Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2, Episode 14

Lost GirlEpisode 14: Midnight Lamp

This one starts with Bo feeling a bit lost, since Kenzi is off with Nate on his music tour. Apparently, Kenzi is the one who makes the coffee every morning (and knows where the whetstone is) … does that mean Kenzi is actually the “mom” of the duo? Weird. Anyway, Bo calls her, but is interrupted when Lachlan shows up and says he needs her to retrieve someone whose knowledge can help fight theLauren Holly Goruda. Elsewhere, we see some nerd interviewing a movie star; well, it’s more like fanboying out than an actual interview. The star (Sadie) is played by Lauren Holly; the nerdy dude is gushing about Sadie being in an R-rated movie again (sounds like he’s a BIG fan) and when she touches his hand slightly, he really loses it. At first, I thought he was jizzing himself (Lauren Holly does look pretty damn good), but it seems that Sadie is some kind of Fae, possibly along the succubus lines, because he goes all weird then drops to the floor. She tells someone on the set the dude just had a stroke.

Back at Bo’s place, she and Lachlan have coffee (which he made—who knew he was so domestic?) and we find out Sadie is actually an Efreet. She has vast knowledge on many subjects, including the Goruda, but won’t part with it unless she’s enslaved. Bo’s not down with the whole slavery coffee with the Ashthing, which makes sense, considering the Lauren situation. But Lachlan says to defeat the Goruda they may have to do some unpleasant stuff. He mentions that Lambert—the mysterious dude from Bo’s party last episode—has the magic lamp that can contain the Efreet. Bo says she’ll do her best to grab Sadie. At the Dal, Trick tells Dyson and Hale about meeting the Goruda in his vision. He says the Goruda was starved when Trick used his blood powers to stop the Fae War, but the monster didn’t die. Now it wants Trick to undo everything, so the War can start again and the Goruda can feed off the Fae aggression and hatred.

At home, Bo examines the bracelet Lambert gave her last episode and gets a text from Kenzi, who’s really enjoying her road trip. Trick calls to warn Bo about the Goruda, but she surprises him by telling him she already knows. She mentions helping Lachlan and after he hangs up, Trick tells Dyson he can’t figure out why Bo would cooperate with Lachlan when she was ready to kill him just yesterday. He notices Dyson is feeling like crapDyson and Trick and asks him about it. Dyson tells him about the Luduan forcing him to speak the truth about how he can’t love Ciara. Not “I don’t love Ciara”, but “I can’t”. Trick tells him they need him at his best against the Goruda so he better get his shit sorted. Dyson says there’s someone who can tell him what it all means and takes off. Bo goes to Lambert’s place, which is full of high-tech shit, including a pretty sweet car. I guess he’s supposed to be one of those eccentric inventor types, like in the old Edisonades.

Lambert puts on a weird-looking belt and asks Bo to hit him, saying the gut shotbelt will protect him from all impacts. She gives him a gut shot, which drops him like a sack of shit. She asks about the lamp and he goes over a bunch of knickknacks, most of which look like gyroscopes. He finally grabs one that looks like a steampunk music box and shows her how to wind it. Apparently, the whole “lamp” thing is just a metaphor; the Efreet won’t actually be trapped inside the music box, you have to think outside of three dimensions, blah, blah, blah.music box Lambert says he’ll put the box on the Ash’s tab, then tries to ask Bo out. He crashes and burns—the latter part literally, as Bo points out one of his experiments is on fire. Later, Bo shows up at a sexy party to find Sadie. She gets a call from Kenzi, but has to hang up when she spots her quarry. Unfortunately for her, Lambert is already there, chatting Sadie up.

Lambert introduces them and Sadie seems quite taken with Bo—and vice versa. Bo drags Lambert away to give him shit for interfering. He says she needs the user guide for the lamp, plus she doesn’t know the incantation … which turns out to be “abracadabra”. He says he doesn’t know exactly what powers Sadie has, but Efreet in general can change shape and do other fancy parlour tricks. He also says Efreet can be controlled either by trapping the  with a lamp, or by putting your mark on them, in the form Nornof some kind of scar. As they’re talking, he keeps hitting on her and trying to impress her with his money and jet-setting lifestyle, but she’s really not into it. At the Norn’s place, Dyson accuses her of taking more than she promised in their deal. She basically threatens to cut his dick off, then explains that since wolves mate for life, Dyson’s love of Bo was pretty much all the love he had. So when she took that away, it rendered him incapable of loving not just Bo, but anyone. He’s pissed off, but can’t do anything about it, so he leaves.

