Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2, Episode 20

Lost GirlEpisode 20: Lachlan’s Gambit

At the Dal, Bo comes in to see Trick and he tells her some weird stuff has been happening. He shows her newspaper accounts of horses deliberately running into an electric fence, bats flying around during the day, and all the snakes at the zoo disappearing (Bo: “Maybe they’re on a plane?”) He says the animals can sense the Goruda’s power growing and they’re trying to get away. A hole opens in the floor and a freaky (and stinky) troll-dude climbs out. Bo grabs him, but Trick says the weirdo kinda works for him and he needs to talk to him alone. Trick calls him Mole and asks where the Goruda is, but Mole says he doesn’t know. Trick reminds him he has a debt to pay and sends him back out to find the Goruda. Trick finds Bo waiting in the bar, but they’re interrupted by some thuggish assholes who say they’rebar fight taking Trick. Bo stands up to them and Ciara pops up from one of the tables to help. Hale walks in and says it’s a three ass-whupping minimum. Everybody else clears out as the thugs attack. Bo deals with the first guy quite handily and Hale uses his siren power to scramble another guy’s brains. Ciara is surprisingly bad-ass, moving so fast the bruiser can’t touch her, then jamming a knife in his eye. Hale’s opponent recovers and decks him, so Bo takes him out with a baseball bat.

Kenzi comes in later and finds Hale all bruised up and spitting blood. Trick says the attackers were berzerkers working for the Goruda and they Mole torturemust’ve thought the Dal was poorly defended. Kenzi says there must be a rat, but Trick says it’s more likely a Mole. We jump to the basement where Bo and Ciara hold the Mole down in a chair. The Mole says if the Goruda kills Trick, then his debt will be wiped out, so he’s been feeding the Goruda info. Trick pulls out a weird projector, saying it’s a miniature version of Archimedes heat lamp. He projects a beam of light (or possibly heat) on the Mole, who’s obviously feeling some pain. Bo objects to the torture, saying they’re not barbarians, but Trick says they have to do whatever’s necessary against the GorudaAsh's guards and she’d better grow a thicker skin. The Mole finally tells them the Goruda is at the old abattoir and Trick dismisses him. Some of the Ash’s guards show up, demanding Trick go with them. Bo’s ready to pound them, but Trick says he’ll go since he wants to see the Ash anyway. Bo tells Ciara about Nadia being the Goruda’s spy and that she had to kill her. Ciara says they need to figure out exactly what the Goruda might’ve learned through Nadia.

Elsewhere, the Goruda is giving his minions shit for not getting Trick. He rips the eyeball out of the one berzerker and the leader says they weren’t anticipating such heavy resistance. The Goruda says he’ll have to try a different tactic. It sounds like he’s going to sow some dissension in the Lauren madranks of Bo and her friends. At Lauren’s place—which looks like shit—Bo finds Lauren in a bad mood. She says she’ll come back and help against the Goruda, but when Bo asks what Nadia might’ve told him, Lauren gets mad and basically throws her out. I know Lauren’s grieving right now, but I’m not sure why she’s being so snotty to Bo. She literally begged Bo to kill Nadia (and Nadia begged to be put out of her misery), so why is she so pissed off that Bo listened?

At the Dal, Hale is trying to explain his glass jaw moment when Bo returns. They hear noises and get ready for a fight—even Kenzi has a sword out. But it’s just Dyson, back from his vision quest or wherever the hell he was. Kenzi is glad to see him, but Bo and Ciara are a bit more … reserved. Hale’s not exactly thrilled either, but Dyson says he didn’t leave just for the hell of it; he was out looking for answers. Lauren comes in toKenzi greets Dyson look at Hale’s injury and Dyson notices the tension between her and Bo. Meanwhile, Lachlan asks Trick to use his Blood King powers to fight the Goruda. Trick refuses but Lachlan’s guards won’t let him leave. Trick says Lachlan was supposed to use his Naga venom against the Goruda, but Lachlan shows him the Naga heads in his trunk and says he’s the last one. He almost seems scared to take on the Goruda and thinks Trick’s blood power would be easier.

At the Dal, Bo tells Dyson all the crazy shit that’s been happening and has a brain wave. They take off. At the Ash’s compound, Trick says he has to use his blood power willingly or it won’t work. He reminds Lachlan that the last time he used it, the Goruda awoke, so using it again might bring knife at the throaton an even worse evil. Lachlan pulls out a knife and prepares to cut Trick’s hand, but Dyson and Bo show up. They pound Lachlan’s guards and Bo puts a knife to his throat. Bo asks Lachlan what the hell he’s thinking and he says he’s not feeling like himself. Bo mentions the other snakes in the city being freaked out too. Dyson says he received a vision from the Wolf Spirit saying that he was supposed to defeat the Goruda. Bo decides to stand with Dyson because she trusts him and they all leave Lachlan’s compound. I’m thinking this is probably what the Goruda was going for, making them mistrust each other and splitting them up, especially if Lachlan’s right and his venom really is the only thing that can kill the Goruda.

At Dyson’s place, Bo asks about his vision and we get a flashback scene. The Wolf Spirit tells Dyson that his role will be “significant” (which isn’t quite the same as saying he’ll be leading the fight) and that the Goruda’s weakness is his overconfidence in his own omnipotence. She says the best time to strike is when the Goruda thinks he’s already won. Bo’s not sure about Dyson being the champion, since she’s just gotten used to the ideaDyson and wolf spirit of herself being the champion. Dyson says the Wolf Spirit told him he could fill the void in his soul by beating the Goruda, which Dyson takes to mean he can get back his capacity to love. Later, Lauren shows up at Bo’s place, looking somewhat contrite, and asks if Bo has any booze. (She does, of course.) At Dyson’s place, Ciara shows up, wanting one last night of hot poontang before they go into what might be their final battle.

