Lost Girl Reviews: Season 3, Episode 4

Lost GirlEpisode 4: Fae-de to Black

This episode starts (as do many others) with some sex. Bo and Lauren are getting it on and when they finally come up for air, we learn this has become a regular thing. That makes sense—they are in love, after all—but Bo is a succubus and needs sex the way most people need food. As Bo heads for the bathroom, Lauren looks exhausted, and we soon see that Bo doesn’t seem to be getting all the “sustenance” she needs from Lauren, as she starts chowing down an energy bar of some kind. Elsewhere, we see Dyson and Tamsin showing up on aLloyd falls rooftop where some weirdo named Lloyd is about to walk across a rope to another building. We get some exposition from Dyson telling us that Lloyd is the fourth human in the last few weeks to try a dangerous stunt, and all the others ended up dead. Dyson says he could smell Fae at the other sites, and doesn’t want Lloyd to end up going splat. But Lloyd is determined, so Dyson only delays him momentarily, then he tries his tightrope walk … and goes splat.

At home, Bo is desperately searching for chocolate (I guess the energy bar didn’t help much) when Kenzi comes in, wanting to have a serious talk. It seems like she’s noticed the whole “banging Lauren isn’t enough to sustain Bo” problem, but before she can Kenzi throws a pillowreally get into it Bo gets distracted and says she’s going out to get chocolate. It seems like Bo’s kind of aware of the problem, since she asks Kenzi why everything has to be about sex all the time, which is a weird thing to hear from a succubus. (Kenzi replies by referring to her as “wonder snatch”.) At the police station, Dyson and Tamsin examine Lloyd’s tox screen and find out he wasn’t on anything. Tamsin points out that all the recent human “suicides” were patients at a place called the Better Way Clinic. Dyson says the doctors there will just cite confidentiality rules and Tamsin says they need to go undercover. Dyson remarks that having Tamsin as a therapist would probably cause more suicides, and has a better idea.

At the Dal, Dyson asks Bo (who now seems to be getting wired on cappuccinos) if she’ll go undercover at the Clinic and she says yes before he even gives her the details. Bo is obviously hungry (in the succubus sense) because she keeps eyeing up everyone who walks by. Dyson gives her a fake diploma and files on the four dead humans and asksTabitha her to find out whatever she can. He notices her hunger, but she pretends he’s wrong and agrees to play the therapist. She’s less enthusiastic when she finds out she’s supposed to be a couples therapist; physician, heal thyself. Bo goes to the Clinic for her first day and meets the receptionist Tabitha, who’s very … New Age. Bo asks about the recent patient deaths and hears that all the other doctors are taking it hard. She also learns that two of the doctors (Dr. Nemo and Dr. Bob) are a fish and a cat, respectively. She’s surprised to learn that her first appointment is already there. Nothing like jumping straight into the deep end.

Her first two patients are Manny and Connor, a gay couple who have been fighting about sex. Connor is using his job (he’s a doctor) to avoid intimacy. The funny part is, they’re couples therapyhaving sex three times a week, which is probably slightly above average, but Bo thinks it’s way too little (“How do you survive?”) Manny feels validated by that and they start arguing, but Bo uses her succubus power to get them all horny for each other. I’m not sure exactly what she does, but it seems like she’s either redirecting their desire through her (and amping it up), or she’s channeling her own desire into them. Either way, it works and they start ripping each other’s clothes off right there. Bo tells them they have to leave and they head home (with a quick detour for whipped cream) and Bo says she’s taking a lunch break.

Turns out Lauren is on the lunch menu, but she’s still tired from earlier and when she finds out Bo is pretending to be a doctor, she gets kind of pissed off. Lauren thinks it’s unethical and says Bo isn’t qualified. (Bo: “So you think I lack the intellectualLauren getting mad whatchamacallit to pull off this fake doctor crap?”) Lauren then proceeds to point out that Bo never even got out of high school and that’s pretty much the end of the argument, as Bo storms out. We see Bo back at her office (with the book “Therapy for Dummies” sticking out of her bag) with another patient. This one has dreams about submarines (which as we all know, are long and hard and full of seamen), where all the multi-national subs are great except her husband, who’s “a dinky little sub with a rusty periscope” who she puts on layaway. Even I can interpret that one.

