Lost Girl Reviews: Season 3, Episode 11

Lost GirlEpisode 11: Adventures in Fae-bysitting

This one starts with Bo and Kenzi having a movie night at home. They’re watching some kind of clichéd horror movie and making comments about the plot, like a low-key version of MST3K. They discuss Bo’s love life (or lack thereof) and she continues to insist that she and Lauren aren’t broken up, they’re just taking some time. Say that often enough, maybe you’ll convince yourself, Bo. She turns it around and asks when Kenzi last had a date; Kenzi tries to deflect the question (Kenzi: “I have a vibrant inner life.”; Bo: “That reminds me, I have to get batteries.”) and they go back to criticizing the movie. Elsewhere, a real life horror scenebabysitter starts to unfold, as a babysitter (Lisa) answers the phone to hear some heavy breathing. She gives him shit, but it turns out to be the guy she’s babysitting for, Tim Parker. He’s on a business trip to India and he’s checking in, but things quickly get weird as he starts going all pervy and talking about how hot she looks in her tank top. (To be fair, she does look pretty hot.) She looks outside, where the wind chimes are going crazy, then turns back to see Mr. Parker hanging from a noose in the front hall. She freaks out and seems to faint. Later, she wakes up on the couch and Caroline Parker (played by Gabrielle Miller aka Lacey on Corner Gas) assures her that Mr. Parker is away on a business trip. Of course there’s no sign of his corpse hanging in the hallway, which really freaks Lisa out.

We next see Lisa at Bo and Kenzi’s place, wanting to hire them to investigate what she saw; apparently, she found one of their old detective flyers. They ask a few questions (Kenzi: “Did you accidentally sacrifice a virgin?”; Bo: “Kenzi!”; Kenzi: “What? It Emma's twinhappens.”) and Lisa says this isn’t the first weird thing that’s happened in Shady Grove. That’s right, this takes place in a gated community called Shady Grove. So, maybe some Desperate Housewives vibes going on? (Kenzi even references the show.) They decide to help Lisa and check out Shady Grove for themselves. At the police station, Emma Nelson (by which I mean the actress who played her on Degrassi, Miriam McDonald) walks in and tells Dyson she’s looking for her missing tin sister. This is obviously a reference to the babe that Bo was banging who wound up dead in a ditch. Of course, Dyson knows that, but still wants to believe Bo had nothing to do with her death, so he pretends ignorance and says he’ll investigate.

We get our first look at Shady Grove and it’s very … pristine. I’ve never been in a gated community (I think they’re meant to keep people like me out), but they always sound a bit too perfect to me, and that’s how this place looks. Bo and Kenzi meet Susan, ahouse for sale member of the community who’s also a real estate agent. She shows them an empty house and they spin her a tale of why they’re looking for a fresh start. (In a nutshell: Bo and Kenzi are sisters, Bo was left at the altar by her fiancé Laurence—though she insists they’re just on a break—because he ran off with their other sister.) Susan confides that the guy who owned the house previously just disappeared, which is why the place is furnished. They see a creepy dude peering through the window, but Susan assures them he’s the next door neighbour, who has an equally creepy kid.

Susan gets a frantic call from Caroline (a name Bo and Kenzi recognize from Lisa’s story) book cluband runs off, leaving them to lock up. They follow her and hear squeals coming from a house across the way. They immediately assume someone is being murdered, which seems like a weird leap in logic. After all, it could have been some lesbian sex orgy … something you’d think Bo would at least consider. But Bo pulls out a knife and busts in and it turns out to be neither a murder nor a sex orgy; just three women sitting around doing some daytime drinking. Of course, they claim it’s a Book Club (Kenzi: “Please tell me you’re reading 50 Shades of Gray.”), but I don’t see any books.

Bo notices a strange necklace that Caroline is wearing and she says her husband brings her stuff from his travels. They meet the third member of the club (Eleanor) who seems nervous about something and is really pounding the margaritas. They learn more aboutEleanor Sam, the creepy peeper (his wife took off suddenly and he’s a great cook and handyman) and the women talk shit about Lisa, their babysitter (who Eleanor refers to as “Tits McGee”). When all three women are out of the room, Bo sends Kenzi to get info from Sam and she eavesdrops on Caroline and Eleanor. Eleanor is freaking out—about Bo and Kenzi, but it seems like there’s more to it—and says she needs to get away for a while. Caroline tells her not to panic.

