Lost Girl Reviews: Season 3, Episode 12

Lost GirlEpisode 12: Hail, Hale

This one starts with Bo and Dyson busting into Lauren’s place. Of course, we know Lauren took off with Dr. Taft last episode after he found out she’d been lying about her real identity. He said he wasn’t blackmailing her, but his knowledge certainly represented leverage against her; either way, she left to work with him. Obviously Bo is worried since she hasn’t heard from Lauren in a while, though we don’t know exactly how much time has passed since last episode. They find the place empty and Lauren’s cell phone on the counter where she left it last episode, which worries Bo even more. Dyson says he’ll run the numbers on the phone, but he’s swamped already;Morrigan he’s working on the big Fae graveyard we saw last episode, plus Hale is being inaugurated as the new Ash. Speaking of which, Trick and Kenzi are getting the Dal ready for the ceremony. Trick is proud of Hale (who he calls his protegé) and says he’ll make some real changes. (Kenzi: “Oh yeah? Is he not gonna be such a dick anymore?”) Trick says she has to put her personal feelings aside, for Hale’s sake. Before Kenzi can react to that, the Morrigan strolls in (looking fine, as usual) and Trick says the leader of the Dark Fae shouldn’t be attending the Light Fae inauguration. The Morrigan says she was invited—by Hale. (Kenzi: “Nope, still a dick.”)

We see Lauren working in Dr. Taft’s lab which a bunch of other people; they’re testing some enzyme that supposed to help fight heart disease. When the test is successful, Lauren is ecstatic and her first instinct is to call Bo. Dr. Taft has champagne ready and Lauren happyeveryone celebrates. Later, the new enzyme is stolen from the lab’s fridge by someone in a white lab coat. At the Dal, Dyson and Hale are having a shot of some kind of intense Fae booze. Dyson tells Hale about the mass grave he and Tamsin found last episode—eighteen bodies, both Light and Dark Fae, most showing signs of torture and having their organs removed. Hmmm, I wonder if this will connect with Lauren and her miracle drug? Hale says he’ll talk to the Morrigan later and see if she’ll cooperate in tracking down whoever’s killing Fae. Dyson says Hale’s detente approach with the Morrigan is a good idea; it’s time for Fae to stop killing each other. He gives Hale something in a jewelry box (it’s from Hale’s father, who’s away) that’s supposed to protect him during the ceremony.

At home, Bo’s taking a bath when Tamsin strolls in, half-lit—which seems to be her natural state now. She talks to Bo about Lauren and mentions that Bo has been exonerated for killing Emma Nelson. Tamsin then climbs into the bathtub with Bo andTamsin in the tub tells her how great she is; Tamsin’s obviously in love with her … or seriously infatuated, at least. Bo is a bit freaked out, especially when Tamsin tells her to watch her back. Tamsin knows someone’s after Bo—she was hired to bring her in, after all—but she just can’t seem to bring herself to tell Bo everything. We see some dude in a van telling someone over a headset “We’re at the Nest … target’s on route.” I’m thinking the Nest must refer to the Dal, since the van seems to be downtown and the guy is looking down an alley, and the target is probably Bo … though it could be Tamsin.

At the Dal, Kenzi is helping Trick get the place ready, though she’s complaining about it the whole time. She’s approached by a dude named Massimo, who’s looking for a tall blonde with icy blue eyes … Tamsin? Kenzi’s kinda into him at first, but he turns out to be a dick and she blows him off. He says she doesn’t belong there and that he can “make Massimothings happen” for her, but she still thinks he’s a tool. At Taft’s lab, Lauren wonders where he gets all his fancy ingredients for the stuff they’re working on and he says from China. He tells her about some serial killer named Gabriel whose DNA was found at a crime scene, even though Gabriel was in prison when the crime took place. Gabriel had donated to a bone marrow bank and his DNA somehow took over the new killer’s body, transforming it into a duplicate of his own—right down to the new killer’s motivations for the murders. Taft says that sort of thing could jump-start human evolution and wipe out all kinds of diseases. Lauren is more cautious, pointing out that the atom bomb was a great scientific breakthrough, but not necessarily a positive one for humanity.

