Warehouse 13 Reviews: Season 3, Episode 11

Warehouse 13 opening titleEpisode 11: Emily Lake

This one starts with Artie, Myka, Pete, and Claudia tracking down a data breach in the Warehouse. They find a bunch of nanites (which Artie quickly realizes were smuggled in on the Van Gogh painting Sally Stukowski so generously returned to them) sending data from Warehouse out to … somewhere. Claudia says it could take a while to figure out where the data is going, sofinding the nanites Pete blasts the nanites, shutting them down. Elsewhere, Tyler (the asshole hacker recruited by Marcus Diamond a few episodes ago) tells Walter Sykes that the nanites have stopped transmitting. Tyler says they got the files they were looking for but it’ll take him some time to decrypt them.

When Jane finds out about the data breach, she figures Sykes is after something specific. Claudia says the nanites sent a heavily encrypted file Pete's big boardcalled Atlas-66, which apparently means something to Jane and Artie. Myka wants to know what’s in the file, but Jane says the Regents have a plan in place to deal with the situation and refuses to tell her what’s in the file. Pete sides with his mother and goes to do some busywork. Myka follows—which Pete expected her to do—and gives him shit, but Pete invites her into his inner sanctum, the Pete Cave. (Myka: “You’re not gonna make me watch Porky’s again, are you?”)

Turns out Pete’s been using his hideaway to put together all the info on Sykes and his organization. He tells Myka Sykes made a shitload of money in hedge funds and cashed out about ten years ago, so he’s been planningSteve with Sykes his move against the Warehouse for a long time. Pete figures Sykes wants to get the Collodi bracelet back again and points out that many of Sykes’s operatives end up dead. Myka wonders who’s working for Sykes now. In Sykes’s hideout, we see him ordering Diamond and his newest operative to retrieve something for him. That new operative’s name? Former Warehouse agent Steve Jinks.

Steve tells Sykes he’s pissed off because the Regents fired him and screwed up his chances of getting another job, not to mention burning his credit-rating to the ground. Sykes says if Steve helps him, he can get his old ATF Claudia urges Pete and Myka to break the rulesjob back, or walk away with a pile of cash and start over. Considering how they dealt with Stukowski, Steve should watch his back, but I guess he doesn’t know about her death. At the Warehouse, Claudia recognizes Tyler’s electronic fingerprint and tells Pete and Myka he must be working for Sykes. She’s decrypted part of the Atlas-66 file (even though Artie told her to drop it) and it contains the address of a school in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Since that’s only a couple hours away, Pete and Myka decide to check it out … even though they were told to drop it.

At the boardinghouse, Jane tells Kosan she doesn’t want to bring the other Regents in on this because she’s afraid of putting their lives on the line.Myka finds Wells in school Kosan suggests killing Sykes, but Jane says they need to know his plan first or the Warehouse could still be vulnerable. In Cheyenne, Pete and Myka scour the school for the artifact … except it’s not an artifact, it’s a person. Myka sees H.G. Wells in an English Lit classroom, even though Wells is supposed to be locked away somewhere.

But something weird is going on; Wells doesn’t recognize Myka, and she has an American accent (or a “British person trying to sound American” accent). When Pete busts in with his Tesla out, Wells dives under the desk, cowering in fear. They check her ID, which says her name is Emily Lake. disarming WellsThey show her their Secret Service credentials and go to her apartment (where she lives with her cat, Dickens). Myka notices that the “family photos” on the wall have been doctored and figures the Regents must’ve put Wells into some kind of witness protection. Myka remembers that H.G. Wells was born in 1866 in a place called Atlas House … hence the Atlas-66 filename. Wells comes out of the kitchen brandishing a knife—upside-down–and is immediately disarmed by Pete. (Myka: “H.G. Knows kenpo; if she wanted to hurt you. you’d be lying in a pool of your own blood right now.”)

Pete gets a bad vibe and looks outside in time to see Marcus Diamond (who he saw briefly in Atlanta) getting out of a car. When Diamond breaks into Wells’s place, Pete is waiting. Diamond knocks his gun away and they start fighting. Diamond’s pretty tough, but with some help from the cat PeteDiamond takes a fall tosses Diamond off the balcony to splatter on the ground five stories below. When Pete catches up to Myka and Wells in the parking garage, he’s shocked to find Steve holding a Tesla (which he took from Myka) on the two women. Pete can’t believe Steve is working for Sykes and he’s even more shocked when Diamond strolls in a minute later, in perfect health. Steve zaps Pete and Myka with the Tesla and he and Diamond drag a screaming Wells (or Emily Lake) away.

When they wake up, Myka and Pete have to tell Artie they not only disobeyed his orders, but they lost Emily Lake. They also mention Diamond and Steve, but Claudia refuses to believe Steve has gone bad. She figures there must be a reason Steve is working for Sykes, but Artie says sometimes Sykes interrogates Emily Lakepeople just make bad choices. At Sykes’s hideout, Diamond tries to intimidate Emily Lake, but she insists she’s not H.G. Wells and doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about. Steve’s truth-detection ability confirms that she’s telling the truth … at least as she believes it. Diamond wants to go medieval on her and use an artifact to force her to talk. C.B. DeMille’s riding crop can make people obey its wielder, but Sykes says it only controls people’s bodies, not their minds. Sykes figures they’ll have to wait for Tyler to decrypt the rest of the files before they can make use of Wells.

