Lost Girl Reviews: Season 5, Episode 7

Lost GirlEpisode 7: Here Comes the Night

Remember that storm that started at the end of last episode, the one Heratio, Zee, and Iris seemed to be enjoying so much? Well, it hit, and it was apparently pretty intense. Bo and Dyson walk through the devastation, trying to help people who are trapped or hurt. The whole city looks wrecked, almost post-apocalyptic, and everything is in a weird sepia-tone. Tamsin is helping too, and she’s still in “you’re-my-girlfriend” mode; Bogiant triskele obviously hasn’t had a chance to talk to her yet, and with everything going on it’s probably not the best time. Bo finds the triskele (the three-pronged symbol of destruction and rebirth) burned into the pavement. In Zee’s penthouse, she’s obviously enjoying the storm, and she has the three Oracles there too, chained up and still blind. I’m not sure how she got hold of them; the last time we saw Cassie she was at Lauren’s clinic. The Oracles stand up and start chanting “Only in the darkness can we see the light”.

At Lauren’s clinic, she’s swamped with injured people coming in, injured in the storm. Tamsin in loveShe does mention (rather casually) that Cassie has gone missing. Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin bring in three more victims and tell Lauren the Ancients are behind the storm, judging by the giant triskele they found. Tamsin says they should scour the streets for more injured, but Dyson mentions some people might use the chaos to attack the clinic looking for Lauren’s serum that removes Fae powers. Bo decides to stay and protect Lauren, and sends Dyson and Tamsin out. Tamsin gives her a smooch before leaving, which doesn’t escape Dyson’s notice. The power goes out at the clinic and Lauren says everything’s under control, but she immediately worries about the weird cryo-box Evony left there.

At the Dal, Trick tells Vex and Mark about Zeus and Hera using their daughter Iris toMark and Vex smooching flood the Earth and wipe out humanity. Vex is freaked out to realize the ancient gods were actually Fae so powerful that humans worshiped them—and now they’re apparently back. Trick sends Vex to get some candles and he swipes some booze. Mark (or someone who looks exactly like Mark) catches him and starts putting the moves on him. He goes down on Vex and then they start making out. Vex mentions that Dyson would freak if he knew, but maybe that’s part of the thrill—for both of them. At  Dyson’s place, he and Tamsin re-examine the evidence they’ve collected Alicia's missing posterabout the Ancients and mention that no one actually died in the storm. Dyson thinks maybe it’s more the post-storm chaos that’s important, not the storm itself. Tamsin shows him a poster of “Kevin Brown” (aka Heratio aka Zeus) that Kevin’s wife Alicia put up. Dyson isn’t happy, since he told Alicia to leave town, but Tamsin points out that she saw her dead husband walking around, so of course she didn’t leave. Dyson says they can’t tell Alicia the truth so he’ll have to come up with something. Tamsin wants to swing by the clinic and Dyson reminds her that Bo is a succubus, so there will always be “other people”. Tamsin says she’s only worried about one person.

At the clinic, Evony’s cryo-box is counting down to opening, so Bo and Lauren stick it in the isolation lab and wait. It pops open and … there’s nothing inside. Bo gives Lauren shitdance conversation for working for Evony in the first place and Lauren puts on some romantic music and slow dances with her. Using the dancing as cover (since Evony probably has cameras and microphones all over the clinic), Lauren tells Bo she works only for herself, not Evony, and that Bo has to trust her. Apparently Bo does, since they start making out. Dyson goes to Alicia’s place to talk to her about her dead husband, but he’s already there. Yup, Heratio (or Zeus) is with Alicia, pretending to be her husband, Kevin. He claims he woke up on the side of the road and wandered around for a bit before coming home. Dyson says he needs a statement and practically dares Zeus to turn him down.

At the clinic, Tamsin comes in, sees Bo and Lauren banging, and is devastated. At the Dal, mangled assistantMark is acting like nothing happened between him and Vex, which leaves Vex a bit puzzled. Evony comes in and tells Vex she stored the “you-know-what” at Lauren’s clinic and the power outage means it’s loose. She also says that what Lauren can’t see will definitely hurt her, so I guess the box wasn’t empty after all. At the clinic, Lauren and Bo are basking in the afterglow and Lauren goes to get some champagne. She finds her assistant dead with his face all mangled up and Bo realizes there was a monster in the box—an invisible one. At Alicia’s place, Dyson questions Kevin, who makes a few mistakes in his retelling of what happened to him. When Alicia goes to get him a snack, Dyson says he knows who Kevin really is and that he has to stop all the destruction. Kevin says he’s not done yet and scarfs down some marshmallowsglass stab before trying to waste Alicia. Kevin unleashes a swarm of insects (from his mouth!) on Dyson, whose thrashing breaks a vase on the table.  Turns out Kevin is actually Hera, not Zeus; in hindsight, I guess it makes sense that “Zee” would be Zeus and “Heratio” would be Hera. Hera apparently wants Alicia’s body, but Alicia stabs her with a piece of glass from the broken vase. Turns out Alicia was suspicious of “Kevin” and the marshmallows were a test, since the real Kevin hated them. Hera leaves to deal with her wound, but says she’ll be back for Alicia’s body.

