Warehouse 13 Reviews: Season 4, Episode 19

Warehouse 13 opening titleEpisode 19: All the Time in the World

Last episode, Claudia’s new friend Nick betrayed her so he could get into the Warehouse and de-Bronze Paracelsus (who turned out to be his uncle). By the time Steve got to the Bronze Sector, Paracelsus and Nick were gone and Claudia had been Bronzed. This episode starts with a flashback to Nick using an artifact to fill Paracelsus in on the five centuries he missed while Bronzed. It worked (Paracelsus started speaking English instead of German) and Nick toldParacelsus slaps Nick Paracelsus that he and his mother no longer wanted to be immortal. Nick also tried to convince him to spare Claudia, but Paracelsus didn’t trust anyone associated with the Warehouse so he slapped the shit out of Nick. It turns out we’re watching a re-creation of the scene from the durational spectrometer Pete and Myka are using, although they don’t get the audio since the spectrometer only replays visuals. Artie has almost repaired the Bronzer, so they’re hoping to get Claudia back to normal.

Unfortunately, the Bronzer doesn’t restore Claudia and when Artie checks the circuitry, he finds out why: the artifact that powers the Bronzer (a Paracelsus's ransom noteMesopotamian bronze stele) is gone. In its place is a message from Paracelsus, saying that he wants something and Sutton knows what it is. Sutton is better known as the Count of Saint-Germain and they captured his ex-wife (Charlotte Dupres) last episode. She’s currently being watched over at the boardinghouse by Abigail. Artie, Myka, and Pete confront Charlotte, but she has no idea where Paracelsus went with Nick, since that wasn’t part of the plan. Artie says Paracelsus seems to have altered the plan and now Nick is in his power.

Charlotte tells the others that Paracelsus is Sutton’s brother and was combining scientific research with the power of artifacts back in the 1500s. (Paracelsus is played by Anthony Head and Sutton by James Marsters, so it’s cool to see those two on screen together again.) Paracelsus offered Sutton aflashback to Paracelsus and Sutton bunch of money to test his immortality theory, but he needed a more diverse array of subjects so he kidnapped Charlotte and Nick as well. Paracelsus made them all inhale vapours from the Philosopher’s Stone, giving them immortality. Paracelsus disappeared and Charlotte later found out he was taken and Bronzed by Warehouse agents, but she doesn’t know the reason. There’s nothing in the Warehouse files about it either.

Charlotte tells them how Nick has been stuck as a fifteen year-old for centuries, never able to have a real relationship because his girlfriends always age while he doesn’t. Charlotte wants to reverse the immortality, but Nick stuck at fifteenneeds Paracelsus since he’s the only one who knows what other artifacts he used besides the Philosopher’s Stone. Charlotte figures Paracelsus might’ve gone to his lab in Istanbul (not Constantinople), but she doesn’t know exactly where it is. She says Sutton might know, but she has no idea where to find him either. While Artie uses facial recognition software to look for Sutton, Pete asks Myka why she hasn’t started her cancer treatments yet. She gets defensive, saying she wants to handle things in her own time; I think she’s avoiding starting the treatments because it’ll make it all too real … once she starts, she can no longer pretend she doesn’t have cancer.

Despite the Warehouse computer system being really slow lately, Artie finds Sutton, who’s posing as a Russian businessman to woo a Luxembourgish duchess. He sends Pete and Myka to Luxembourg, telling them to take Charlotte. After they leave, Artie gets bad news from Steve … Claudia is starting to crumble. Artie figures Paracelsus Bronzed her with the steleClaudia crumbling instead of putting her in the Bronzer, so now she’s in an unstable state. If they can’t stop the disintegration, or reverse the Bronzing, she’ll crumble away to nothing. As Artie and Steve look for a solution, Mrs. Frederick shows up out of nowhere. She seems a little out of it, saying that something feels wrong. Artie shows her Claudia and Mrs. Frederick says they’ll have to check the Restricted Files to see why Paracelsus was Bronzed. As she heads for the file room, Steve notices she walks away instead of disappearing like usual.

In Luxembourg, they spot Sutton at a fancy party as he announces his engagement to the duchess. Charlotte says he’ll probably steal all her jewels Mrs. Frederick checks restricted filesand use them to finance some other con job. Before they can decide what to do, Sutton sees them and guides his fiancée out of the room. At the Warehouse, Mrs. Frederick shows Artie the Restricted Files (which are hidden in plain sight, in the storeroom), but says she has to access them herself. But when she finds Paracelsus’s file, it’s been redacted. Artie is still researching cures for Claudia when Steve comes to say she’s getting worse. Artie gives him a device to help monitor her condition.

In Luxembourg, Sutton has accelerated his plan, drugging the duchess and preparing to steal her jewels. Pete and Myka bust in and the duchess tries to call her bodyguards. Charlotte comes in and shoots Sutton in the chest; that’ll probably get the guards’ attention. At the Warehouse, Mrs. FrederickPete and Myka fight the security guards tells Artie about the redacted files, but she seems really out of it now, almost like she has dementia. She finally gets her shit together and says she’ll contact Kosan. In Luxembourg, Sutton revives from being shot, which causes the duchess to faint. The guards come in but Pete and Myka beat the hell out of them (Charlotte takes one of them out too). In the confusion, Sutton gets away.

