Lost Girl Reviews: Season 3, Episode 2

Lost GirlEpisode 2: SubterrFaenean

This one starts with Kenzi, Vex, and one of Kenzi’s friends (named Aussie) going to an underground rave club of some kind. Some of Aussie’s friends have been disappearing, so Kenzi and Vex are there to check things out. Vex isn’t really into it and his powers are still fucked up from the beating he took Vex vs alligatorfighting the Goruda. He almost slits some dude’s throat who’s dressed like an alligator, which makes the guy piss himself. (Kenzi: “Ixnay on the Urder-May, it’s all Ake-may Elieve-bay!”) Aussie tells Vex he looks like Robert Smith from the Cure, which Vex doesn’t take as a compliment. Kenzi tells him he should’ve stayed home, but Vex says he doesn’t want to watch the “smash-up clam derby” that’s going on. So I guess that means Bo and Lauren are still together? Are they ever! We switch to Bo’s place, where she and Lauren are getting it on. Bo ignores a text from Trick, Bo and Laurenso I guess Lauren’s a pretty good lay. Back at the club, the host references some urban legends (Bloody Mary, Slender Man) and says the only true one ids the sewer alligator. He pulls out the dude in the alligator costume—whose pants are still wet from his encounter with Vex—but before we can see what the point is, a “real” Sewer Alligator starts flitting through the room so fast all Kenzi and Vex see is a blur. The lights go out and when they come back on, the fake alligator dude has been gutted and Aussie is missing. Everyone breaks the fuck out, including Vex and Kenzi.

At home, Bo has a nightmare—or a flashback, really—of draining that random dude outside the Dal at the end of last episode. Lauren says this isn’t her first nightmare, but Bo pretends it’s no big deal. Kenzi and Vex return and Kenzi is freaking out about theVex freeloading Alligator slaughtering the guy and Aussie going missing. Vex confirms it and Bo says she’ll help Kenzi find her friend. (Vex also casually mentions that Laurence Olivier was Fae … now there’s an untold story I want to see.) Vex refuses to accompany them—Real Housewives marathon—and Bo says if he goes near Lauren she’ll cut his balls off and hang them on next year’s Christmas tree.

The scene switches to a gym, where we get our first look at Tamsin, who’s going to end up playing a major role in the show. She’s played by Rachel Skarsten, aka Queen Elizabeth in Reign (or Dinah Drake in the old Birds of Prey show, for those of you who Tamsinremember that). She struts into the gym and watches Dyson spar with some dude. She distracts Dyson by telling him she’s his new partner, now that Hale’s the acting Ash. Dyson decks his opponent and Tamsin mentions the Sewer Alligator rampaging around the city. She suggests they should just blow the Alligator away and when Dyson wonders why Hale would send someone like her to be his partner, she tells him she’s Dark Fae. It’s part of a cooperation program between Light and Dark. Dyson isn’t thrilled and when she mentions the human sparring partner he just pounded, Dyson says the guy is a wife-beater so he got what deserved.

Bo and Kenzi go into some tunnels under the city and Kenzi says she lived down there after she ran away. She met Aussie when he saved her from some assholes, so she’ll do whatever she can to help him now. Trick calls again and says he found a Dream Weaver to help with Bo’s “night terrors”. So, I guess Bo doesn’t know her dreams are actually flashbacks? The Weaver is feeling rather amorous toward Trick, so he’s desperate for Bohorny weaver to get there. She tells him she can’t make it since she’s helping Kenzi, which doesn’t make Trick happy—though Bo seems to find it kind of funny. Bo and Kenzi run into a dead end and encounter a blind guy catching rats for food. (Kenzi: “At least he eats organic.”) They follow him into a smaller tunnel and wind up in a settlement of Fae, who are living like animals. They find a SWAT dude with his leg hacked off and are quickly surrounded by the Fae version of Morlocks.

They’re tossed into a room where they meet the Alligator dude (named Atticus), who Dyson looks for cluessounds like he’s from Louisiana. He tries to justify his feeding on humans, but Bo isn’t buying it. Back at the club, Dyson and Tamsin check out the murder scene and Dyson realizes the “alligator bite” has been faked. He catches a familiar scent, but isn’t very forthcoming with Tamsin. She knows he doesn’t like having her as a partner and he says he’s learned not to trust anyone from her team. She asks if he means Dark Fae or women, but he doesn’t answer. Down below, Atticus (who’s blind) tells Bo and Kenzi he used to live on the surface with his wife and kids. One day, a “mangassed in black” came and told them they had to be quarantined because of some outbreak of disease. But Atticus says nobody was sick until after they were shut up below the surface. His wife and kids died and he’s still pissed off about it. Kenzi’s worried about her friend, but Bo believes Atticus didn’t grab Aussie. They’re ready to leave, but admit they don’t know their way back. Atticus locks them in the chamber and gasses them.

