Lost Girl Reviews: Season 3, Episode 10

Lost GirlEpisode 10: Delinquents

This one starts with Bo talking to herself in the mirror, like Stuart Smalley. It sounds like she’s trying to convince herself that she feels different after completing her Dawning ritual last episode. She’s still got the evil blue glow in her eyes, so that hasn’t changed. Kenzi comes in , freaking out because someone’s trying to get into the house. Kenzi’s worried that the Fae are retaliating because Bo “cheated” during her Dawning. Bo grabs a bat and whips the door open to find … Lauren. She was trying to surprise Bo with breakfast, but drops the tray full of stuff all over the floor. Bo says she’s going to make breakfast for once, which makes Lauren and Kenzi nervous; they both note that Bo really is different since the Dawning, but hope she’s still the same person they know and love. Elsewhere, a young couple are making out in the woods and the guy (Matt) gets the girl (Della) to take her shirt off, close her eyes, and put on headphones so her senses will be heightened when he puts the moves on her.senseless He starts teasing her, but a weird shadow passes overhead and he disappears, leaving Della pretty pissed off. She stalks off, stepping on a weird caltrop sort of thing made of wood. We see Matt and he definitely wasn’t just messing with her; he’s staked to the ground with a bunch of twigs shoved in his mouth and a weird, Swamp Thing-type creature is looming over him as he tries to scream.Matt in trouble

At the Dal, we find out Matt is the second casualty of some kind of Fae. Matt and the girl were at one of those camps that are supposed to help troubled teens turn their lives around, so Dyson wants Kenzi to go undercover as a troubled teen (hardly a stretch for her) and Bo as a counselor (which Bo is totally into, since she was a counselor at Campgoing undercover Chippewa back in the day). Wow, these guys really go undercover a lot, don’t they? I guess it’s a way of letting the actors have some fun by playing against type. Bo wonders why Tamsin doesn’t help him investigate, but he says she got in shit for the brawl in the Dark Fae bar a couple episodes back … which was kinda Bo’s fault, really. Kenzi asks Dyson how he’s doing since Bo’s Dawning and he says “fine” … which Kenzi doesn’t believe for a minute. At home, Bo’s packing and she and Lauren talk about how things have been weird lately between them. Bo tries to reassure Lauren that things will get back on track once this undercover assignment is over, but Lauren seems a bit skeptical. Bo blames it on Tamsin for not being there to help Dyson.

Speaking of Tamsin, we see her walking through a warehouse and getting surprised by Linda Hamilton, who holds a knife to her throat. Hamilton plays Acacia, kind of a Acaciamentor/mother figure to Tamsin; she’ll appear in a couple of future episodes. Right now, Acacia has a message for Tamsin … a tarot card of the Wanderer. Acacia says “he knows you’ve found her, now he wants you to finish the job”. Tamsin doesn’t look thrilled. At the camp, Bo is disappointed to find out it’s a lot less like Camp Chippewa (where she was a counselor) and more like Stalag 17. I’m not sure why she’s so surprised; this is basically just an open-air reform school. Bo meets Della (impressing her by mentioning that she’s stabbed people) and gets her to open up about Matt. It seems his weird sex game worked to enhance her senses, as Della remembers the smell of smoke, like burnt hair.

Out in the woods where Matt died, Dyson examines the crime scene. There’s another Fae with him (Jolene), who says she’s tied to the land; Dyson refers to as a Lares, but I alwaysDyson and Jolene thought Lares were household gods, not nature spirits. I guess Jolene’s a counselor, since she seems to know about all the attacks. She tells Dyson the method of attack keeps changing, making it hard to establish a pattern. Dyson finds the bundle of sticks that looks like a caltrop and tells Jolene that the kids shouldn’t be allowed to roam around the woods unsupervised anymore.

