Warehouse 13 Overview/Veronica Mars Preview

Warehouse 13 opening titleLast week was my final review of Warehouse 13, after five seasons of great shows. When I first started reviewing it, I wasn’t sure if i’d like it or not, but I ended up absolutely loving it. The premise (secret Warehouse housing artifacts that are too dangerous for people to know about) is a natural for adventure stories, which I’m a sucker for. But the best adventure show in the world doesn’t work if you can’t get interested in the characters, and these characters are great.

Pete’s goofy earnestness, Myka’s nerdish seriousness (and tolerance of Pete’s goofy earnestness), Artie’s grumpy facade, Claudia’s exuberance, andgoodbye Warehouse 13, we'll miss you Steve’s never give up attitude … this is one of the best emsembles ever put together. If I had to pick a favourite, I’d go with Claudia; she’s part naive, part cynical, and all fun. She really does seem to have a sense of wonder about her job and she’s not afraid to break the rules to do what’s right. I also like H.G. Wells and wish she’d gotten more screen time (and yes, I’m still shipping her and Myka).

As for a favourite episode, I really can’t choose. To paraphrase Pete in the final episode, my favourite episode was all of them … every moment I got to Wells backspend with these characters was great. Certain things stand out (the telenovela, meeting Wells for the first time, Claudia’s debut), but it all fits together into a great tapestry. Apparently, there were plans for more episodes before the show was canceled, some of which sound pretty cool. That’s what I liked about the new stories in the final episode as they were figuring out their defining moments; it hints that there are many more adventures these characters have had that we weren’t privy to, which means the list of stories with them really does feel almost endless. For me, the wonder is certainly endless.

Now to the business of figuring out what show to review next. I went through pretty much the same list as last time around. Xena would be interesting, but it’s a lot of episodes, and not in HD. The Librarians was a great show, but it might be a little too similar to Warehouse 13, so I think I’llVeronica Mars S01 title hold off on that for a while. (Oooh, Warehouse 13/Librarians crossover special! Someone needs to make that happen.) In the end I settled on Veronica Mars, as I’m sure you guessed after seeing this column’s title. I know it’s not a genre show, but it sounds pretty cool and I’ve never seen it before, so I’m hoping I’ll fall in love with it like I did Warehouse 13. I do like Kristin Bell, so that’s a good start, and with the show getting a reboot (or revival, or whatever it is), the timing is good. So, join me here next week for my first Veronica Mars review; I hope it’ll be as much fun as Warehouse 13 and Lost Girl were. See you there 🙂

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