Lost Girl Reviews: Season 5, Episode 5

Lost GirlEpisode 5: It’s Your Lucky Fae

This one starts with Bo getting a birthday gift from her father. It’s box with weird symbols on it. Since it’s from the Ruler of Hell, she decides she should probably know a bit more about it before seeing what’s inside, so she calls Cassie, the Oracle we’ve seen in previous episodes. Cassie is on a (terrible) date with a smooth-looking dude and seems grateful for the interruption but says she’ll see Bo tomorrow. Her date (Heratio) mentions having a sisterCassie losing it who’s a real party girl and Cassie asks if she’s single; I guess she’s really not into this dude. But she changes her mind when Heratio says he doesn’t want her to do an oracular reading for him. I guess when everybody’s constantly bugging you to tell them their futures, finding someone who doesn’t care is kinda hot. Heratio escorts her home and it looks like she’s ready to do him, but he leaves her with just a kiss. She’s pretty worked up, but as soon as he leaves she’s hit with the mother of all migraines. The pain is so bad it brings her to her knees.

At the Dal, Trick tells Tamsin he’s hired Mark (Dyson’s long-lost son from last episode) to work there, to give him some exposure to the Fae and their ways. Bo comes in, asking if kitty in the windowthey’ve seen Cassie and Trick gives her a mummified finger (from Alexander the Fae) as a birthday present. Tamsin gets all weird and leaves; turns out she (and Lauren) forgot Bo’s birthday and now have to scramble to do something. I can buy Tamsin forgetting, but Lauren? She’s in love with Bo … no way she’d forget. Tamsin figures a big party with yeti strippers will do and Lauren says that’ll be a good distraction so she can decorate Bo’s place and make a cake. They pass an old curiosity shop and see some crap for sale in the window. The owner points out a stuffed cat that supposedly brings luck to anyone who owns it and Tamsin takes it. (Lauren is leaning toward knicknacks.)

At the Dal, Bo is worried about Cassie and decides to go check on her. Tamsin and Lauren come in and give her the stuffed cat and a ceramic frog which Bo drops and shatters.Cassie's bloody apartment Lauren then claims the cat is from her too. Tamsin tells Bo the cat is supposed to be lucky, which Lauren doesn’t believe. (Lauren: “It’s foolish to believe that an external object can dictate the likelihood of fortunate events.”; Tamsin: “Who hurt you?”) Tamsin says she’ll go with Bo to check on Cassie and Lauren stays behind to get the party ready, though she’s feeling a bit left out. At Cassie’s place, the door is unlocked and the place is trashed, with blood all over. Tamsin calls Dyson and Bo finds a bloody-soaked ice cream scoop.

At the Dal, Mark does a wicked drum solo and Trick has him sign the big book of Fae. Bo finds an earring she thought she lost (must be the lucky cat!) and Tamsin says Dyson’s Seymourprocessing Cassie’s place and Lauren is checking the blood. Tamsin says an Oracle’s powers in the wrong hands can be deadly and mentions that she called Cassie’s cousin. That turns out to be Seymour, the douchebag that Bo met before when he tried to screw over his uncle (Cassie’s father). But the uncle has retired and Seymour now runs the gambling business and says Cassie removed herself from the family business. Bo wonders if Seymour went after her, but he says it’s probably some freak she met on FaeDate, a computer dating site for Fae. Bo finds a coin stuck to the heel of her boot (more cat luck!) and figures she should check out FaeDate.

At Bo’s place, Lauren has found the blood at Cassie’s is all the same type but she still doesn’t know whose it is. She’s baking Bo’s cake (which gets burned) and her balloonsVex and Mark are delivered there instead of the Dal. Seems Lauren is having bad luck, which makes me think the cat is taking luck from her and giving it to Bo. At the Dal, Mark gives Vex shit when he tries to leave without paying and Vex says he and Trick are friends so it’s not a big deal. Mark insists, so Vex asks the patrons if their drinks are weaker than usual; Mark has been sneaking booze that he’s supposed to be giving the customers. Mark says the next round is on him and Vex notices a couple of hot girls giving them the eye. He says he’ll distract the boyfriend while Mark works on the girls.

In Trick’s Lair, the gals start working Mark over; one of them goes down on him (and has quite the lizard tongue!) while the other steals Trick’s sign-in ledger. It seems like Mark tongue jobhasn’t had much experience with women, although he tries to play it cool. At home, Tamsin is helping Bo put a profile on FaeDate and is surprised when Bo starts purring. She’s pretending to be an Oracle to attract whoever Cassie dated and Bo even tries to match some of Cassie’s answers. She gets a message from Heratio (the guy Cassie had her last date with) right away—more good luck? Maybe, as she also gets a call from Cassie, but there’s nobody on the other end of the call. We see Cassie, beat to shit, her eyes apparently gouged out, and being chained to the floor. Someone takes her cell phone away and smashes it.