At the Warehouse, Steve hooks up the monitor but can’t find any vitals for Claudia. Artie says he’s figured out a way to stabilize her on a genetic level, which will delay the disintegration, but he needs a blood sample of similar DNA. He tries to get in touch with Claudia’s brother (Joshua) but can’t get a Eldunari, the heart of the Warehousehold of him. Artie has a back-up plan, but isn’t too keen on using it. In Luxembourg, Sutton tries to escape by getting more security guys to attack Pete and Myka, but the duo make short work of the guards and Pete grabs Sutton. At the Warehouse, Kosan comes to see Artie and confirms that something’s wrong with Mrs. Frederick. They look in the Restricted Files room and go down to the heart of the Warehouse, the Eldunari (which looks like a bunch of Futhark runes swirling around in mid-air). Some of the runes are disappearing and Kosan says that since Mrs. Frederick is linked to the Warehouse, the deterioration in the Eldunari is mirrored in her mind.

In Luxembourg, Pete, Myka, and Charlotte fill Sutton in on Paracelsus’s return to life, and Sutton tells them what happened five hundred years ago. He found out Paracelsus had killed an entire village to power the immortality treatments, so he went to the authorities before Paracelsusflashback to Sutton splitting the Philosopher's Stone could pull off his next scheme. Warehouse agents took Paracelsus and Bronzed him (ironic, since Paracelsus invented the Bronzing process) and Sutton split the Philosopher’s Stone in half and removed the geode in case he needed it later. Now that he’s back, he’ll probably take up where he left off, killing more people in the name of science. Pete shows Sutton the half of the Stone recovered by Charlotte and Sutton says his half is safe. Sutton also tells them where Paracelsus’s lab is in Istanbul and they all get ready to travel there.

At the Warehouse, Steve uses a radio that belonged to Barry Seal (CIA and Cartel pilot) to communicate with Claudia in her Bronzed state. Artie says he can’t get a hold of Joshua but knows where he is; Artie promises he’ll get the DNA soon. Claudia says she can feel herself deteriorating and Steve tries Paracelsus comes to search the unconscious Pete and Mykato reassure her. In Istanbul, Pete, Myka, Sutton, and Charlotte have picked up Sutton’s half of the Stone. Sutton leads them to Paracelsus’s lab, under a ruined monastery. They split up, but soon get separated when Sutton and Charlotte hear Nick calling for help and take off. Pete and Myka find each other and make their way to a chamber covered in symbols. Pete sees the bronze stele, but before he can grab it, a trap door opens and he and Myka fall into a pit. While they’re unconscious, Paracelsus comes in and takes the half of the Stone Pete was carrying.

At the Warehouse, Steve tries to stop Claudia’s deterioration by creating a vacuum in the Bronzing chamber, but it doesn’t work. Artie returns with the DNA and it stabilizes Claudia’s condition, but Artie says it’s only temporary. He got back pretty quick with the DNA … I’m thinking it didn’t come fromParacelsus removes Sutton and family's immortality Joshua; if this was a soap opera, Artie would probably turn out to be Claudia’s father, but I’m assuming that isn’t the case here. Maybe he knows where her parents are and that’s where he got the DNA. In Istanbul, Sutton and Charlotte find Nick but Paracelsus is waiting for them. He immobilizes Sutton with an electric net and takes his half of the Stone. He re-assembles it, inserting the geode from Sutton’s ring, then gives Sutton and family another whiff of the vapours, turning them back into mortals.

Paracelsus blames Sutton for his long imprisonment, so he tries to shoot Nick but Charlotte takes the bullet for her son. Pete and Myka show up (having climbed out of the pit) and try to Tesla Paracelsus. He deflects the shot and the monastery starts falling apart. Paracelsus grabs the Stone and Charlotte trapped under a beamtakes off and Pete chases him. Myka goes to get the stele, telling Sutton and Nick to get Charlotte out before the place comes down. They don’t get very far before a beam falls, trapping Charlotte under it. Pete comes back to help, but the beam is too heavy. Charlotte urges them to get out while they can. Sutton and Nick don’t want to leave her, but she says Nick needs one parent alive. Charlotte dies from the gunshot wound (for real this time, I assume) just as Myka returns with the stele. Myka and Pete drag Sutton and Nick out right before the whole place comes down.

At the boardinghouse, Kosan tells Mrs. Frederick the key to accessing Paracelsus’s redacted files lies with the Keeper, who’s like a living memory bank for the Warehouse. Mrs. Frederick is surprised to learn that Abigail is the Keeper. (Does that mean Leena was the Keeper before her? They don’t say, but it’s a possibility.) Abigail uses an artifact to access the redacted files. In the Bronze Sector, Claudia is restored to normal and Pete givesMrs. Frederick keels over Myka shit for trying to ignore her cancer. He says she’s running out of time and says he can’t stand to lose her. She finally agrees to start treatment. Claudia is okay, but can feel something wrong with the Warehouse. It’s a symptom of the same mental deterioration Mrs. Frederick is feeling and she shows up with Artie to explain why. When two Caretakers are vying for control of the Warehouse, one of them is bound to lose. But it’s not Claudia who’s causing the problem, it’s Paracelsus. Yup, that’s why his file was redacted … Paracelsus was Caretaker of Warehouse 9 and now he’s trying to take over control again. He’s apparently succeeding too, since Mrs. Frederick collapses to the floor.

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