At Lauren’s place, we see Isaac Taft, the weird scientist who was buttering Lauren up a couple episodes back. He’s still trying to recruit Lauren to work for him and she’s still Isaac Tatesaying no. Of course, we know she’s bound to work for the Ash, which she can’t exactly mention, but I like to think she’d say no anyway; this dude is just trying way too hard. The weird thing is, I don’t think he’s hitting on her, he genuinely seems to want her for her scientific acumen. But it still comes off a bit creepy because he just won’t take no for an answer. Back in Shady Grove, Bo asks Lisa about Sam and warns her to be careful around him. They’re working way too hard to make Sam look guilty of something, so I have to assume this is a red herring. Bo and Lisa walk by an old merry-go-round that’s playing a version of “The Wanderer”, which is apparently Bo’s theme song now. Lisa seems mesmerized and walks away, leaving Bo to wonder where she went.

At the Dal, Kenzi asks Trick to look for info on Sam, but he finds something on Lisa instead. Turns out she’s a Duppy, which means she’s Fae and doesn’t know it. Also, she died a hundred years ago, so … yeah. And to top it all off, Duppies are killers, something Bo finds out first hand when she tracks Lisa down and finds her brandishing a knifeLisa getting stabby over Eleanor’s freshly-stabbed body. Lisa says she did as she was asked and drops the knife. Eleanor’s body dissolves into sparks. Bo takes Lisa to the Dal, where Trick explains that Duppies are basically empty vessels, summoned and controlled by someone. Bo still thinks Sam is the one who’s controlling her, but Trick says Lisa won’t remember anything. Kenzi takes Lisa to explain (over a massive pile of booze) about the whole “you’re a killer and also you’re dead” thing. Lisa is understandably freaked, especially with the fact that someone is controlling her. Kenzi tells her to stay at the Dal, but Lisa says she’s supposed to babysit Sam’s kid, Ethan while everyone is at Caroline’s barbecue. Kenzi volunteers to take her place, saying a ten-year old kid is no big deal. Famous last words Kenz.

Ethan turns out to be high maintenance (“Daddy always makes my grilled cheese with Muenster!”) and Kenzi threatens him with tales of goblins in his closet. Kenzi realizes crab stabshe’s sounding like her mother and tries to make peace, but Ethan freaks out and says he wants Lisa as his babysitter. He also tells Kenzi she smells like gasoline, which is a really weird insult. Kenzi snoops a bit and finds a notepad with a bunch of names crossed off and a question mark beside Tim Parker’s name. She calls Bo, who’s at the barbecue. Bo decides to wheedle some info from Sam, who’s playing bartender at the party. She uses her succubus powers, but his answers are pretty vague. He says Eleanor “went away” and his own wife is in San Diego with her new boyfriend because she’s a “cheater”. He says Tim Parker is a cheater too, but before he can expand on that, Caroline shows up and drags Bo away for a surprise.

At the cop shop, Tamsin wanders in—drunk—and finds out Dyson is re-investigating the dead Emma Nelson case. They realize the body must’ve been moved and notice the marks on her throat have six fingers, not five. Funny they didn’t notice that before, butdrunk Tamsin maybe they’re just not very good detectives. At Lauren’s place, she’s telling Hale (the new Ash) about some medical stuff she was researching. She asks for some time away, but Hale says no. He claims he’s protecting her from the Dark, who would kill her given half a chance, but she just feels like a prisoner. Hale says she can have the weekend off, but that’s it. Lauren mentions that power doesn’t really change people, it reveals them. So, I guess Hale was always kind of a dick.

In Shady Grove, Caroline takes Bo to the park where the merry-go-round is located. Susan is waiting and they ask Bo to join them. Again I was expecting a lesbian orgy (which is a safe bet on this show), but it turns out they’re just some kind of pentagramWiccans—although ones with actual power. Caroline invokes the Moon Goddess and turns day to night, igniting a fiery pentagram in the grass. (Bo: “You bitches are witches!”) Bo agrees to join their three-person coven. Turns out they’ve been killing people, though the only one they mention specifically is Susan’s husband, who was cheating on her. Caroline used magic to get rid of the body and things kinda went from there. Susan seems to think it’s all about revenge, but Caroline goes on about female empowerment and fighting the patriarchy. Those are legitimate reasons to get into witchcraft, but I get the feeling Caroline may just be spouting a bunch of crap she doesn’t really believe.

Trick calls Bo and tells her Lisa escaped and that whoever’s controlling her needs a certain trinket to do it. Bo figures it must be Caroline’s necklace and says she’ll take care of things. At Lauren’s place, Isaac Taft shows up to recruit her again, but this time he’s using the stick instead of the carrot. He’s uncovered the fact that Lauren used to beunflattering known as Karen Beattie and was on the run, which is why she spent so much time in out-of-the-way places like Congo and the Amazon. From what I could see in her file (other than the terribly unflattering photo), she was some kind of activist, which normally shouldn’t require a name change or going underground. Taft says he’s not blackmailing her, he’s giving her freedom. He gives her the file and says it’s the only copy, then tells her he’s impressed with her ability to reinvent herself. It seems stupid to mention that there’s only one copy of the file; that may be true, but the information is still out there … if he found it, someone else could too.