They wake up back in Bo’s bed at home, with Vex sitting watching them and shoving Vex annoys Bo and Kenzicereal in his face. They wonder how they got there (Vex: “Years of latent sexual tension?”) and realize Atticus must’ve brought them somehow after gassing them. Vex mouths off some more, so they start pounding him with pillows. Dyson walks in, followed by Tamsin, who immediately raises Bo’s hackles. At the police station, Dyson and Bo talk about the abductions of humans and Dyson mentions a couple of Fae city workers have gone missing too. Bo tells him about the SWAT guy she saw, but before Dyson can process that Tamsin blindsides Bo (and Dyson) by pulling out photos of the guy she drained in the alley. She says he’s in a coma (and he’s Dark Fae, which is why she’s so worked up about it) and Bo says she didn’t do it. Dyson alibis her for the time of the attack and Bo can’t believe his new partner is Dark Fae. Tamsin goescoffee time out to get coffee and promptly pours it all over Dyson’s desk. He gives her shit, but she correctly guesses that Dyson has feelings for Bo. He says he trusts Bo (Tamsin: “Why? Because when they were handing out brains, you took a second dick?”) because she’s been feeding safely for two years, so why would she suddenly start wasting people at random? Tamsin sort of apologizes for the coffee thing, but before they can get too cozy, their chief (Bob Hamelin) comes out of a meeting to talk to them.

Hamelin (who’s obviously in on the whole “Fae” thing) says the underground people are quarantined because they’re infected and wants to know why Bo was sniffing around cop mojodown there, and why an Alligator dude has been grabbing people. Dyson tries to explain, but Hamelin says the mayor is all over his ass about the tunnels (they’ve been telling him it’s a gas leak), so they should just wipe out the whole place. While they’re distracted, Kenzi picks the lock on the interrogation room and Bo uses her mojo on a cop so they can escape. The chief tells Dyson that anyone who was abducted is considered infected and is to be left underground. He also says to keep Bo locked up, but Tamsin notices Bo and Kenzi are gone and she ain’t happy.

At home, Bo and Kenzi are tooling up for another underground expedition when Aussie shows up. He doesn’t remember being abducted, but his nose starts bleeding like hell and he gets freaked out. Bo says she has an idea and they take him to see the Weaver atWeaver at work the Dal. She helps (though she’s not thrilled about working on a filthy human) and uses her powers to retrieve some of Aussie’s lost memories. Her power seems to work literally, as she weaves a magical shawl that shows Aussies memories like a movie screen. Trick recognizes the place where Aussie was held as the St. Thomas Shipyards, so Bo and Kenzi head over there, just as Aussie starts bleeding from his eyes.

At the Shipyard, Bo and Kenzi find a shipping container full of the missing humans and take them to the police station. Tamsin goes after Bo again, but when she sees all the humans, she lays off. Bo tells them they found the humans above ground, so Atticus and humans returnedhis friends probably aren’t the ones who took them, since they can’t stand light. But these humans are bleeding from the face just like the Fae with Atticus were, so Dyson figures they must all have the same disease. Hamelin tells Dyson and Tamsin they have to eliminate Atticus and his friends, but Dyson is hesitant, and mentions running it by the Ash. Before that can go anywhere, Tamsin notices Bo has escaped again. Why would they assign the same guy she mojoed last time to guard her again? Tamsin says if she didn’t hate Bo so much, she might actually like her. Ironic, considering what happens in later seasons.

Bo and Kenzi head back into the tunnels to find Atticus, but they’re being followed by someone. Hale shows up at the police station—apparently, his cover for no longer working there is that he won the lottery—and tells Dyson the underground Fae are supposed to be relocated, not wiped out. Dyson realizes Hamelin was full of shit. And it turns out Hamelin’s the one who’s following Bo and Kenzi … and he’s Fae. Specifically,slender man he’s the Slender Man (or the Erlking, or Pied Piper, hence the clever name Hamelin) and he charms them into showing him the secret way into the Fae underground. Kenzi starts face-bleeding and Bo realizes there is no disease; the symptoms are from Hamelin feeding on people. She mentions he’s not supposed to feed on fellow Fae, and he admits he was supposed to lead the Fae underground and release them, but enjoyed feeding on them too much to stop. (“Once you’ve had Kobe beef, how’re you gonna go back to chuck?”)

We learn Hamelin’s power works through sight, even though the people he enthralls Atticus and Hamelinhear music. He mentions Bo’s extracurricular feeding (which freaks Kenzi out), but is interrupted by Atticus, who knows Hamelin is the one who killed his family. Hamelin tries to use his power on Atticus, but since Atticus is blind, it has  no effect. They fight and Hamelin is about to smash Atticus with a rock when Dyson shows up, having tracked them through the tunnels by scent. He knocks Hamelin off Atticus and says the Fae Elders will want to talk to him. But Bo has a better idea: she collapses the tunnel, leaving Hamelin trapped with Atticus, who soon takes revenge for his dead family. Later, Dyson and Tamsin spar and she’s pretty tough for such a skinny gal. They exchange some sexual innuendo—and a smooch—but Tamsin says she won’t be happy until Bo pays for feeding off that comatose Dark Fae.Tamsin sarring

At the Dal, we learn the underground Fae have been relocated and the “disease” symptoms cleared up (in Fae and humans) as soon as Atticus killed Hamelin. The Weaver prepares to delve into Bo’s mind to find out what’s been causing her nightmares and kicks Trick out, since the reading is private. But when she sees the images on herevil Bo “screen” she freaks out. It looks like an image of Bo literally feeding on someone, and the Weaver totally loses her shit and rushes off, saying Bo’s nightmares must’ve been caused by something she ate. Bo catches a glimpse of her post-prandial self looking kind of evil and wonders why everyone keeps lying to her.

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