At the camp, Kenzi comes into the dorm (which is apparently co-ed … yeah, that’ll stop Klingon tatall the shenanigans) and impresses her new bunkmates with her knowledge of delinquency. One of the guys (Nelson) has a tattoo on his arm in weird script, which Kenzi thinks might be Klingon; he says it’s his girlfriend’s name. Tamsin and Acacia are hanging out in the middle of nowhere, drinking beer and reminiscing about what a great lay Tecumseh was. Acacia reminds Tamsin that she’s a bounty hunter and was contracted to bring Bo in; so I guess Tamsin’s been after Bo from the beginning, working for whoever this Wanderer guy is supposed to be? Tamsin’sruneglass reluctant and says Bo’s too strong now, but Acacia has in covered. She gives Tamsin a vial of Runeglass and says if Tamsin adds one hair from someone Bo loves, two from someone she trusts, and three from Bo herself, some druid can make a potion that’ll fuck Bo up. (Tamsin: “How?”; Acacia: “Bitch, do I look like a wizard?”) Tamsin agrees, though she’s obviously not into it; seems like she really does have some feelings for Bo, either romantic or friendly … or maybe both.

At camp, Bo’s getting into the “rah rah camp spirit” bullshit, but the kids ain’t having it. no trustBo and Kenzi do a trust exercise and Kenzi lets her fall to get some cred from the troubled teens. (Kenzi: “Are you seriously gonna pretend that wasn’t the funniest shit in the history of both funny and shit?”) Bo gives her hell and reminds her that as tough as she (and the other kids) might be, they can’t handle Fae. At Dyson’s place, Tamsin breaks in to collect one of his hairs (I assume that’s the “one from someone Bo loves”) and she puts it in the Runeglass vial. But when she finds a photo of Bo in Dyson’s drawer, she seems to change her mind and shoves the Runeglass vial into Dyson’s garbage can, then leaves.

At camp, the kids are all discussing the attacks and Dyson shows up, pretending to be a social worker. He tells them it’s best if they stay together and locks them (including Kenzi) into their dorm. In the warehouse district, Acacia is pissed off that Tamsin threw the vial away and reminds her that the guy who wants Bo is dangerous. Tamsin saysAcacia mad she’ll handle it, but Acacia guaranteed Tamsin would complete the job, so her ass is on the line too. Acacia says Tamsin better deliver Bo or she’ll do it herself—even if she has to go through Tamsin to do it. At camp, the kids are freaked out about being locked up, thinking it just makes them easier targets. Della says nobody cares about them, they just want to have power over them until it’s no longer convenient, then abandon them to their fate. Kenzi tries to rally them and asks for a stolen credit card (a number of hands go up) so she can jimmy the lock. Unfortunately, a life of juvenile delinquency isn’t great for building team spirit, so before Kenzi can organize them (or come up with a cogent plan), they all run off. Kenzi has no choice but to follow.

Bo and Lauren do a video chat and Lauren says Matt probably died slowly, tortured by swamp thingbeing stuffed with leaves and twigs. The weird part is the leaves are from a tree that doesn’t grow in the area anymore. As they’re talking, Bo gets jumped by the Swamp Thing and Lauren freaks. She calls Dyson and he busts into Bo’s office, which causes Swamp Thing to flee. They chase it and run into Kenzi, who tells them all the campers have scattered. Dyson smells burnt hair and they enter a nearby room to find Della, staked to a desk with her mouth full of twigs.

Tamsin goes to the cop shop and finds a box on her desk. The box contains the Runeglass vial she threw away, plus one of Acacia’s hands.hand I guess this Wanderer guy is serious. At Lauren’s place, she’s going through her Monster Manual trying to figure out what kind of Fae they’re dealing with. Tamsin drops by and says it sounds like a Tikbalang, a Filipino Fae that disorients people so it can lead them astray and feed on them. Tamsin also collects an eyelash from Lauren’s cheek and adds it to the Runeglass … so I guess that’s the “one hair from someone Bo loves”; she must’ve gotten two at Dyson’s place (for someone Bo trusts). Tamsin mentions the kiss she and Bo shared and Lauren is shocked. She slaps Tamsin and tells her to fuck off, but the damage is done. slapThey was really no reason for Tamsin to tell Lauren about the kiss, unless she really is interested in Bo and wants to clear a path. But if she turns Bo in to the Wanderer, I don’t see much of a future for them.

