Warehouse 13 Reviews: Season 2, Episode 12

Warehouse 13 opening titleEpisode 12: Reset

Last episode, Warehouse 2 came back online, threatening to shut down Warehouse 13 (and blow Mrs. Frederick’s mind). Pete, Myka, and Wells went to Egypt and managed to shut down Warehouse 2, but Wells turned on them and zapped them with a Tesla-type gun. They wake up in Warehouse 2, which is rapidly filling with sand. Wells is gone and they figure she must’ve taken something that set off the Warehouse’s defenses. Myka spots a trap door in the ceiling, a hundred feet above them. They scour the place for an artifact that can get them up therePete and Myka flying and find the Wings of Daedalus. Pete dons the wings and flies them up to the trap door, but Myka can’t get it open. Artie calls on the Farnsworth and isn’t surprised when they tell him Wells is a bad guy. Turns out Artie is right outside and opens the trap door, allowing them to fly to safety. Artie says the Farnsworths are designed to work underground, so when they stopped working (last episode) he knew Wells must’ve jammed them. He zoomed to Egypt as fast as he could and reset the Farnsworths’ signal, then tracked Pete and Myka to Warehouse 2. I guess that explains where Artie disappeared to last episode. Claudia calls to tell them Wells is a bad guy—surprising no one.

Back at Warehouse 13, Artie realizes Wells must’ve found Warehouse 2 a century ago, before she was bronzed, but needed experienced agents to help her get in. She obviously wanted a specific artifact and by using Mrs. Frederick’s rapidly fading connection to Warehouse 2, they figure out that Mrs. Frederick explains thingsWells took a spear of some kind. Claudia is still tracking Wells’s finances and sees that she’s heading for Paris … which is where her daughter was murdered in 1898. Myka wonders if the spear Wells took has resurrection properties and Artie says he hopes not. (Artie: “I don’t know about spears but I can tell you, resurrection is a dangerous practice and always comes at a price.”; Pete: “Yeah, look at Mickey Rourke.”) Pete and Myka prepare to go to Paris, but Pete gets a call from Kelly. She hasn’t heard anything from him for two days and wonders if she scared him off with her talk of moving in together. Pete says it’s just the opposite and tells her he loves her and he’ll see her as soon as he finishes his next assignment.

Myka says she’s glad Pete found somebody, but she seems a bit … sad? Jealous? I know Pete and Myka end up dating later, which I think is a mistake. I think they work better as friends and partners than romantic interests. In the Warehouse, Claudia tells Artie she found Christina’s graveArtie eases Claudia's mind in Paris and sent Pete and Myka the info. Claudia is worried about what Mrs. Frederick said last episode about her being the next Caretaker of the Warehouse, but Artie says Claudia’s future is her own to decide and nobody will push her into something she doesn’t want to do. In Paris, the cemetery where Christina was buried no longer exists, but Myka figures they can track the estate through whatever lawyer Wells had looking after it. But they’re too late; Wells has already zapped the receptionist and absconded with the lawyer.

Wells forces the lawyer to take her to Christina’s crypt, and to show her gratitude she uses primordial tar from Pitch Lake in Trinidad to pull the lawyer to his doom. Pete and Myka show up in time to pull him out (Pete: pulling lawyer out of tar“Don’t fight it, dude, that’s what the woolly mammoths did.”). But Wells is gone. Christina’s remains are still in her coffin and Wells didn’t even have the spear with her, so Myka figures something’s up. She notices one of the handles on the coffin is missing, a curved piece that ends in two points. When they report to the Warehouse, Mrs. Frederick recognizes the general shape; it’s the same shape Leena has been sketching since Mrs. Frederick freed her mind from MacPherson’s control. Artie realizes the curved piece with points is part of a trident … the Minoan Trident.

Artie describes the Minoan trident as the first Weapon of Mass Destruction; when slammed into the ground three times, it creates a fissure that unleashes volcanic forces. Use of the Trident destroyed Thera and created Santorini, leading to the legend of Atlantis. They speculate that Wells foundMyka blames herself the curved piece in the 19th century and had MacPherson unbronze her to look for the spear. When MacPherson was about to rat on her, she killed him. Claudia’s money trace shows Wells heading for Wyoming and they wonder if she’s going to sell the Trident to someone. Kelly gets a gift from Pete (supposedly) … a gold compact with the initials L.A.B. engraved on it. When Pete and Myka get back, Myka’s pissed off at herself because she believed Wells had reformed while everyone else—especially Artie—had their doubts.