We then go back and forth between Bo/Lauren and Dyson/Ciara. Lauren Ciara and Dysonexplains that she came over wanting to get laid, then proceeds to give a neurological treatise on grief, comfort sex, and the redistribution of pain. While Lauren’s talking, Dyson and Ciara are doing. Ciara gets a little intense, pulling out a knife and sliding it over Dyson’s bod; I guess we’re meant to think she’s under the Goruda’s control or something, but she’s not … she’s just into weird, sexual knife-play. Lauren finally asks Bo if she can sleep with her, but it turns out (to Bo’s disappointment) that she means it literally; she just wants to sleep in the same bed, as she hasn’t gotten a lot of rest sinceBo and Lauren Nadia died. Bo says she’s welcome there any time. Post-intercourse, Dyson and Ciara talk and reminisce about her ex, who was also Dyson’s best friend. She says everyone will follow Dyson because they believe in him. Lauren tells Bo she just wants to be done with the Fae and all their bullshit and get out. Bo says she’ll stand by her no matter what.

At the Dal, Trick makes Hale promise to get Bo out alive, no matter the cost and Hale agrees. Trick says berzerkers can only be killed by blunt force trauma and hands out what look like medieval bowling pins. He Kenzi freaked outgives them a map to the Goruda’s lair (this whole thing is very D&D) and warns them the Goruda can read their deepest fears and will try to use that to turn them against each other. He wishes them luck and Dyson’s ready to go, but Bo still seems to have doubts about whether he should be the “chosen one” or not. In the Goruda’s lair, Kenzi is really on edge; when she hears a noise, she yells “I’m too cute to die!” One of the berzerkers pops up, taunts them, and takes off. Gee, I wonder if he’s leading them into a trap? Either way, they take the bait and chase after him. At the Ash’s compound, Trick finds all the files and stuff being removed and all the guards gone. Lachlan says heTrick and Lachlan sent all the guards to help Bo and Trick wonders why, since Lachlan wasn’t too thrilled about the mission in the first place. Lachlan reminds Trick that the Nain Rouge told Bo that she was meant to be the champion against the Goruda, so the Wolf Spirit telling Dyson he is the champion seems contradictory. Trick remembers Bo telling him about the vision she got from the Nain Rouge, of her standing over Trick’s dead body.

At the abattoir, the berzerker leads the team into an ambush (in a room with some really weird décor), but before they can start pounding the bad extra helpguys, they hit the floor. The Ash’s guards have shown up armed with crossbows. The Goruda pops up (seemingly unimpressed by the crossbow-wielding guards) and says he’s been looking forward to meeting them. Lauren is at home, just about to leave town, when she gets a text from Lachlan commanding her to come to his compound right away. In the abattoir, the Goruda taunts everyone and Dyson tries to attack him, but he whips out his flaming wings and knocks everybody back. They all start arguing with each other and when Bo tries to calm them down they turn on her. Kenzi whacks theCiara killed Goruda on the back with her medieval bowling pin, but he just slaps her down. Bo goes to protect her and the Goruda prepares to slice her up with a flaming sword. (I told you it was like D&D.) But Ciara uses her super fairy speed to get in front of Bo and take the hit. The Goruda roars in triumph and takes off. So I guess Ciara is kinda like Anya in Buffy; someone had to die, so they chose a peripheral character, but one who’s likeable.

At the Ash’s compound, Lauren shows up—though she admits she almost didn’t—and the Ash pulls out some syringes and tells her they need to get started. At the abattoir, Ciara dies and Dyson freaks out. The Ash’s guards are taken out by more berzerkers and Bo realizes the Goruda must’ve gone after the unguarded  Ash. She tries to rouse Dyson so they can go help the piling onAsh. At the Ash’s compound, Lachlan hears the Goruda coming and tells Trick to hide, saying Bo will need his guidance. Trick takes off and the Goruda shows up to confront Lachlan. At the abattoir, Dyson tells Bo she’s the champion and has to go help Lachlan. He says he’ll hold the berzerkers while the others get away. Bo is reluctant, but Hale drags her out and Dyson goes wolfy and starts wasting berzerkers. Kenzi lingers in the hall and sees Dyson getting overwhelmed by his opponents.

At the Ash’s compound, he and the Goruda fight, but it’s not much of a contest; the Goruda decapitates Lachlan within a few seconds. But Lachlan seems cool with it, even smiling right before he’s killed, like Obi-Wandecapitation Kenobi. Trick emerges from hiding to confront the Goruda, but just whistles up the Mole, who drags the Goruda down underground. Trick releases the Mole from his debt. Bo and Hale show up to find Lachlan’s headless corpse and Bo feels guilty, but Lauren shows up with a couple of vials of Naga venom. She says the Goruda will think himself invincible now, which gives them the advantage. Bo notices Kenzi isn’t there and Hale says he saw her double back. Bo gives him shit and goes to look for her. Lauren worries about the Kenzi and Dyson Naga venom in the vials coagulating, which would make it useless. She finds Kenzi in an alley pushing a mangled Dyson on a loading dolly. Kenzi says she had to hide under the body of one of the Ash’s dead guards until the berzerkers left, but she says Dyson’s still alive. Bo is freaked at being the last bastion against the Goruda, but Kenzi gives her a pep talk and that helps. She seems ready for the big boss fight, but we’ll have to wait to see that.

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