Lost Girl Reviews: Season 3, Episode 6

Lost GirlEpisode 6: The Kenzi Scale

This one starts rather dramatically, with Bo hauling Kenzi into the Dal and spouting accusations about her. Trick clears the bar and Bo tells him something’s happened to the real Kenzi and this one’s just an impostor. Kenzi (or whoever she is) says Bo’s been killing again, which Tamsin seems to love, sinceBo dragged off it validates her theories. Trick tells Bo and Tamsin to lock Bo in his storeroom and they drag her off. Bo does sound a bit whacko here, ranting about Kenzi being replaced without offering any proof; but we saw Kenzi get jumped a couple of episodes ago, so we know Bo is right … unless the writers are pulling some kind of double fake-out on us.

Tamsin is all for taking Bo to the Dark Fae, but Trick says he’s giving her sanctuary and hair samplecalling Lauren to examine her. Dyson tries to comfort Kenzi and Trick gives Dyson shit for not keeping a better watch on Bo. Tamsin tries to commiserate with Kenzi, but Kenzi’s all snotty to her. Kenzi leaves to get some stuff for Bo, and Tamsin seems a bit … suspicious. Lauren shows up and Bo thinks she’s there to spring her, but soon realizes Lauren thinks she’s crazy too. Lauren says she needs a DNA sample to figure out what’s wrong with Bo, so she takes some hair. Bo says if anything happens to Kenzi, it’ll be Lauren’s fault and Bo will never forgive her.

Speaking of Kenzi, we see the genuine article chained up in a cave full of shiny objects the doppleganger has collected. Fake Kenzi shows up to torment her and squeeze someKenzi in trouble more info out of her. Turns out the stuff that spilled on Kenzi’s arm at the Norn’s place (and caused the gross rash she’s had for the last few episodes) kinda gave Kenzi Fae powers. Her doppleganger says it was also what helped her get her “glamer” back. Kenzi’s still feisty (“If you’re gonna rip off my look, at least respect the Kenzi brand.”), but she’s obviously feeling like shit; being chained up by a psycho who steals your face will do that. The double rubs some of Kenzi’s tears on herself to throw Dyson off the scent and heads out, reminding Kenzi there are ogres outside guarding the place.

Fake Kenzi shows up at the Dal with coconut ice cream for Bo. Bo smells the moist earth Bo grabs fake Kenzion her from the cave. She tries to use her succubus mojo and it seems to work, but fake Kenzi still wants to get rid of the real Kenzi and be Bo’s best friend. Bo says she hates coconut ice cream (real Kenzi obviously fed her doppleganger a line of bullshit) and fake Kenzi freaks out, saying she just wants people to like her and someone to be her best friend. Bo points out that most people don’t wanna be friends with a kidnapping lunatic and fake Kenzi shows her fangs (literally) and says Bo will never see the real Kenzi again. Dyson comes in, but fake Kenzi fakes him out again and they leave.

Tamsin meets with the Morrigan, who wants Bo dead for what she did to that Dark Fae dude outside the Dal a few episodes back. Actually, I think the Morrigan wants Bo dead in general; the Dark Fae is just a convenient excuse. She tells Tamsin to use her Valkyrie powers to bring the Dark Fae out of his coma so he can ID Bo as the one who put himDyson comforts fake Kenzi there. Tamsin is reluctant, since that would kill him, but the Morrigan reminds her she’s Dark Fae. Tamsin says she’ll do it. At the Dal, fake Kenzi seems to have turned her fixation from Bo to Dyson, but he doesn’t notice. He does ask her how she got his love back from the Norn and she says she used a chainsaw to cut the Norn’s tree, but doesn’t mention the shit that spilled on her (or on the real Kenzi’s) arm. She also reminds Dyson she was the one who went back for him when they fought the Goruda and he feels guilty for questioning her. She says she’s scared to stay home by herself, so Dyson says she can stay with him. Sucker! Tamsin is watching this little scene and gets suspicious.

So suspicious in fact, that she helps Bo bust out. Tamsin says she knows “that thing” isn’t Kenzi (weird how she can see it and people who’ve known Kenzi for years can’t … maybe valkyrie facea bit of distance helps) and lets Bo out so they can find the real one. Unfortunately, Dyson is waiting for them and tries to strong-arm them back inside. But Tamsin ain’t having that (“If there’s one thing I hate, it’s a man getting in the way of what I want; it’s so retro.”) and she goes all death’s-head, using her Valkyrie powers to freak Dyson out until Bo conks him from behind. Bo describes the fake Kenzi’s weird little teeth and Tamsin says it sounds like a Kitsune, a Japanese fox Fae. Tamsin says she might have a way of tracking her down, but Bo’s more interested in what she did to Dyson. Tamsin says she made him doubt himself; I’m not sure how that works exactly, but we see that using her power has caused Tamsin to lose some hair.