At the Dal, the blonde woman’s boyfriend (she’s the one with the snaky tongue) comes looking for Mark and they get into a fight. Lauren shows up with Bo’s cake and we find out her run of bad luck is continuing; first, all the balloons popped simultaneously in hercake face car on the way over, nearly deafening her. Now the fight knocks her into the cake face-first (which I think we all saw coming) … and the cake turns out to be the wrong flavour anyway. Vex knocks out Mark’s adversary with the old “stop-hitting-yourself” trick. Dyson gives Vex and Mark shit and Vex is surprised to learn Mark is Dyson’s son. Mark says he doesn’t want to be like Dyson, subservient to someone else, but Dyson says Mark will have to make a choice by the time he shifts for the first time. Dyson asks Vex if he knows anything about Trick’s missing ledger, but Vex maintains his innocence.

Bo’s at a restaurant to meet Horatio but keeps getting drinks from guys at the bar. Tamsin is disguised as a waitress and is concerned when Bo starts lapping her martini cat pawslike a cat, but still doesn’t make the connection between Bo’s recent cat-like behaviour and the statue. Heratio shows up for the date and they start flirting like crazy. Bo’s behaviour gets more cattish (washing herself with her hand, batting the pepper shaker back and forth, stress-panting) and she and Tamsin finally figure out something’s wrong. She uses her succubus powers on Heratio and he says he kissed Cassie good night and left. Bo’s paws—er, I mean hands—grow fur and she and Tamsin figure it’s time to get the hell out of there.

At the Dal, the others are freaked to learn of Bo’s transformation and Bo tries to attack herself in a mirror. Trick says the cat statue takes luck from those who don’t pay it reverence (like Lauren) and transfers it to Bo, but the spirit of the statue is slowly takingLauren's fall over Bo. They can’t destroy the statue without killing Bo, so Bo figures she might as well try to use the luck to find Cassie. Bo’s brilliant idea is to blindfold herself, get behind the wheel of her car, and trust blind luck to lead her to Cassie. Tamsin and Lauren think she’s nuts, but Tamsin decides to go along. Lauren is tired of being left out, so she jumps in too (almost breaking her neck) and Bo takes off. They end up out in the countryside where Bo flips a coin to determine which direction to go. Oh, and Bo has a tail now.

At the Dal, the girl who stole Trick’s book (Iris, played by Shanice Banton of Degrassi and eyeless oraclesMurdoch Mystery fame) comes in to talk to Mark, though she denies knowing anything about the theft. She tells Mark she’s beholden to her clan and her parents and that doesn’t bother her. In the woods, Tamsin tells Lauren she’s ready to make a move on Bo and the two of them are so busy arguing, they don’t notice that Bo has disappeared. Bo wanders through the woods until she falls through a hole—landing on her feet, naturally—and finds Cassie and her two Oracle sisters chained up and eyeless.

Back at home, Bo now has whiskers and is living in a cardboard box. Dyson brings Seymour in and says he got a bunch of money from Heratio for info on Cassie. Seymour says it was just business and that his own power (soul-eating) doesn’t help him in theSeymour snorts the statue casino biz. Dyson mentions Bo’s run of luck and Tamsin gets his drift, telling Seymour about Bo’s lucky cat statue. (Tamsin: “Just some silly superstition, only bought into by idiots.”; Seymour: “I’m listening.”) He uses his power to suck the soul from the statue (and snort the whole thing like coke) and heads off to enjoy his new-found luck. Tamsin and Dyson don’t bother to mention his imminent transformation into a cat. Bo instantly changes back to normal and wonders why she’s in a box.

At Lauren’s clinic, she tells Dyson there’s not much she can do to help Cassie and her birthday presentsisters. Dyson shows Lauren Heratio’s photo and they realize he’s one of the dead bodies from the elevator crash a few episodes back—or at least, he’s using one of the bodies as a vessel. At home, Tamsin gives Bo a cupcake, which she loves, then offers her some hot sex … which she really loves. Why don’t I ever get a birthday present like that? Afterward, Bo tells Tamsin she was born in Hell and her father is Hades, Lord of the Underworld. Tamsin is freaked out that she literally made a deal with the devil to bring Bo to him. Bo says she hasn’t talked to him yet, but she knows he’s part of her and there’s no way that’ll ever change, no matter what she does. Tamsin says she used to believe Freya controlled her and the other Valkyries, butHeratio finds Bo's signature she realized she could control her own life. At Lauren’s clinic, Cassie wakes up and tells Lauren she and her sisters were being overwhelmed by visions of everything—literally, everything, from the creation of the universe to the end of time. They gouged out their own eyes to make the visions stop. Elsewhere, Heratio goes through Trick’s ledger and finds Bo’s name, which is apparently just what he was looking for. Why? Trick did say signing one’s name in the ledger had some kind of power; we’ll have to wait and see what Heratio’s up to.

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