At home, Kenzi and Bo are both feeling guilty about Della’s death. Lauren shows up and says they’re dealing with a Tikbalang. (Kenzi: “A ticklebang? Sounds strangely fun and easy to beat.”) Lauren says they have to smoke the Tikbalang out (literally) and then cutvolunteers its hair off to neutralize it. Dyson shows up with the remaining kids, who aren’t inclined to just sit around Bo’s place and wait to get slaughtered. Kenzi gives a motivational speech and says they can help defeat the monster instead of just sitting around. Kenzi asks who knows how to make pipe bombs and all the kids (plus Lauren) raise their hands.

At camp, Bo and Dyson have a heart to heart about him volunteering to get left behind during her Dawning. She says she appreciates everything, but still loves Lauren. She also asks a question that probably everyone in a relationship should ask … was it hard dating me? (Dyson’s answer: “It was harder losing you.”) The pipe bombs go off and the Tikbalang is flushed out and tries to run. Bo whacks it with a baseball bat and pulls its mask off; it turns out to be Jolene.

No, not a pixie cut … I’ll never pull it off!

Not exactly a shock, since she claimed to be a nature spirit tied to the land and the attacks all included leaves and twigs from trees that used to grow there. Bo slices off a hank of Jolene’s hair, which seems to either kill her or knock her out.

Lauren gets home to find wooden caltrops hung all over the place and Nelson shows up, caltropslooking rather menacing. At the Dal, Trick (who we haven’t seen all episode) is still researching Tikbalangs until Bo and Kenzi tell him they caught the monster. Kenzi notices some script in the book that looks exactly like Nelson’s tat; Trick says it’s an old Filipino writing system and that Tikbalangs and their mates hunt together. Kenzi mentions that Lauren was talking all kinds of shit about Jolene to Nelson (which I guess happened off camera) and they head for Lauren’s place, telling Trick to call Dyson.

At Lauren’s, she’s getting thrown around by Nelson, who’s going to kill her to even the score for Bo killing Jolene. (So, I guess the haircut did waste her.) Nelson says Lauren should know what he feels, since they’re both humans, both nobodies who ended up banging Fae. Bo shows up and starts choking Nelson with the baseball bat. Dyson comeschoking hazard in and stops her before she kills him, then drags Nelson away. Afterwards, Lauren tells Bo that she’s not happy, that she’s just tired of all the drama and bullshit with the Fae. She says they need a break (which is code for “we’re breaking up”); Bo tries to be optimistic and says Lauren is her number one priority and she’ll give her all the space she needs. Bo keeps saying that they’re just taking a break, but I think she’s just trying to convince herself … she knows they’re over. I always preferred Lauren to Dyson as far as love interests for Bo are concerned, so I hate to see them split like this.

At the Dal, Lauren is drowning her sorrows when Dyson comes in. They commiserate and Lauren says she was so worried about Dyson taking Bo away from her that she hair pulldidn’t notice things going to shit without him. Dyson suggests the universal remedy for heartbreak—shots—and they start listing all of Bo’s faults. They don’t get too far before they start mentioning her good qualities (and both agree she’s an amazing lay). At home, Bo is pacing up Lauren’s stuff when Tamsin stops by. She gives Bo a hug and “accidentally” pulls some hairs from her head, adding them to the Runeglass vial. Bo says she about to get “ragingly drunk” and offers Tamsin some wine, but when she turns around Tamsin is already gone. Bo touches the spot where Tamsin pulled her hair out and her eyes turn that evil shade of blue as she realizes Tamsin’s hair pull wasn’t an accident. We’ll see where that goes next episode.

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