At the Dal, Lauren says Bo isn’t sick in the conventional sense, but there’s something weird happening on a cellular level. She says it’s something in Bo, not something that’sTrick worried been done to her. Trick is worried and wants Lauren to run more tests. He obviously suspects something, but won’t share his fears with Lauren. Maybe it has something to do with the growing darkness we’ve seen in Bo. They go to see her, but of course the cell is empty. At a sorority house, Tamsin introduces Bo to some college girls. They say a Kitsune named Inari used to be a sorority member and was so desperate to make friends she got all weird and stalkery with some of them. (“She used my toothbrush, like, right in her mouth.”; “She also used your boyfriend, right in sorority girlsher mouth.”) Inari threatened to burn the place down when they kicked her out, so they hired Tamsin as security. Tamsin used her Valkyrie power to make Inari think the Norn could help her, but the Norn took Inari’s changing glamer as payment. They heard a rumour that some crazy human got Inari’s glamer spilled on her when she went to attack the Norn’s tree. Bo realizes that must’ve been Kenzi, though she can’t figure out what she’d have been doing at the Norn’s place. The sisters say Inari used to hang out in some cave out by the dump.

At the Dal, Trick and Lauren find Dyson unconscious. He tells them Tamsin broke Bo out and he’s ready to go after them, but Trick says he’s no good while he’s under the effects of Tamsin’s Valkyrie power. Dyson goes home, where fake Kenzi’s taking a shower. Hefake Kenzi vamping calls Tamsin and she says she’s helping Bo find the real Kenzi and then tosses her cellphone out the window. Fake Kenzi convinces Dyson to share the bed until she falls asleep. I’d like to think it’s the Valkyrie thing that fucking up his judgment, but I think he’s just kinda dense. In the woods, Bo is having trouble keeping up; she’s getting weaker because she hasn’t fed lately. She learns Tamsin used to be a bounty hunter, but ended up as Dyson’s partner because she “pissed off the wrong people.” Bo smells the earthy scent she earlier noticed coming off Inari (Bo’s sense of smell seems to have gotten sharper lately, though she doesn’t know why).

At Dyson’s place, fake Kenzi makes her move and tries to bang him. He finally realizes she’s not the real Kenzi and she shows her teeth, saying she just wants to love him. They fake Kenzi makes her movesquare off and she points his own gun at him. He disarms her and they start fighting. I think I’d have to bet on the wolf over the fox. In the cave, one of the ogres tries to get to Kenzi, but his chain isn’t long enough so he goes back outside. Kenzi finds an earring among the crap in the cave and figures she can pick the locks on her chains. At Dyson’s place, Lauren shows up and Dyson’s still fucked up from Tamsin’s Valkyrie power, second-guessing everything he does. Fake Kenzi is unconscious and Lauren take a sample and finds out she’s Fae. Lauren and Dyson realize they should’ve believed Bo and Dyson says he can track them to find the real Kenzi.

In the woods, Bo is getting really weak now, but refuses to stop looking for Kenzi. Tamsin says her friends wouldn’t walk two blocks to help her and Bo says she needs new friends. Tamsin asks what makes Kenzi so special. (Bo: “She’s … she’s Kenzi.”; yeah, that pretty feeding timemuch sums it up.) Bo says Kenzi makes her feel normal and special at the same time, and she feels guilty as hell for not listening all the times Kenzi tried to tell her something was wrong. Tamsin realizes Bo needs to feed and offers herself (Tamsin: “Inari is a ballsy bitch and shit will definitely get real, so feed off of me.”) Bo feeds off her and gets quite a rush (kinda like she did at the “slumber party” but she obviously doesn’t remember that), saying Tamsin’s chi is “incredible, but different.” Oh Bo, I bet you say that to all the girls. They find the cave and the two ogres guarding it.

At the Dal, Lauren tells Trick she retested Bo’s blood and the results are the same: Bo’s cells are being destroyed and then replaced by new ones. Trick seems to have been Kenzi rescuedexpecting it, but says it’s happening too soon … unless something triggered it. He asks Lauren to help him prepare an herbal potion for when Bo gets back. At the cave, an ogre comes after Kenzi again but gets Bo’s knife in the back. Bo and Kenzi have a big reunion and almost get jumped when the ogre revives, but Dyson breaks its neck. He’s feeling guilty for not believing Bo, but Bo says there’s plenty of guilt o go around. She helps Tamsin kills the other ogre outside and says they’re even. Tamsin watches them hug Kenzi’s brains out; I think she’s still mulling over what Bo said about getting new friends.

At the Dal, Kenzi is asleep (after scarfing down numerous burgers) and Lauren tries to apologize, but Bo’s not in the mood to hash it all out right then. The herbal concoctionhospital visit Trick gave Bo has stabilized her and Trick says she’s experiencing the “Dawning”, which is some rite of passage that all Fae go through … but in Bo’s case, it shouldn’t be happening for another 200 years. At the hospital, Tamsin revives the comatose Dark Fae and he confirms Bo’s the one who assaulted him in the alley. He dies (or maybe Tamsin kills him, I’m not quite sure) and she leaves. The Morrigan is waiting for her, but Tamsin says the guy died before telling her anything. The Morrigan knows undergroundshe’s bullshitting, but Tamsin sticks to her story. In some tunnels under the Dal, Trick tells Bo and Lauren the Dawning isn’t just a symbolic rite, it’s also a test and if she fails, she’ll devolve into some kind of neanderthal Underfae. That’s why Bo’s sense of smell is stronger … she’s already devolving. I guess that could explain why she’s having trouble controlling herself too. But Fae usually have years to prepare for the Dawning, so they have to get their asses in gear.

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