Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2, Episode 19

Lost GirlEpisode 19: Truth and Consequences

This one starts with a romantic scene between Kenzi and Nate. Get your minds out of he gutter, I said “romantic” not “pornographic”. Nate gives Kenzi the key to his place and it’s obvious he’s expecting her to reciprocate. She makes some lame excuse about him walking in on Bo’s sex romps or stumbling over a weapons cache. He says he wants to take their relationship to the next level, but Kenzi still can’t bring herself to tell him about the Fae—though she clearly wants to. At the Ash’s compound, he tells Bo he’s worried the Glaive may ally with the Goruda. Sounds like thekey necklace Glaive is kinda like a sheriff; she writes the laws for the Light Fae and sees that they’re enforced. If she decided to ally the Light Fae with the Goruda, that would most likely set off the war that Lachlan and Bo have been trying to prevent, and the Goruda could feed off all the hatred to become more powerful. Lachlan says Bo should kill the Glaive—or kidnap her, but killing is more efficient—but Bo says she’s no assassin. Lachlan reminds her how bad the Goruda is and says her conscience will be tested in the weeks to come.

At Lauren’s place, she’s doing research to try and figure out what’s wrong with Nadia, who has a high fever and has been blacking out lately. Lauren can’t find anything medically wrong with her and says it might just be a holdover from the five-year coma. Nadia thanks Lauren for trying to help and says she’s amazed Lauren stuck by her all that time. Nadia seems to Lauren worriedthink Lauren was celibate the whole time, but we know better. At home, Kenzi tells Bo about Nate’s desire for an “open door” policy and Bo says he’s welcome any time. Kenzi reminds her what Nate might walk in on (hallucinogenic spiders, a Morag trying to drown Bo in the bathtub … you know, the usual) and Bo sees her point. Bo mentions Kenzi’s friend Tori, who’s the Glaive’s daughter, and says Lachlan’s basically put a contract on the Glaive. Kenzi doesn’t like the sound of Bo being the Ash’s bounty hunter, but agrees to go with her to some function where the Glaive is guest speaker.

At the Dal, Trick is researching the Goruda in preparation for the coming battle. He tells Hale he needs to know what Lachlan knows. Hale is eagerHale troubled to help Trick, but doesn’t seem thrilled at the idea of being his spy. At Lauren’s place, she goes through a list of possible cures for Nadia, testing each one on a blood sample. When she gets to the Congolese Fae virus that originally led to her working for the Ash, she gets some startling results, even though it supposedly has no effect on humans. At a fancy dinner, the Glaive gives a speech about Fae women in the workplace. Apparently the Fae are more progressive than humans because Fae women have historically been treated as equals, but the Glaive urges the women in the audience not to slack off and to make sure they live their lives to the fullest. Bo looks impressed by the speech and she and Kenzi wonder if Lachlan was bullshitting them about the Glaive. Tori offers to introduce them to her mom.Glaive

The Glaive is happy to meet Bo—though she treats Kenzi like crap—and is familiar with Bo’s rep as the “unaligned succubus”. She gushes about Bo being a positive role model for Fae women and Bo gushes about the Glaive’s inspiring speech. It’s almost like Bo has a weird crush on her or something … maybe that’s part of the Glaive’s power? At Lauren’s place, smashed syringeshe’s ready to test a variant of the serum she developed to cure the Fae virus in Africa, but Nadia freaks out and says she’s sick of needles, throwing the syringe against the wall. At the Dal, Bo’s still going on about the Glaive (“She’s like Oprah without the free cars.”), but Trick is less impressed. He figures the Goruda probably made offers to the Light and the Dark to join him and wipe out their enemies. But the real solution is for the Light and Dark to unite and fight the Goruda together. Trick says the Glaive’s decision will depend on what kind of person she really is.

At home, Kenzi finds a note from Nate with a picture she gave him years ago. It’s rather creepy that he kept it all these years, considering Kenzi was six when she gave it to him and he was at least twelve, if not older. Anyway, Kenzi seems to find it romantic rather than creepy. Bo tells Kenzi what Trick said about the Glaive, but she’s still not sure what to do. Kenzi offers to have her hoodlum cousins kidnap the Glaive, but Bo says she’spsycho Nadia going to try the direct approach—alone. Bo takes a pill that Trick says will block the Glaive from reading her mind (Kenzi: “Like Magneto’s helmet … that is so cool!”) At Lauren’s place, we get a Hitchcock tribute as Lauren takes a shower and Nadia tries to stab her. No need for chocolate sauce here though, since Lauren just begs her to stop and Nadia snaps out of it, drops the knife, and walks out.

At the Glaive’s office, Bo tells her she might be ready to pick a side but wanted the Glaive’s input first. The Glaive gets a weird look for a second—maybe she tried to read Bo’s mind and couldn’t?—and asks Bo to tell her everything about herself. At the Ash’s compound, he asks Hale to Bo and the Glaivespy on Trick for him and get any information about the Goruda that he can. Hale asks why Trick would know anything and Lachlan says bartenders hear everything; I’m not sure if Lachlan knows Trick is the Blood King or not. If he does, he might be assuming Hale doesn’t, or maybe he’s just fishing for info. At the Glaive’s office, Bo is telling her about the fight with the Cherufe. The Glaive is impressed, but starts asking about Trick. Bo says he’s very wise, kind of a mentor to her, but it’s obvious the Glaive thinks there’s more to it.

