Lost Girl Reviews: Season 5, Episode 16

Lost GirlEpisode 16: Rise

Last episode, Bo pretended to switch sides and join her father (Hades) in his plan to destroy the world. Hades as understandably skeptical of her sudden heel turn, so he asked her to demonstrate her loyalty by killing her friends. She lured everyone to her place and lit it on fire with them inside, which seemed to convince her father that she was sincere in her newfound villainy. This episode opens with everyone still trapped inside the house, Dyson holding up a ceiling beam to stop the whole place from collapsing. Kenzi sees Bo’s magic horseshoeout of the fire and realizes Bo left it for them. Bruce the troll comes busting in through the wall and gets everyone to safety. Outside, Bruce tells them Bo called him to come help and Mark says Bo is the one who set the fire after luring them all there. Kenzi can’t really disagree, but points out that Bo left the horseshoe (which protects its bearer against fire) and called Bruce, so she wasn’t really trying to kill them. Dyson realizes Bo must’ve done all this to prove her allegiance to Hades and Lauren says they’d better play along by feigning death.

At Hades’ penthouse, Bo says she’ll help him carry out his plan, but she doesn’t want to Kenzi finds Vex's stashdeal with any sibling rivalry, so Tamsin and her unborn baby have to go. (Hades impregnated Tamsin by tricking her and planned to use her baby if things with Bo didn’t work out; yeah, he’s a hell of a guy.) Hades agrees and Bo says she wants to kill Tamsin. When Bo comes to see her, Tamsin tries to get through to her, but Bo drains her chi and Tamsin keels over—supposedly dead, but do any of us really believe that? The others are being driven around town in a motor home type-thing owned by Vex (a caravan, as he calls it), to keep from being detected by Hades. Vex’s caravan seems to be a roving fetish palace, though his weirdest obsession is collecting fancy tea sets.

At the penthouse, Hades reveals that in all the paintings of the Pyrippus (aka Bo), the horse isn’t breathing out flames—it’s sucking in chi. Hades plans to have Bo drain the local Fae colony, then the whole city, the country, and eventually the world, notBo starts draining the city discriminating between Fae and humans. He leads her onto a pedestal overlooking the city and tells her he knows she didn’t really kill Tamsin. She asks why he played along if he knew she wasn’t really loyal and he says he just needed to get her close. Bo’s feet are suddenly attached to the pedestal by the Hell Shoes, which are artifacts that serve Hades alone. He plans to keep her immobilized until her hunger forces her to feed, but Bo says she’d rather die than serve him. Hades uses his most powerful weapon, his words; he reminds Bo that death has always followed her wherever she went, and that all her friends and lovers eventually left her. His words have an effect and Bo’s eyes turn blue; she begins a massive chi-drain, and people start dropping like flies all over the city.

In Vex’s party van, Dyson and Lauren talk about Bo and Dyson urges Lauren to patch things up and have a real relationship with Bo, difficult as it may be. Lauren says she magically delicious horseshoe charmused to worry about what would happen to Bo after she died, but now she knows Dyson will be there for her. Kenzi and Vex notice the effects of Bo’s mass chi-drain (Vex: “Either this is aurora borealis or that Jerry Garcia weekend’s coming back to haunt me.”; Mark: “Who is Jerry Garcia?”) Bo’s chi-suck doesn’t affect them and Kenzi realizes the horseshoe is protecting them … another reason Bo left it for them. Dyson mentions that the Fae Elders won’t have any protection and they head to the Dal to check on them. Sure enough, all the Elders are dead and Lauren says Bo must be completely gone, under Hades’ control. At the penthouse, Bo starts ranting in a sepulchral voice about how she’s now the Queen and everyone will kneel before her.

Bo is ready to drain the whole country, but Hades tells her to have some patience. He says they need an army and Bo says most people are just followers, looking for someone to lead them, so Hades should be that leader. Tamsin wakes up still in her cage—but withTamsin has the key the key to the cage’s lock in her mouth. I guess Bo slipped her more than just some tongue. In a scene reminiscent of Walking Dead, Bo’s friends wander through streets littered with bodies and abandoned cars, including a bunch of cops Dyson used to work with. Everyone knows Bo is responsible, but Kenzi still has faith that Hades is forcing Bo to do his will. Kenzi finally admits they may have lost Bo, but Dyson says they’ll get her—and Tamsin—back. At the penthouse, Hades realizes that not everyone in the territory has been drained and Bo says her “former allies” must have the horseshoe that Hephaestus forged. Hades tells her to go eliminate them and she seems eager to obey. Hades then commands his new army to rise.

bullet-proof horseshoeIn the street, things get even more like Walking Dead, as all the people Bo drained stand up and start advancing on Kenzi and Co. The horseshoe protects them from the hail of bullets the controlled cops unleash and they all pile back into Vex’s caravan. The controlled cops tell them to come out and face the wrath of their Dark Lord. Tamsin shows up and uses her Valkyrie power to knock out all the cops. She tells the others Bo helped her escape, but Lauren wonders if that was before or after Bo drained the entire city. Before Tamsin can answer, there’s a thump on the caravan roofBo busts the horseshoe and everyone heads outside to find Bo standing on top. Kenzi says she’s the only one who can get through to Bo and she climbs up on the caravan roof, magic horseshoe in hand. Kenzi reminds Bo of all the shit they’ve been through (and quotes Sir Mix-a-Lot) and apologizes for leaving. It seems like she’s gotten through, but Bo is faking it; she gets the horseshoe away from Kenzi and busts it in half, then knocks Kenzi off the caravan. (Don’t worry, Dyson catches her.) Bo then starts draining her friends.

