Lost Girl Reviews: Season 5, Episode 6

Lost GirlEpisode 6: Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts

This one starts with what can only be a dream sequence. Lauren is winding a music box (or maybe a jack-in-the-box) which looks exactly like the present Bo got from her father last episode. Lauren has a weird look on her face, but before anything pops out of the box, Bo wakes up … and she’s in bed with Tamsin. That’s not a dream, the two of them hooked up last episode, though I think Tamsin is taking it more seriously than Bo. Tamsin also had a weird dream, about all the drive-triskele in bloodthroughs being closed … forever! Bo offers to make breakfast. Elsewhere, at what looks like a college football stadium, Dyson is investigating a dead body. His son Mark is with him (even though Dyson told him to wait outside) and recognizes the dead guy as a kick-ass wide receiver. The weird tripartite symbol that was present in the photos of the previous murder victims is formed in blood next to the victim. Dyson calls it a triskele, which is better known as a triskelion, but I suppose the writers didn’t want people making Star Trek jokes about how many quatloos the killer was paid. Dyson photographs the triskele, then wipes it away, but after he and Mark leave some blood spontaneously flows from the pool around the corpse and forms a new triskele.

At Bo’s place, Dyson shows the photo of the triskele to Bo, Tamsin, and Lauren and compares it to the earlier photos. He figures there’s some kind of Fae death cult killing photo triskelehumans, since the triskele is supposed to represent death and resurrection. They decide to investigate the football team (and Tamsin reveals her knowledge of football) by pretending to be cheerleaders. The team is called the Thunder and Tamsin mentions the dead player would’ve gone high in the draft, so I assumed it was a college team; but she and Bo are hardly going to pass for college students … do college teams hire older cheerleaders? Anyway, Tamsin is stoked about being a cheerleader, despite Dyson’s skepticism. (Tamsin: “Gimme a D, gimme a Y, gimme a … suck my balls.”)

At the stadium the next day, Bo plays a recruiter for a big city cheer team and Tamsin goes as a cheerleader who wants to join the Thunder squad. She immediately runs into a Mean Girls situation, as the head cheerleader, Brinkley White (played by Anna HopkinsTamsin flips aka the mother of Oliver’s son in Arrow), decides she doesn’t like Tamsin and is going to make her life miserable. When Bo asks for a demonstration, Tamsin volunteers but Brinkley asks her to do a “round off double back handspring back tuck”, which is apparently a thing … and it’s pretty complicated. Tamsin does it (I’m assuming it was a stunt double, not Rachel Skarsten), which impresses the hell out of Bo. Brinkley is less impressed and says she’ll do a front foot triple twist, but Tamsin uses her Valkyrie power to make Brinkley doubt herself and she runs off.

Bo talks to the only male cheerleader, Derek, who tells her Brinkley can be a pain in the Clay gets smashedass. He also mentions that the dead guy, Jake, was kind of a dick to the quarterback, Clay Jonas. Clay is expected to go high in the draft and Jake was being a prick about it, but he doesn’t think Clay would kill him over it. Derek says Jake was a dick to everybody, including him. As Bo watches the team practice, Clay gets pounded by the defense and everyone freaks, thinking he’s hurt. But he pops right back up like nothing happened, making Bo and Tamsin wonder if he’s not human. Bo says she’ll talk to a few players while Tamsin gets close to Clay.

Tamsin heads into the locker room, dodging horny players, and questions Clay about Jake. Clay admits he didn’t like Jake, but says he wouldn’t screw over the team by killingLauren and Cassie his best receiver. Tamsin isn’t exactly subtle, but Clay doesn’t seem to fall for her charms; he does get suspicious about her leading questions. At Lauren’s clinic, Cassie (the Oracle who gouged out her own eyes last episode to get rid of the visions that were driving her nuts) is still agitated. She’s going on about torrential rains and a flood that’ll wash away everything. Lauren isn’t sure why she’s obsessed with the Apocalypse, so she orders more tests.

At the college, Bo calls Lauren to test the players (to see if any of them are Fae), which Zee drinks an egg cocktailmakes Tamsin jealous. Lauren is apparently a bit jealous of Tamsin too, but says she’ll be right there. At the Dal, the blonde from the elevator crash a few episodes back (and who we’ve seen killing people since then) shows up and asks for a really obscure drink. Trick says it’s been over a thousand years since he last made one and he’s not sure if he has the ingredients … then he pulls them from right underneath the bar. He mentions his missing ledger and the woman says ancient things have a way of turning up.

Lauren shows up at the college and says she’s there to give everyone a random drug test. One guy gives her some shit and whips off his towel, which doesn’t impress her much.Lauren gets an eyeful Clay seems a bit nervous about the test, but not really freaked out. At Dyson’s place, he’s still trying to figure out the murders but isn’t getting anywhere. He and Mark spar a bit, but are interrupted by a woman named Alicia Wells, who comes in to talk about her husband. She says he died and was cremated, but she saw him later on the street and he didn’t recognize her. She took a photo and it turns out to be Heratio, the guy Bo had the date with last episode. In the photo, he’s entering a building that says “Capital Sports” on the sign. Alicia says everyone thinks she’s crazy, but Dyson says he’ll check it out.

