bit of preparation involved before she gets to that; we’ll see what happens next episode.

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