At the Warehouse, Myka asks what the Regents did to Wells and Artie said they used the most humane option to deal with her. Since Claudia has already decrypted the rest of Atlas-66, Artie shows them the file. Wells hadflashback to Wells losing her memories to the Janus Coin her consciousness split from her body by a Janus Coin; her body became an empty shell (soon filled with the details of Emily Lake’s life) and her consciousness was stored on the Janus Coin, which explains the holographic Wells Pete and Myka have interacted with. The Coin is stored in a vault in Elk Ridge, South Dakota so Jane sends Pete and Myka to get it before Sykes. At about the same time, Tyler decrypts the same files and finds the same data.

In Elk Ridge, Pete, Myka, and Claudia go shopping at a supermarket with a very specific list that brings them to the attention of the store manager … who just happens to be wearing an Eye of Horus pin. I wonder if anyone ever randomly bought those items and wondered why they were getting special finding Wells's holo-projectorattention? The manager takes them to the freezer room where he uses a key they brought to open a vault. Wells’s holo-projector is in the vault and Claudia activates it by popping the Janus Coin out and shoving it back in, like a computer disc. Wells (or her holographic consciousness, anyway) is surprised to see them there, but she’s really shocked when they tell her what’s been going on … especially the part about her being an American cat lady now. Wells says she has no clue why Sykes is trying to put her back together.

At the Warehouse, Artie asks Jane about the Collodi Bracelet and she says it plants a seed of darkness. The wearer has an insatiable longing but can’t give or receive love. Artie wonders if they were too late getting the Braceletargument in the woods away from Sykes when he was a kid. On the way back from Elk Ridge, Pete pulls off into the woods. He says he has an idea on how to protect the Warehouse from whatever Sykes is planning … destroy the Janus Coin. Without Wells’s consciousness to reunite with her body, Sykes’s big plan can’t happen. Myka is dead set against it, but Pete says it’s for the greater good.

Claudia brings holographic Wells into the conversation and she agrees with Pete; destroying her consciousness will protect the Warehouse and that’s the most important thing. She says she’ll live on through Emily Lake, at Wells and Myka say goodbyeleast in a way. Myka finally agrees, but she’s not happy about it. Wells says her goodbyes and for all the Myka/Wells shippers out there (including me), there’s definitely something more than friendship going on. Joanne Kelly once said she thought Myka and Wells were kind of in love with each other, and you can see an inkling of that here. Wells goes back into the Coin and Myka and Claudia walk off, leaving Pete to do the dirty work since it was his idea.

Pete prepares to smash the Coin with a rock, but finds he can’t complete the action. Diamond and Steve show up and Diamond is using the riding crop to control Pete’s body. Before Steve can get the Coin, Myka and Claudia come back and Myka threatens to shoot Steve. Diamond forces Pete to clock herClaudia squares off with Steve with the rock and Claudia grabs the Coin and takes off into the woods, pursued closely by Steve. He catches her and asks for the Coin back, but she says he’ll have to shoot her to get it and attacks him with a branch. Pete and Diamond hear a couple of gunshots and Steve comes back with the Coin. He tells Pete he can either chase them or help Myka and Claudia … but he better not hesitate, because Claudia hasn’t got much time.

Pete and Myka search the woods, fearing the worst, but Claudia’s fine. She fills the in on what happened between her and Steve: he told her he’s been flashback to Steve telling Claudia the truthundercover this whole time, getting close to Sykes to figure out his master plan. Getting canned by Mrs. Frederick and burned by the Regents was all part of it and he helped Sykes as much as possible to gain his trust. He gave Claudia an address (Skyhook 3) and fired a couple of shots into the ground. She handed over the Coin before hiding to wait for Pete and Myka. Skyhook is a decommissioned airfield in Featherhead and they figure the number three refers to the hangar Sykes is hiding in.

At the hangar, Steve gives Sykes the Coin and he gives it to Emily Lake. Her memories return and she becomes H.G. Wells again, body and soul. Sykes already has a getaway plane ready to go and Sykes thanks Steve for everything he’s done to help them. Pete, Myka, and Claudia show up at theClaudia finds Steve dead hangar loaded for bear (Tesla rifles this time), but Sykes and his cohorts are already gone with Wells. Sykes left a surprise for them, but it’s not a pleasant one … they find Steve dead in a chair, another one of Sykes’s operatives getting their “reward”. Naturally, everyone is devastated, especially Claudia. This originally aired as a two-hour special, so viewers didn’t have to wait to find out what happened, but I’m sticking to my format (and ramping up the tension), so you’ll have to wait until next week to see how the team handles this loss.

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