At the Dal, Trick’s bartender (Gerry) is late and Trick is pissed off. Dyson and Bo have a drink together and Gerry puts something into one of their drinks; it’s hard to tell which one, but I think it was Bo’s. At Taft’s lab, Lauren steals some of the new enzyme andslipping a mickey examines it, not liking what she finds. You’d think she’d have done preliminary tests on it before she started using it in her formulae, but whatever. Taft seems to be watching her, so she has to be careful. At the Dal, the Morrigan is hitting on Hale and telling him she hopes he doesn’t get murdered. (Hale: “If we’re gonna be working together, I need you to be a lot less All About Eve, a little more Steel Magnolias, you feel me?”; Morrigan: “Which one was about the haircut that gives you cancer?” I have no idea what that refers to.)

Bo asks Hale about Lauren and is somewhat relieved that Lauren’s disappearance might have been caused by Hale’s refusal to give her time off. The Morrigan tries to kill Hale fake paramedicswith a sabotaged hors d’oeuvre, but whatever protective charm Dyson gave him works. He lets the Morrigan know he’s onto her. Bo finds Dyson keeled over in the barroom, foaming at the mouth; so, I guess I was wrong about who the target was. Gerry the bartender says he called the paramedics, but when they show up and try to take Dyson Bo realizes they’re human, since they’re using the same Skunk Ape trick Lauren used in the women’s prison back in the season opener. They pull guns and Kenzi tries to jump in, but Bo tackles her, knocking her out. The fake paramedics shove Dyson in a van and take off before Bo can stop them. She decks Gerry the bartender, since it’s obvious he was in on it.

When the Morrigan hears about humans abducting Dyson, she calls in the Dark Fae elders. Meanwhile, Bo and Trick slap Gerry around a bit, but he says “they” have his wife, so he had no choice but to help them. He takes poison rather than answer any moreinterrogation questions. I’m not sure why Bo didn’t just use her succubus mojo on him, other than plot convenience. Bo looks at the vial that held Gerry’s suicide potion and finds Lauren’s name on it. She also grabs Lauren’s cell phone, which either fell out of Dyson’s pocket when he was out or was lifted by Gerry. When Kenzi wakes up, Mr. Douchebag Massimo is there, going on about how she’s a liability to her Fae friends and how he could turn her into a Fae for real. She seems vaguely tempted, but is smart enough to know Massimo is a dick, so she tells him to fuck off.

At Lauren’s place, Bo is snooping around when Tamsin comes downstairs in a bathrobe, eating cereal; looks like she made herself at home. Bo tells her about Dyson and Tasmsin says she’ll help. Bo finds Lauren’s Ash medallion in the drawer and realizes Lauren has drunk Tamsinbasically run out on Hale. At the Dal, everyone is freaking out about humans grabbing Dyson; some of them accuse Kenzi of collaborating, but Hale defends her. The Morrigan does a half-assed Cassius impersonation (“Friends, elders, noblemen … shut the hell up and listen!”) and torpedoes Hale’s appointment as the Ash, saying his friendship with humans allowed the attack to happen. She pulls out a vial with Lauren’s name on it to demonstrate the Hale can’t even control the humans who are supposedly working for him. I’m not sure where she got the vial; Bo took the one with the poison that Gerry drank; maybe the one the Morrigan has is the original vial that Gerry used to poison Dyson? Or maybe the Morrigan had it all along? She calls for a no-confidence vote against Hale (yeah, this show is definitely made in Canada).