At Lauren’s clinic, she shows Bo the piss samples she got from various players. When she Bo and Lauren study pissadds a toxin, one of the samples (from Clay) doesn’t react, but Lauren says it’s definitely from a human, not a Fae. Trick is on speakerphone and tells them it’s probably a Heraclid, a human descended from Hercules, which gives them superior strength, resilience, speed and so on. As he’s talking about Hercules, the blonde woman from the elevator gets up and leaves, which makes Trick wonder. Dyson confronts Clay, but he doesn’t recognize the triskele symbol and doesn’t know what a Heraclid is. He insists he had nothing to do with Jake’s death and Dyson lets him go.

Dyson tells Bo that Clay seems to have no clue about the murder … and Dyson believes him. Bo mentions her father and it turns out she hasn’t told Dyson the truth yet … and she avoids telling him now. I guess I can see her dilemma: “Oh, by the way, my bio-dad isbloody jersey the Lord of the Underworld and I’m afraid I might turn out evil like him.” Not exactly light dinner conversation. They talk to Derek, the gossipy cheerleader and Dyson smells blood in his locker. They find Jake’s bloody shirt in the locker and Derek says he has no idea how it got there, but Dyson takes him in anyway. Jake is working out at Dyson’s place when Iris (the gal who stole Trick’s ledger while Mark was distracted by her hot friend) comes in to say hi. She draws the triskele symbol on his arm and says her parents told her something big was happening at the football game … everything is going to go boom.

At the college, there’s a big press conference about the game (and the murder). Brinkley lets Tamsin know that she wants Clay to go first in the draft because it helps her own press conferencecareer ambitions, which makes Tamsin think she might have something to do with Jake’s death. At the press conference, a reporter (played by real-life Entertainment Tonight reporter Cheryl Hickey) asks Clay about Derek’s arrest, which takes him by surprise. He then alibis both Derek and himself by admitting they’re a couple and were both at home in bed the night of the murder. Bo gets Derek out of jail and they go to see Clay. Bo says it’s cool that he finally came clean out everything, as she knows how hard it is to live with a secret. Clay says he wanted to come out a long time ago, but the new PR guy at his sports rep company (Capital Sports … sound familiar?) told him not to.

At the Dal, Bo mentions Capital Sports and Dyson makes the connection with the photo ofTamsin suits up Alicia’s husband, who Bo and Tamsin immediately recognize as Heratio (though he’s going by Kevin Brown now). Mark tells them what Iris said and Dyson says they need to have someone on the football field to protect the players. Tamsin volunteers, saying her Valkyrie power will shield her from people noticing there’s suddenly a girl on the team. Bo finds the private box owned by Iris’s family, and everyone is there: Heratio, the blonde from the elevator (whose name is Zee), and Bo gets zapped by Zee's lightningIris. They admit they killed Jake because he found out about Clay being gay. They figured if the information became public, Clay would lose his fan base, but the opposite has turned out to be true. These three seem to need people to focus their adoration on Clay, so they must be literally feeding off it somehow. Bo’s ready to kick their asses, but Zee starts glowing. Bo realizes Zee is feeding off the crowd and thinks about throwing the game so the crowd’s disappointment depowers Zee. But Zee blasts her with a lightning bolt before she can do anything.

The game comes down to the last play (of course) with only four seconds left on the clock. Tamsin talks Clay into a Hail Mary pass and she catches it, getting a touchdown and winning the game. Zee drinks in the vibes from the crowd, which really makes herBrinkley confused glow. Brinkley is a bit enamoured of Tamsin, until she takes her helmet off. Bo tells Tamsin that by winning the game, she insured everyone was a loser in the grand scheme of things. At Dyson’s place, he tells Alicia she should get out of town for a while. She thinks he assumes she’s crazy and refuses to stop looking for her husband, so Dyson says she can call him if she needs help. At home, Bo finds a big scar on her shoulder where Zee’s lightning hit her. Tamsin tries to heal her with a kiss, but the scar doesn’t disappear. Tamsin goes to run Bo a bath, saying “What are girlfriends for?”, which finally clues Bo in to how seriously Tamsin is taking things.

At the Dal, everyone puts the pieces together and figures out that Heratio, Zee, and Iris watching the storm“borrowed” the bodies of the humans killed in the elevator crash. Iris’s mention of Clay being family leads Trick to wonder if the Ancients, the most powerful Fae family of antiquity might be back. Since Clay is a descendant of Hercules and Hercules’s father was Zeus, it’s a good guess … but nobody can figure out what they want. Elsewhere, we see the three in question arguing back and forth … yup, they’re related. Zee says she’s tired of screwing around and it’s time to forget about discretion and get on with the plan. A huge storm starts outside, which Zee seems to revel in. We’ll see where things go next episode.

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