Wells calls to taunt them and mentions the gift Pete supposedly sent Kelly. super-volcano mapPete takes off to find Kelly and Claudia traces Wells. She’s heading for Yellowstone Park and Artie freaks out, realizing wells is going to use the Trident on Yellowstone Caldera, a super-volcano under the Park. If Wells causes the super-volcano to erupt, it’ll start a chain reaction, killing millions … oh, and it’ll bring on another Ice Age, killing billions. Artie sends Claudia to help Pete and he and Myka head for Yellowstone by helicopter, hoping they can get there ahead of Wells.

Pete arrives at Kelly’s clinic frantic and is relieved to see she’s okay. His relief disappears pretty fast when she pulls a knife and tries to kill him. (Pete: “This has gotta be an artifact, even I can’t make women this angry.”)Kelly wants to kill Pete Pete gets the knife away from her and she seems to calm down, but when he goes to get her some water, she injects him with something that knocks him out. At Yellowstone, Artie and Myka find the biggest concentration of magma and figure Wells will strike there. They’re right … she shows up right after them and says she’s prepared to use the Trident, which surprises them because they assumed it was a bargaining chip for something else she wanted.

Pete wakes up at the clinic tied and gagged on the operating table. Kelly says she has to kill him because she loves him and takes out an axe that she got from somewhere. Claudia comes in and grabs her and Pete motions to the Claudia struggles with Kellycompact. When Claudia sees the initials, she realizes it belonged to Lizzie Borden. Claudia puts the compact in a neutralizer bag, which brings Kelly to her senses. But Kelly’s having some trouble with being turned into a homicidal maniac and trying to kill her boyfriend, though Pete’s surprisingly chill with it. Claudia figures looking into the compact makes you kill whomever you love (which would mean Lizzie Borden was guilty after all), and Pete is kinda happy since that proves Kelly loves him. But Kelly is still trying to wrap her head around almost becoming a murderer, so Claudia tells Pete to give her some time.

In Wyoming, Wells says she expected things would be better in the future, but the world is a shithole, way worse than it was a hundred years ago. She says Earth needs to rest and rebuild from all the shit humans have done.Artie accidentally wounds himself Artie pulls a gun and shoots her in the shoulder, but she’s wearing the Corsican Brothers’ vest, which means anything harm that comes to her is felt by the person trying to harm her … so Artie falls over, bleeding from the shoulder. Wells slams the Trident down, causing geysers to erupt nearby. Myka takes the gun and aims it at Wells’s head, but realizes she’d just be killing herself, so she tries to reason with Wells. It doesn’t work, and Wells uses the Trident again, bringing storm clouds and more geyser eruptions.

Myka keeps trying to get through to her, saying she could’ve killed them Myka tells Wells to kill herbefore if she’d wanted to, and pointing out how stupid it was to call Pete; Wells was looking to get caught, because deep down she wants them to stop her. Wells denies it, so Myka puts the gun in her hand and aims it at her own head, telling Wells to kill her. If she uses the Trident, Myka will die anyway, and she’d rather go quickly, so she screams at Wells to shoot. But Wells can’t bring herself to pull the trigger and throws down the gun, giving Myka the chance to grab the Trident. It’s nice that Wells cares too much about Myka to kill her (thereWells chooses life always was a connection there, and Joanne Kelly speculated that Myka and Wells might have been a little in love with each other), but Wells did try to kill the French lawyer and Pete—through Kelly—so she’s not exactly innocent. Later, Wells is taken away by the Regents, though not to be bronzed. Director Kosan won’t say exactly what’s going to happen to her, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing her again. Kosan congratulates Pete and Myka on catching Wells, but Myka’s still feeling stupid for being fooled by Wells’s bullshit, especially since Artie never trusted Wells.

Pete goes to see Kelly and finds out she’s leaving town. He tries to explain Pete left aloneeverything, but she says she’s not his “one”, the sole person he’s allowed to tell the truth to. She doesn’t want a life of danger and excitement, so she has to let him go. Back at the Warehouse, Pete tells Myka what happened and contemplates quitting the Warehouse. Myka tells him he was born for the job and he needs the Warehouse as much as it needs him. Pete goes to see Artie and Mrs. Frederick pops up. Myka gives her a letter and the way Mrs. Frederick reacts, it must be Myka’s resignation. Mrs. Frederick tries to talk her out of leaving, but Myka says her trusting Wells endangered the entire planet and she can’t take the chance of that happening again. Later, Mrs. FrederickMyka drives away gathers everyone and reads the letter, which is basically Myka saying goodbye to everybody. Pete runs after her, but by the time he gets outside, it’s too late. The whole scene is very sad, with appropriately gloomy music playing over it, but don’t worry … this isn’t the last we’ll see of Myka. You can’t keep a good Warehouse agent down. Next week, a special Christmas episode (which originally aired out of order, so Myka’s in it too) and the week after that we start Season 3. I hope you’ll all join me.

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