In the reception area, Bo sees another patient (who calls himself Captain Humongous) trying to lift the coffee table. She heads for the bathroom, but ends up checking out Dr. Palmer’s office, where she meets Dr. Bob (who, you’ll remember, is a cat). She finds a Bo meets Palmerbunch of newspaper clippings about the dead patients, but is interrupted when Dr. Palmer comes in. He’s played by Derek McGrath, from “My Secret Identity”, “Little Mosque on the Prairie” and a zillion other Canadian shows. Bo makes up a story about why she’s there and he seems to buy it.  At Hale’s office in the Dal, Kenzi is trying to tell him about the weird burn she got when the Norn’s potion spilled on her arm, but Hale is too swamped with work to listen. Kenzi tells him his style is woefully outdated and he gives her a credit card and tells her to get him some new clothes, which seems to distract her from her arm problem.

At the Clinic, Dr. Palmer tells Bo he hypnotizes patients and regresses them to get at repressed memories. They go into the reception area, but Tabitha and “Captain Humongous” (whose real name is Rollin) are both missing. Bo heads down to the parking garage for some reason and finds Rollin trying to lift a car. She gives him his inhaler and then has to push him out of the way when he tries to stop a van with his bare hands. Bo isBo grabs tabitha still feeling weak from hunger, but takes the hit, then drains some energy from Rollin, knocking him out. She notices Tabitha watching her and concludes she’s behind everything. Tabitha admits she’s a Suicide Fae and can’t help feeding off the remains of the dead humans, but she’s in therapy to cure her hunger and swears she isn’t responsible for the humans killing themselves. She gives Bo a gut punch and takes off. Rollin starts convulsing and Bo tries to call Dyson, then uses her power to give Rollin some energy, but she’s too weak and keels over.

Dyson and Tamsin trace Bo’s call and we see Rollin is okay. Tamsin is sure the Suicide making upFae is guilty, but Bo’s not sure. Dyson notices Bo’s weakness and she says she’s got it covered. At Lauren’s place, she and Bo make up—in every sense—and Bo’s injury from getting hit by the van heals, though not completely. Lauren says she agrees with Bo that the Suicide Fae is innocent; the victims had no adrenaline in their bodies (which is weird for people performing dangerous stunts) so Lauren thinks there might be a Fae coercing them into the stunts and feeding on the adrenaline. Bo is still in pain, but tries to cover so Lauren doesn’t suspect. At the police station, Bo and Tamsin argue (as usual) and Bo says Dr. Palmer may be hypnotizing the patients into performing the stunts. She admits Palmer and Tabitha may be working together and asksBo's injury Dyson to go in as a patient, since he can scent other Fae. Tamsin leaves and Dyson points out that Bo is obviously in pain. He sees the gigantic bruise on her side and realizes she’s bleeding internally. She tells him she’s been feeding regularly, but only with Lauren. He gives her shit, saying one human can’t sustain a succubus. He offers to bang her so she can heal and says there are no feelings involved, which we know is bullshit since Kenzi got his love back from the Norn. But Bo doesn’t know that, so she accepts his offer and they get it on.

At Hale’s office, he’s meeting with some Fae ambassador who’s communing with spirits or something, when Kenzi comes in for Hale’s makeover. The Ambassador gets pissed off and leaves and Hale gives Kenzi shit. She tries to tell him about her arm, but he takes off pissed off ambassadorafter the Ambassador. I don’t know why Kenzi doesn’t just tell Trick, or even Lauren, about her arm. They’d be the ones most qualified to help. At the Clinic, Dyson has a therapy session with Dr. Palmer. Dr. Bob (the cat) has a negative reaction to him—understandable, since Dyson is a wolf. Dyson can’t scent any Fae because the office is full of incense, scented candles, and kitty litter. Palmer regresses Dyson and tells him to embrace his earliest memories. Later at the Dal, he’s telling everyone how great it was. Bo notices a scratch on his neck (which one of the other victims had) and is amazed to find out kitty litter cancels Dyson’s scent ability. They get a call from Tamsin saying there’s another victim, which seems to exonerate Palmer and point the finger at Tabitha again.

