Lost Girl Reviews: Season 5, Episode 13

Lost GirlEpisode 13: Family Portrait

This one starts with Bo showing Tamsin the “weapon” that Hephaestus forged for her … a horseshoe. Tamsin tries to make the best of it, saying Bo could use it like knuckle-dusters, as a back-scratcher, or as a non-returning boomerang. Bo’s not impressed. Bo wonders how best to fight her father and whether she even should, since he’s family.aife strangles the orderly Tamsin says family is the people who are there for you all along and shows Bo the Amethusto Dagger, which she stole from Zee’s penthouse. The Dagger can supposedly sever the connection between Bo and her father (which we’ve seen manifest as the glowing handprint on Bo’s chest), but Bo is reluctant to have Tamsin start slicing, since her only experience with operation is the game. Elsewhere, we see a nurse advising a trainee in a mental institution about a certain patient; don’t look at her, don’t talk to her, and definitely don’t touch her. Yup, it’s Aife, Bo’s mother. The trainee gets a bit too close and Aife strangles him and takes his keys. The nurse goes for the alarm button before Aife can drain her, leaving Aife to make a dramatic slow-motion escape.

Tamsin's hair lossWhen Trick tells Bo about Aife’s escape, Bo is pretty surprised—and pissed off—since she thought her mother was dead. Trick tells her about meeting Aife when all their memories of Bo had been wiped out, and how she went nuts again after her memories returned. Bo gives him shit for lying to her and heads out to look for her mother. At home, Tamsin notices her hair is coming out while in the shower; that’s usually the sign that a Valkyrie’s life cycle is at an end, and Tamsin is on her last life. At the institution, Bo gives Dyson shit for keeping the truth from her, but he says everyone thought she couldn’t handle it right after she returned from the train, then it got harderEstelle gets handsy to tell her as time passed. They meet Aife’s roommate, Estelle, who’s been in some kind of trance since her family was murdered, decades ago. Bo uses her succubus powers to charm Estelle, who points out Aife’s photos of Bo as a kid. Estelle says Aife was about to be released, but she heard the doctors say that something happened that made Aife backslide. Estelle starts thinking about her own dead family and Bo gives her some more succubus mojo; that brings her out of it, but Bo might’ve used a bit too much, as Estelle kisses her and tries to cop a feel. Either that, or Estelle just swings both ways.

They ask for Aife’s records to see what caused her sudden reversal and the nurse says she’ll have them sent over. Lauren calls to tell them Hades has escaped. They head over happy familyto Lauren’s lab and realize he’s probably been coming and going at will since he was first confined there. Bo doesn’t think Aife and Hades both escaping at the same time is a coincidence. Dyson says he’ll check the club where the portal to Hell is, Tamsin will stay to guard the lab (and Lauren, since she no longer has Fae powers), and Bo heads to Zee’s penthouse, thinking her father might go there. Turns out she’s right … Hades and Aife are there, acting like a regular couple. Bo wonders how Aife could trust someone who had her locked up and tortured years ago, but Aife says Hades saved her from the Dark Fae dungeon and she’s grateful. She also mentions that Trick is the one who had her committed to the sanitarium, which apparently hadn’t occurred to Bo before now.

At the lab, Lauren kvetches about no longer being Fae and Tamsin tells her to suck it up.Aife snacks Lauren notices Tamsin’s hair is coming out and shifts into doctor mode, grilling her about anything unusual that she’s done lately. Naturally, Tamsin avoids mentioning that she banged Bo, although we saw Bo’s face replaced by Hades’ when they were making out, so maybe Tamsin’s sudden health scare has something to do with that. She says self-doubt can cause a Valkyrie’s life-cycle to end and Hades is a master at causing doubt. At the penthouse, Hades and Aife enjoy a fancy dinner while Bo looks on with disapproval. She gets even more disapproving when Hades offers her a snack—a hot guy and girl. Bo declines, so Aife has a taste, almost draining the girl to death before Bo stops her. Hades asks if he’s ever lied to Bo about anything important, like her past, and she says no. That starts a round of Trick-bashing; Aife tells how Trick sacrificed her to stop the Great Fae War after she killed a Dark Elder Aife tells Bo she's on her sideto avenge her mother, how Hades rescued her from the Dark dungeons where the torture had driven her crazy, and how she fell in love with him and Bo was born out of that love. Aife says Hades locked her up because she had PTSD and threatened to kill Bo. That’s also why Bo was sent away, but they lost track of her and Trick found her before they could and fed her a pack of lies. Bo’s still not convinced, so when they ask her to join them (to set things right), she leaves, but it’s obvious their words have gotten to her. I can’t tell if Aife is sincere, if she’s a pawn of Hades, or just so screwed up she doesn’t know what’s going on. Maybe none of the above, as she catches up with Bo outside and says she’s down with Bo’s plan to send her father back to Hell.