At the Dal, Kenzi is hanging out, touching stuff she’s not supposed to touch—like a Pixie impaler. She asks what her role will be in thepixie impaler upcoming fight and Trick basically tells her she doesn’t have one. It’s almost like he’s breaking up with her—the old “it’s not you it’s me” schtick—and he says Bo’s love for Kenzi could be a weak spot in the fight against the Goruda. He urges Kenzi to take Nate and get as far away as possible. At Lauren’s place, she’s freaking out, leaving messages for Bo. Meanwhile, Bo is still talking to the Glaive and mentions the Goruda. The Glaive says it could be a powerful force to shape the future. Bo is ready to leave, but the Glaive Bo trappeduses her power to manipulate wood (her mother was a Wood Nymph) to trap Bo in her chair. The Glaive knew something was up when she couldn’t read Bo’s mind, so she calls her henchwomen to take Bo to be tortured, then killed. Bo escapes from them right away and heads back to the Glaive’s office. The Glaive says Bo is no murderer, but Bo proves her wrong by tossing a dagger into her chest.Glaive knifed

At the Dal, Hale has brought Lachlan to see Trick, hoping he can force them to work together. He lets it slip that Trick is the Blood King, but Lachlan says he suspected it already. Trick also knows that Lachlan is the Naga (Hale: “Naga? Nobody tells me anything.”) and they agree to work together against the Goruda. At home, Nate’s being all romantic again andLachlan kneels Kenzi’s being shifty (again). He leaves for an audition and she gives him a big goodbye smooch … a little too big. I think she’s anticipating dumping him, or maybe she’s ready to tell him the truth and assumes he’ll dump her. Probably the latter, as she calls Bo and says there’s something she really needs to talk to her about. There’s a knock at the door and Nadia comes in looking for Bo. Kenzi says she’s not there, but Nadia hulks out and throws her into a pillar.

At the Ash’s compound, Bo brings a tied-up Glaive into his office and Glaive reviveddumps her on the floor. Lachlan is surprised that Bo killed her, but Bo says she’s no assassin and whacks the Glaive on the chest. Just like her daughter Tori in the earlier episode, the Glaive has two hearts and Bo’s punch activates the second one, reviving her. Bo leaves the Glaive with Lachlan … I’m sure they’ll get on famously. At home, Bo finds the place—and Kenzi—trashed. Kenzi tells her Nadia was there, acting all Linda Blair, and says Nate could have been hurt if he hadn’t left earlier. Kenzi worries about how she can have a relationshipBo dumps Kenzi with Nate if she can’t be honest with him and Bo tells her the same thing Trick did … to take Nate and get the hell out of Dodge. Kenzi says she won’t leave Bo to face the Goruda alone, but Bo says she won’t stand in the way of Kenzi’s happiness or safety. She says the best thing is for Kenzi to get as far from her as possible.

At Lauren’s place, she’s still leaving frantic messages for Bo when Nadia comes home, feeling like crap and unable to remember where she was. She asks if her memory of attacking Lauren was real and when Lauren says it was, Nadia begs her to come clean. It looks like Nadia never knew about the Fae—the parallel to the Kenzi/Nate situation is obvious—and it seems Lauren is finally ready to tell her everything. On the opposite end of Kenzi dumps Natethe spectrum, we see Kenzi is still reluctant to tell Nate the truth. Nadia is blown away by the whole “Fae” thing, but seems to take it fairly well. She starts asking a bunch of questions about Bo; she’s pretty worked up and even stops Lauren from answering a call from Bo. Kenzi, Meanwhile, takes another tack. She tells Nate she never really loved him and dumps his ass. He doesn’t take it well, obviously, and storms out, saying he’s leaving town.

At Lauren’s place, Nadia is now asking questions about the Ash and his compound. Bo comes in and asks why Nadia roughed up Kenzi. NadiaNadia chokes Lauren freaks again and tosses Lauren around. Bo puts a knife to her throat and she snaps out of it, but as soon as Bo puts the knife away (at Lauren’s request), Nadia freaks again, throwing Bo around. Lauren gets through to her and she says there’s some kind of raw hatred inside her that she can’t control. Bo realizes it must be the Goruda and Nadia begs Lauren to kill her. Lauren can’t, so Nadia asks Bo stabs NadiaBo to do it. She begs Bo to end her suffering and even Lauren pleads with Bo to kill her, but Bo doesn’t want to just kill someone in cold blood, even someone infested by the Goruda. But when Nadia attacks Lauren again, Bo stabs her in the heart. Nadia thanks her and dies, leaving Lauren to cry over her body. Bo takes off, the bloody knife still in her hand.deadly aftermath

At home, Bo finds Kenzi crying in her room and learns that she broke up with Nate. Kenzi says she listened to what everyone told her about leaving, but ultimately had t listen to her heart, which told her to stay. Bo feels bad, but part of her is glad Kenzi’s sticking around. Kenzi asks about Nadia, but Bo isn’t ready to talk about it yet. So, this episode dealt with truth and showed different consequences that arise from it. Trick andBo and Kenzi Lachlan know the truth about each other and can now work more effectively against the Goruda. But Nadia and Nate, two humans who weren’t privy to the truth about the Fae, get two different outcomes. Nadia learned the truth and ended up dead, while Nate remained ignorant and alive. Both Lauren and Kenzi are heartbroken, but at least Nate isn’t dead. We’ll see what further consequences arise from all of this next episode.

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