At the party, Bo (and Lambert) follows Sadie and some starlet she was talking to. Bo finds the starlet all whacked out, but Sadie has disappeared. Lambert reminds her of the Efreet ability to change shape and Bo talks alldropping the box sweet about Sadie until she reappears. Bo tries to use the music box to trap her, but thanks to Lambert’s “help” the box ends up smashed and the two of them are drawn into the lamp with Sadie, who’s a tad upset. She tries to incinerate Bo, who uses the bracelet Lambert gave her to absorb the blasts while Lambert activates a sliding wall to block Sadie’s advance. Bo and Lambert make their way through the labyrinth, but the door to the driver isn’t where it should be. Lambert says there’s a maintenance hatch in every room and starts looking. He tells Bo he’s a Loki—not the Loki, a Loki—and that there’s a gearswhole tribe of them. He finds the maintenance hatch and tweaks the gears—yeah, the whole thing runs on gears—as he quizzes Bo about her masturbation habits. Apparently, when a succubus masturbates, it just makes them hungrier for real sex. Now we know. Lambert still doesn’t open the door, but manages to turn the whole labyrinth into a wi-fi hotspot, so Bo calls Dyson for help.

She tells Dyson to go gt the music box from the club, but before she can go into detail, her phone blows up—and not in a good way. Lambert says there was a power surge, but he doesn’t have time to fix it because Sadie has found them. They take off again, heading upstairs in the elevator. On the top floor, which is kind of like a spa, Lambert tries to find a way out by messing with more gears, but just makes the elevator disappear. He tells Bo she’s too serious and asks about the Ash. She says she’s reluctant to beLambert gets the shaft his champion because it feels like she’d be beholden to him. Lambert says it’s cool how she hasn’t picked a side and that all the risks she takes are because she wants to, not because she has to. He figures out how to bring the elevator back, but when it shows up, there’s no car. He looks down the elevator shaft and gets pushed in by Sadie, who tells Bo it’s just the two of them now.

Bo tells Sadie they’re basically screwed because she just killed the only person who can get them out of the lamp. Sadie isn’t happy, saying she Sadie gets hotneeds to be outside where she can feed off the humans’ adoration. She says she may as well just burn the whole labyrinth to shit, but Bo pretends to be a fan to distract her. Sadie says she’s not feeling it and tells Bo to take off the bracelet. She does, and that allows Sadie to feed on Bo’s adoration … such as it is. Bo has to think fast when Sadie asks about her favourite project. At the Dal, Trick tries to fix the music box but says it would take an alchemist to put it right. Hale reminds them that he has perfect pitch and uses his siren powers to communicate with Bo. She’s still trying to convince Sadie she’sHale tunes up her biggest fan; the Efreet seems to be buying it (she even uses the old Sally Field line, “You like me, you really like me”), but Bo’s obviously having a hard time keeping up the pretense. She tells Trick that letting Sadie feed off her hurts like hell. Trick says whoever controls the lamp can control Sadie, but none of them control the lamp. Bo asks about putting her mark on Sadie and Trick says any kind of branding, scarring, or tattooing will work, as long as it’s personal.

Hale whistles Bo back into the lamp, where she punches Sadie in the face. That doesn’t leave a mark, so Bo asks if she can give her a kiss. Sadie says okay, and Bo gives her a hickey, which apparently counts as marking her. hickey(It certainly counts as personal.) Lambert climbs back up through the elevator shaft, having perfected his invulnerability belt. He says if Sadie burns hot enough to melt down to the core of the labyrinth, it’ll either free them all or kill them … 50/50 chance. Bo hesitates, but when Lambert asks if she’d rather stay stuck there with him, she tells Sadie to “Burn it; burn it all.” Outside, the music box starts heating up and suddenly Bo, Lambert, and Sadie pop into the Dal. They take off to see the Ash (and we find out that Hale is a fan of Sadie’s).

At the Ash’s compound, he’s pissed off because they don’t have the lamp, but Bo says she’ll command Sadie to help them then release her back to her own plane where she can’t bother anyone. Bo says they’re supposed to be the good guys and good guys don’t enslave people. She says she’ll fight the Goruda alongside the Ash as a partner, but not as his subordinate. HeBo and Lambert agrees. At Lambert’s place, Bo drops off the Ash’s payment and admits she kinda had fun during their adventure. He asks her out again and she says she’s still screwed up from all the drama bullshit she’s gone through lately. Lambert says he doesn’t really give a damn about her baggage (and has none of his own) and she seems to like that, since she immediately starts ravaging him. So I guess being obnoxious actually does work sometimes. At the Dal, Ciara comes in Ciara madto ask Dyson what his problem is and he finally tells her the truth about the Norn taking his capacity to love. She’s understandably upset, especially since Dyson changed his mind about dealing with the Norn to save Ciara’s husband centuries ago. At Lambert’s lab, he and Bo finish their fuckfest and he admits that he’s Dark Fae. Bo is upset at first, but finally figures “what the hell” and starts banging him again. Is this another step toward the Dark for Bo, or just her being independent? We’ll have to wait for future episodes to answer that.

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