At Bo’s place, Aife picks out a dress to turn Hades’ head and Bo wonders if everything she said before was bullshit. Aife says she really did love Hades (“He’s everything you could ask for: handsome, charming, a cunning linguist.”), but thought there was at least a shredAife gets stabby of goodness in him. Now that she realizes there isn’t, she’s ready to get rid of him. Dyson shows up and Aife starts talking about a plan that she and Bo cooked up between them … mostly Bo. She talks about how Bo came to see her at the institution and how they came up with the plan to get rid of Hades, but Bo insists she didn’t know her mother was even alive, and certainly never visited her at the sanitarium. Looks like Tamsin’s not the only one fooled by Hades’ impersonation of Bo. Aife starts freaking out and thinks Bo is trying to mess with her. She grabs a knife, but Dyson stops her before she can get stabby. Bo blames herself, since being around her always seems to make Aife nuts.

At the Dal, Lauren and Tamsin talk about relationships and Tamsin confesses that she banged Bo the night she and Lauren split up. Lauren says it’s fine, she isn’t going to start Trick gives Bo info on her mompolicing Bo’s actions now. They wonder why Bo hasn’t been in touch since the last time they saw her. Bo’s not far away she’s waiting in Trick’s lair to confront him about all the bullshit he’s been feeding her. They argue and Bo says Trick’s manipulation of Aife makes him no better than Hades. Trick agrees that he’s done terrible things with his powers, ruining lives and families—including his own—but that Hades used Aife to conceive a child that combined their powers, a child that he could use for whatever he’s been planning all along. He gives Bo a box full of stuff about Aife, saying it’s time she knew everything about her mother.

At home, Bo sets up the projector (did she just happen to have one lying around? Maybe she got it from Trick) and Lauren and Tamsin arrive just in time to see the “home movies”. The first reel shows Aife in the institution, freaking out and draining a doctor,Tamsin pukes in her mouth screaming that they have to release her so she can kill Bo. Lauren finds a DVD marked “Visitations” and Bo sees that trick did go to see Aife at the sanitarium … and Aife’s response was good, not homicidal at all. Bo then sees herself visiting Aife and realizes it must’ve been Hades impersonating her, which explains why Aife was so adamant that they’d met and made plans. Knowing that Hades can impersonate Bo freaks Tamsin out and she asks Bo if they banged the other night. Of course the answer is no, and finding out she fucked Hades makes Lauren puke her guts out. She vows to slaughter him and feed the remains to dogs.

Bo, Tamsin, and Dyson head to the penthouse and Tamsin rage-pounds Hades, but he doesn’t seem fazed by it. Bo jams the Amethusto Dagger in his chest, but that has no effect either and he Hades not bothered by the knife in his chestalmost casually tosses the Dagger back, impaling Dyson in the gut. Hades says he learned the impersonation trick from Zeus, but he can only impersonate those he shares blood with … like Bo. Tamsin is still pissed off, but Bo says they have to get Dyson to a doctor fast, so they leave. At Lauren’s clinic, she stabilizes Dyson and Bo uses the Dagger to cut Hades’ handprint from her chest. It definitely has an effect, making Hades’ hand fade and reappear at the penthouse. The impromptu operation leaves Bo weak and bleeding, but it seems to have severed the connection to her father. She drains some chi from Dyson to heal and heads off to find Trick and apologize.Bo cuts the connection to her father

Trick is at the sanitarium getting ready to bust Aife out. They make their peace, but Hades shows up to ruin the moment. At Trick’s lair, Bo finds a projector running film of Aife in the sanitarium calling out for her daddy and she figures out where Trick went. She heads over there but Aife’s already gone, so she goes back to the penthouse. SheFamily Portrait finds a deathly tableau entitled “Family Portrait”, which features Aife and Trick with their throats slit. Trick is still alive and Bo apologizes for doubting him. He reminds her that she carries his blood as well as Hades’, then he dies, leaving Bo devastated. At the clinic, Lauren finds out that Tamsin is pregnant with Hades’ love child (or hate child, I guess). Figures he’d want a back-up baby, since things don’t seem to be working with Bo. At the penthouse, Dyson comes in and freaks when he sees Trick is dead. He’s ready to go after Hades, but Bo is in some kind of trance, like Estelle was in the beginning of the episode, completely non-responsive. Is that just a reaction to Trick and Aife’s deaths, or something more? We’ll find out next episode.

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