As she’s sucking their chi, Bo has flashbacks to all the fun (and sometimes the sex) she’s Bo drains her friendshad with these people over the last five years and she comes to her senses. She stops draining them before it’s too late and apologizes for almost killing them all. Bo wants to use her power against Hades, but she’s afraid to let that side of herself out because she can’t control it. Lauren reminds her of the first time she did a mass chi-drain, when she saved their lives. Bo says she wasn’t really in control that time, it just sort of happened. Tamsin does her usual “tough love” thing and tells Bo that everyone has good and evil inside them, so she’s not really all that different from the rest of them. Lauren reminds Bo that when they first met, she thought controlling herFae Elders resurrected abilities at all was beyond her, but she learned how … and she can learn to control this part of her as well. Bo says it was her love for all of them that kept her from killing them, but before they can process that, Vex brings the caravan to a screeching halt. The road is blocked by the Fae Elders that Bo drained, now re-animated and serving Hades. As if that weren’t enough, Tamsin’s water breaks … she’s about to have her baby. Oh, did I mention, last episode Hades told Bo that Valkyries always die after giving birth? Yeah, well Bo hasn’t actually mentioned that to the rest of them yet.

Bo tells Lauren and Kenzi to help Tamsin, while Dyson, Vex, and Mark confront the Tamsin in labourElders—preferably without killing them, as they’re just Hades’ pawns. Bo says she’ll handle her father herself. As Tamsin goes into extremely painful labour, and Dyson and Co. fight the Elders, Bo confronts her father. But Hades says he doesn’t really care about her, he wants the baby. Bo says he’ll have to get past her first and he says that’s fine with him. His hand starts glowing and he pushes Bo aside without actually touching her. Bo retaliates by using her own glowing hand to counter her father’s. (Lauren: “What’s going on out there?”; Kenzi: “Bo is giving the best HJ of her life.”) Hades reminds Bo that she’s evil, but she says she’s good and evil, just like everyone—except him. Hades is solely, irredeemably evil, which is why he chose to liveBo banishes her father alone in Tarterus. Bo’s power begins overwhelming Hades, which shocks the shit out of him, and Bo reminds him that she has Trick’s blood in her as well as her father’s. She says Trick’s love gives her the edge and that she can choose the life she wants. She then tells her father she loves him, which seems to hurt him, and she breathes orange energy (which looks a bit like fire, but is probably just chi) all over him, causing him to disappear … presumably back to Tarterus.

Bo keels over for a short time, but soon recovers and climbs on top of the caravan, where she spews chi over the whole city, reviving everyone, Fae and human … this time as themselves, not Hades’ thralls. Tamsin has her baby, a girl. Outside, Mark and Vex Tamsin risescongratulate each other and Mark says he probably won’t choose Light or Dark, but walk a middle path like Bo. He says he has made one choice though, and all the Vex/Mark shippers out there get a thrill as the two hold hands. Inside, Tamsin’s baby is fine, but she’s not doing so well. Bo informs them that childbirth always kills Valkyries (which Tamsin obviously must’ve known but didn’t share with the others). Bo says she can give Tamsin some chi to save her, but Tamsin says it’s her time to go, and that a Valkyrie’s last life isn’t called dying but rising. Tamsin asks Bo to look out for the baby—who she names Dagny—then dies and turns to dust and feathers, rising out of the caravan and up into the sky. A lone feather is left behind, which falls on Dagny’s chest.

Later, Bo entrusts the baby to Kenzi, saying she has too much dangerous work ahead of her to take care of the kid at the moment. Kenzi says she’ll make sure Dagny is safe and she and Bo say goodbye. Lauren tells Bo she’s ready to commit to her one hundreda win for Team Lauren percent, and I think she actually means it this time. Bo says their relationship will always be messy, but decides to go for it anyway … which works for me, since I’ve always been Team Lauren. Dyson shows up and says he watched Kenzi leave and everything is good so far. Bo reminds them that evil never really dies, so they have to be vigilant all the time, and we see Kenzi and Dagny is the car together. It looks like Kenzi duct-taped the magic horseshoe back together and is carrying it to protect herself and the baby.

Dagny getting some actionSome time later, a teenaged Dagny is making out with her girlfriend in a parked car, when a cop knocks on the window and says she has to come with him. The “cop” turns out to be Mark, who brings Dagny to the Dal where she signs the ledger. It’s not certain how much time has passed; Lauren says Dagny is aging at an accelerated rate but hasn’t reached full adulthood yet. Kenzi must’ve filled her in on the Fae and some of her own history, because she doesn’t seem overwhelmed by anything—though Vex predicts her mind might get blown when she sees what it’s like to live as Fae. Dyson says she doesn’t have to choose between Light And Dark because they’re trying to change some of the old rules. Dagny recognizes everyone from Kenzi’s stories (I can only imagine some of the stuff Kenzi must’ve told her) and is excited to meet her half-sister, Bo. Bo says she’s been keeping an eye on Dagny this whole timeDagny meets Bo while Kenzi raised her in safety, among humans. But now things have changed; a glowing handprint appears on Dagny’s chest and she asks what it means. Bo says it signifies evil in some form. They don’t know where or when, but evil will be coming for Dagny … and they’ll be ready. That almost sounds like they were setting up the next episode, or even a spin-off show, but this is the last episode of Lost Girl. The way they left it, they could actually do a new show, focusing on Dagny, anytime they like, but so far that show hasn’t happened. Anyway, that’s it for Lost Girl; I hope you’ll join me next week for my final thoughts on the show and a preview of what I’ll be reviewing next.

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