At the clinic, Bo and Lauren look for the monster and Bo urges Lauren to leave, but Lauren grabs a fire-axe and says she’s through being scared. Dyson takes Alicia back to Evony searching for serumhis place to keep her safe and after she falls asleep, Bo (or someone who looks just like Bo) shows up and starts putting the moves on Dyson. At the clinic, Evony and Vex are searching for Lauren’s serum, which Evony hopes can be used to get her Fae powers back. She and Vex are both worried about the thing from the cryo-box and Vex slips off somewhere, leaving Evony to be caught by Bo and Lauren. Evony tells them the monster will kill all of them, so Bo gets an idea to use Evony as bait to catch it. Evony says the Ancients are going to wipe them all out anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. How does she know? She used to date one of them. Outside, the Oracles walk down the street, still chanting.

Evony goes outside to draw the invisible monster out, and it works. Lauren tosses the axe into its back and it partially appears. Turns out the “monster” is Eros, God of Love and heEvony seen through Eros and Evony used to have a thing, but he treated her like shit. The scene is shot so we see Evony’s face through Eros’s semi-transparent body, and with the rain it looks like Evony is crying. She says he should’ve dealt with dumping her better and that she was grown-up enough to have handled it. A lightning bolt comes out of the sky, blasting Eros into nothingness and Bo and Lauren realize it takes the power of an Ancient to kill an Ancient. At the Dal, Trick’s dead wife Isabeau shows up and puts the moves on him. Mark walks in and from his perspective, we see it’s actually the three Oracles getting frisky with Trick. (Mark: “Holy orgy, Trick!”) The Oracles say Trick isn’t the Light and leave to continue their search. Dyson and Vex come in and TrickOracular orgy asks if any of them has had a freaky sexual experience lately. Dyson and vex both raise their hands and Trick says the Oracles were using the sex to get close enough to extract the truth from them. He says Oracles have to give truth to extract it and they appear as whoever the person’s heart most desires, which makes Vex wonder. Mark asks why the Oracles didn’t mess with him and Dyson figures out that Bo’s blood is the “Light” the Oracles are talking about, and each of them has some of Bo’s blood from when they bound themselves to her to fight the Goruda.

At home, Persephone’s candle is on the table and the Oracles are waiting for Bo. They appear to her as Dyson first, then switch to Lauren; I guess that’s supposed to mean that her heart desires them equally, but I’m still Team Lauren. The Oracles then appear as Bo’sBo tells Trick about Hades father, though we don’t get to see his face, and Trick comes in to bust things up. He wonders why the Ancients are so interested in Bo and she finally admits that her father is Hades. She tells Trick what happened in Tarterus and how Persephone asked her to light the candle to show her family the way home. Bo figures lighting the candle brought the Ancients back to Earth, allowing them to take over the dead bodies from the elevator crash. She says it’s time for them to meet the other side of the family.

At Zee/Zeus’s penthouse, she (he?) sucks the knowledge from the Oracles and finds out Zeus consults the Oraclethat Bo has “it”; we aren’t told what “it” is exactly (my guess is the candle), but whatever “it” is, Bo has no idea how powerful it is. Cassie asks Zeus to let her go and Zeus says okay and pushes her off the balcony. At the Dal, Vex and Mark are playing truth-or-dare beer pong and Vex says he left Evony because it was time for her to face Eros on her own, instead of avoiding the problem like she did all those years ago when she and Vex locked him up. Mark asks who Vex saw in his vision, but Vex evades the question. At home, Tamsin tells Bo she’s cool with her banging other people—even Lauren—as long as Bo’s heart is still with her. Bo finally sees how hardTamsin pissed off Tamsin has fallen for her and tries to let her down easy, saying she does care about her but she’s not in love with her. Tamsin is obviously hurt and gets a little weird, asking why Dyson, Lauren, and Rainer were “good enough” to fall in love with but not her. I gotta say, the freakout is making you less attractive by the second, Tam-Tam. Tamsin leaves, pissed off, and Bo feels like crap for breaking her heart. She blows out Persephone’s candle, but as soon as she leaves the room, the candle spontaneously relights itself.

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