But at the crime scene, they quickly learn Tabitha isn’t the killer, since she’s the latest victim. She apparently put on a mermaid outfit and tried to swim, even though she didn’t know how to swim. Dyson seems to be getting restless, like he wants to jump out of hisDyson worked up skin. They discuss things at the Dal and Trick mentions Palmer could be a Rakshasa, feeding off the victims as they perform their stunts. (Trick: “Rakshasa!”; Tamsin: “Bless you.”) Dyson is really defensive toward Palmer and says he should talk to him, since they have a “rapport”. Bo gets a call from Lauren and leaves and Trick hears about Hale’s screw up with the Ambassador and gives him shit. Hale admits Kenzi was the one who fucked things up and Trick says Kenzi isn’t one of them and Hale has to act like the Ash and do what’s best for the Light Fae. He says it’s time for Hale to step up, even if it’s more than he can bear, which seems pretty harsh for Trick.

At Lauren’s place, Bo’s ready to tell her about her romp with Dyson, but gets sidetracked. Lauren figures it outLauren has noticed that every victim had a scratch on their neck that kept bleeding even after they died; seems like someone else could’ve noticed something like that earlier, but whatever. Bo remembers the scratch on Dyson’s neck and concludes Palmer is the Rakshasa. She gets a call from Tamsin, who says Dyson never came back. Bo says to meet her at the Clinic. At Palmer’s office, Dyson is raving about reaching his full potential and waving around a dagger, freaking Palmer out. Later, Tamsin holds a dagger to Palmer’s throat and Bo accuses him of hypnotizingTamsin gets persuasive his patients into acting out childhood fantasies so he can feed off the adrenaline. He denies it, and when Bo uses her succubus mojo, he admits he’s barely qualified o be a therapist and has no idea what the Fae are. (Tamsin refers to him as “Dr. Dipshit”.) Palmer says Dyson was ranting about being King of the Creatures and wanting to fly, so Bo and Tamsin head for the roof. Bo finally realizes what a lot of you probably figured out a while back, that Dr. Bob is the Rakshasa.

Dyson is poised on the ledge and starts stripping down (Tamsin: “I’m warning you, do Tamsin bad assnot unwrap the wang.”) He says he always wanted to be a Griffin and is ready to fly. Bo tells Tamsin to find the cat, Dr. Bob, because he’s the Rakshasa and Tamsin leaves Bo to talk Dyson down from the ledge. Tamsin finds the cat, which transforms back into the gigantic Rakshasa and Bo talks Dyson down by reminding him how strong a wolf can be and how much everyone cares about him. She makes it stick by using her succubus power to heal him of the Rakshasa’s influence. Tamsin (rather casually) takes out the Rakshasa with a throwing knife made of lead  and says “let’s go get tanked.”

At the Dal, Bo tells Dyson she’ll talk to Lauren about using other people to heal, but she Tamsin and Dyson flirtcan’t use him again. Of course, she still thinks he’s incapable of loving her, so he agrees to back off. Bo leaves and Dyson flirts with Tamsin and says they should go out and tear up the town. Hale now has a guard at his door and won’t let Kenzi in, even though she tries to tell him about her arm. At Lauren’s place, Bo tells her about banging Dyson and waits for Lauren to freak. But Lauren’s not stupid; she knows Bo needs more than one lone human to feed (or heal) properly and says she can accept it. She says there will have to be some ground rules; Rule Number One:No Dyson. Bo promises and they smooch. We see Kenzi walking home, trying to call Bo about her arm. She peels off the bandage and no wonder she’s freaking out … it is pretty gross.Kenzi's arm Kenzi keeps walking, but suddenly falls over and gets dragged into an alley. Cliffhanger ending!

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