Dyson is tossed into a steel compound out in the woods somewhere and told he’s going to be tested. I’m pretty sure the dude giving the orders is Taft, though his voice is distortedcage fight and we don’t see his face. Dyson squares off against a Lupercus, a Fae that apparently has a long-standing rivalry with Dyson’s kind. They have a shirtless ultimate cage fight. Bo and Tamsin are tracking an unknown number on Lauren’s cell, but Tamsin’s truck has been given the boot—the Denver boot, that is, for illegal parking. Tamsin starts to jimmy the boot and Bo finds photos of herself in the truck along with the fancy vial that Tamsin’s been using to collect samples from Bo and those around her. Bo takes pictures of everything.

At the Dal, Trick tells Kenzi she should make herself scarce. She gets a call from Bo, who sends her the photo of the vial. Kenzi tells Bo all the crazy shit that’s happening there kissand Bo echoes Trick’s advice for her to get the hell out of there and hide. As Kenzi examines the photo, doucheface Massimo pops up and twists the knife some more about Kenzi being unappreciated and treated like shit by the Fae. She’s resistant, but a lot of what he says rings true. She asks him about the vial in the photo and he says he’ll help, but there’s a price … a kiss. (Kenzi: “Hero to dick in like, six sentences; you are unbelievable.”) She agrees—and kinda gets into the kiss—then Massimo says he’ll need a little time to get the info.

At the compound, Dyson kills the Lupercus, though he hates being a pawn. Bo andDyson victorious Tamsin have found the place and Tamsin tells Bo she should get the hell out of town. Naturally, Bo refuses to leave as long as Dyson and Lauren are in trouble. Tamsin seems confused by Bo’s feelings for her friends, but shows she’s familiar with altruism as she pushes Bo out of the way when they’re found by a guard, taking a bullet for her. Tamsin uses her Valkyrie powrs to distract the guard and Bo decks him, but Tamsin keels over from the gunshot wound. At the Dal, the Morrigan’s Tamsin downmotion passes and Hale is voted down. The Morrigan basically declares war on humans, even ones claimed by the Fae. Massimo tells Kenzi the vial means someone wants to imprison Bo, or maybe to kill her. Hale tells Kenzi she has to leave and she gives him shit. He finally admits he has feelings for her beyond friendship and slips his protective charm into her pocket before declaring her an enemy of the Fae. Kenzi takes off and the Morrigan’s troll thug goes after her.

Meanwhile, Trick is packing to get outta Dodge, still worrying about Bo’s father. He slips out a secret exit, leaving Kenzi to wonder where he is when she comes in looking forTate and Lauren help. She’s soon cornered by the troll. At the compound, Bo is trying to keep Tamsin alive when Tamsin’s cell phone rings. Bo answers and Massimo (aka the Druid) mistakes her for Tamsin and tells her he’s gotten the kiss from the best friend and Bo can now be contained. Bo plays along and wonders what kind of shit Tamsin is into. Inside, Lauren steals Taft’s keycard and finds Dyson (and other Fae) caged up. Taft comes in and starts raving about how he’s been waiting his whole life to gain Fae powers. He locks Lauren in one of the cages, saying she’ll come around to his way of thinking.

Trick’s secret exit leads out through a barber shop (maybe the same one SHIELD uses?), but as soon as he leaves, he’s grabbed by two dudes and thrown in the trunk of a fancy crazy Aifecar. At the compound, Dyson gives Lauren shit for not realizing her research was being used to target Fae and says this is why humans can’t just walk away once they’ve gotten involved in the Fae world. Lauren’s cellmate asks about her husband, who turns out to be Gerry, the bartender. Dyson tells her Gerry played his part, so she’ll be safe; he neglects to mention that Gerry is dead. In a nearby cell, a crazy-looking woman starts asking about her daughter and Dyson realizes it’s Aife, Bo’s mother. So that’s who grabbed her after she fell over the banister! This episode seems like a season ender, what with all the cliffhangers, but there’s actually one episode left to go this season. So we’ll have to wait to see what happens to everyone.

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