At Sam’s house, Kenzi is telling Ethan a story about Super Kenz, who sounds like an amalgam of all the Fae Kenzi knows. I have no idea why she’s telling him a bedtime story in the afternoon, nor why he’s wearing a gi. Ethan is somewhat impressed, though more story timeby Kenzi’s style than the story itself. (“You just said the A word, the B word, and Ginger!”) In the park, Bo, Caroline, and Susan tie their wrists together and invoke the power of the Goddess. I was sure we were gonna see some Bo/Lacey slashfic come true here, but it never happens. The merry-go-round goes crazy and it gets windy as hell; apparently, the addition of Bo to the circle has added a shitload of power. Caroline names Sam as the next target which surprises Bo (and Susan, who thought they were going after some mechanic who gouged her on car repairs). Caroline tells Bo they can’t unbind the circle unless all of them agree and says with Bo’s power, Lisa will be unstoppable. That’s just what Bo’s afraid of, since Kenzi is still at Sam’s house.

Speaking of Sam’s house, he gets home just in time to meet Lisa, brandishing a knife. Kenzi gets between them and tries to reason with Lisa. Back in the park, Bo tries to useLisa with a knife her succubus power on Caroline (Caroline: “Oh my God, that’s better than sex!”; Bo: “Then you’re doing it wrong.”) Bo tries to create some dissension among the other two, mentioning that Caroline treats Susan with contempt and has elected herself leader. When the two start to bicker, Lisa comes to her senses and Kenzi takes the knife away from her. But Lisa is freaked out because she has no control over what happens to her.

In the park, Susan is tired of all the bullshit (“I hate stupid Book Club, and gluten-free bread, and killing innocent people.” Well, at least she fit it in somewhere.) Caroline messageshows her true colours, going on a diatribe against her cheating husband. And if that hypocrisy wasn’t enough, turns out Caroline wants Sam dead because he rejected her when she put the moves on him. Susan mentions that everyone (the yoga instructor, the mechanic, Eleanor’s eighteen-year old son) has rejected Caroline. Susan’s anger gives her strength, which Bo notices. But Susan starts talking in a weird, deep voice, telling Bo she’ll soon reach her full power and the world will bow down before them. Caroline gets fed up with everything and curses the bonding, which dissolves the ties binding them … and also dissolves Caroline and Susan into sparks, much like Eleanor. Daylight returns and the merry-go-round slows to normal speed and starts playing “The Wanderer” again.

Bo is freaked by the message and wonders who keeps screwing with her head. She finds Caroline’s necklace on the ground. Meanwhile, Dyson and Tamsin started at the old crime scene and backtracked Emma Nelson’s murder to a huge field. Tamsin wants to tell Dyson something about Bo, but Dyson says the entire field smells like death and they have to call it in. At the Dal, Lisa is running on the last of the witches’ chi (since Duppiesfirst kiss have no chi of their own) and fading fast. She tells Bo she envies her; Bo’s life might be a mess, but at least she’s had a life to get messed up. Lisa is eighteen and hasn’t experienced anything (not even kissing a boy—so much for the women worrying about her seducing their husbands) and she’s really bothered that she’ll be summoned in another hundred years to kill more people. Bo promises she’ll be there in a hundred years to watch over Lisa, but Lisa still hates the idea of being controlled. Bo kisses her, draining the last dregs of chi from her, then burns the necklace so no one can ever control Lisa again.

At home, Bo tells Kenzi about the vision of her father she saw in the Temple and says she Lauren's necklacewants to find him. Kenzi says she has to deal with the Lauren situation first—stop deluding herself about the break-up and find some closure. At Lauren’s place, she’s all packed up and ready to leave with Dr. Taft. It seems obvious that this guy is full of shit, but I guess Lauren wants to get away from the Fae so much that it’s impairing her judgment. As a final gesture, she removes the Ash’s necklace and puts it in a drawer. She also leaves her cell phone behind and naturally it starts ringing (with a call from Bo) two seconds after Lauren leaves. Out in the killing field, there are dozens of dead Fae, both Light and Dark, that were buried there over time. Each seems to have been killed by another Fae and Dyson and Tamsin run across a deadkilling field Egyptian Fae that feeds somewhat like a succubus—and has six fingers on its hands. That solves the mystery of who killed Emma Nelson, but the bigger question is why would a Fae that’s normally never found outside Egypt kill someone Bo was banging and drag the body into the city? Dyson says the field is obviously a mass grave and that someone is eliminating Fae with abandon. We see a camera in a nearby tree, watching the grisly scene. I’m thinking this all ties in with Bo’s father somehow, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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