Veronica Mars Reviews: Season 1, Episode 21

Veronica Mars S01 titleEpisode 21: A Trip to the Dentist

This one deals with rape and there’s a lot of slipping stuff into people’s drinks without their knowledge, so if that kind of thing bothers you, you might want to skip this episode. It starts in Havana, Cuba, where Keith has managed to find Duncan by tracing the fake passport he used. (Interestingly, Duncan is reading the Globe & Mail, a Toronto paper; as far as I know, the show was filmed in California, not Canada. But Canada has always had trade with Cuba, and Canadians are allowed to travel there, so maybe the Globe & Mail is sold there.) Duncan asks if Keith believes he killed his sister and Keith says he’s not sure, but he knows Abel Koontz didn’t. Back in Neptune, Dick Casablancas isLogan and Weevil get into it showing Logan his bitchin’ new custom surfboard when Veronica walks by. Logan tries to talk to her, but is warned off by Weevil. Logan and Weevil argue over Lilly and almost get into it before a teacher breaks it up. Later at home, Veronica’s trying to shower away the dirtiness she’s feeling after learning Logan was handing out GHB the night of Shelly’s party … the same night Veronica blacked out and was raped.

Logan comes to the door to ask why Veronica’s suddenly so pissed off at him. She mentions the GHB and the fact that she was raped at Shelly’s party. Logan is stunned (she’s never told anyone what happened, not even Veronica surrounded by guysher dad or Wallace), and he admits that he and a couple of friends (Sean and Luke) got some GHB in Mexico, but he says he had nothing to do with what happened to her. She tells him she’s going to find out who raped her and make them pay, no matter who it turns out to be. Unfortunately, Veronica doesn’t have a lot of friends at school, so getting people to help her might be difficult. She asks Meg first, who says she saw Veronica half out of it, surrounded by guys giving her booze and kissing her. Meg wanted to help, but someone else (a dude) came running in and told all the guys to get lost and helped Veronica inside.

Keith brings Duncan back to his mother, but Celeste refuses to pay the reward, saying she and Veronica had an “arrangement”. She gives Duncan shit for running away, and says he should’ve at least taken his meds with him. At school, Veronica asks Luke (who owes her for saving his ass from dope dealers) about the GHB. Luke says Dick was complaining about howVeronica puts the moves on Dick Beaver was getting more action than him and Sean reminded him he was dating Madison Sinclair, he hottest girl in school. Dick said Madison was stingy with sex, so Luke gave him a couple of GHB tabs, assuming Dick would take one and give the other to Madison. But Luke later saw a pissed-off Madison writing “slut” on Veronica’s car, so he figures she didn’t take the GHB, since it would’ve mellowed her out. When Veronica confronts Madison, she says Veronica was wasted and making out with half the people at the party, including Dick. Veronica tells her she was drugged, not drunk, but Madison doesn’t believe her.

At home, Keith and Alicia are fighting because Alicia almost got fired over the bugged plant Veronica sent to Clarence Wiedman. Veronica tries to smooth things over, but Keith gives her shit and sends her to her room. Later, he tells her about Duncan being back and about Celeste trying to Veronica and Shellywithhold the reward. He suggests maybe Veronica would be better off getting a normal job, but she says helping him has kept her sane through all the crazy shit over the last year. At school, she asks Casey (who she tried to help when his parents wanted to jack his inheritance) about Shelly’s party. Casey confirms her drunken make-out with Dick, but in true Rashomon fashion, his recollection is slightly different than Madison’s. Veronica was wasted and Dick basically initiated it, then Casey pushed her away because she was so drunk. He says later Dick and Sean were feeding her shots and coercing her into making out with Shelly (who seemed pretty into it).

Veronica is cleaning out her locker (as a catharsis, I guess) and apologizes to Wallace about his mom. He’s cool about it, but asks why Logan ended upDick encourages Beaver to bang an unconscious girl using one of the absent slips he swiped from the office for her. She makes up some excuse and I think Wallace kinda knows she’s bullshitting him, but he doesn’t call her on it. Veronica asks Sean (the guy who stole the money at the poker game) about the party and he says he, Dick, and Beaver took Veronica into a bedroom when she was unconscious. Sean claims Dick encouraged Beaver to bang her and even threw him a couple rubbers before he and Sean left.

Veronica’s way of getting Dick’s attention is more direct … she sets up his brand new surfboard and threatens to run over it. Dick says he found her (drunk but awake) in the bedroom with Beaver, practically begging him to bang her. When Dick gets insulting, Veronica runs over the surfboard. She Beaver hurls outsideconfronts Beaver, whose story is closer to Sean’s than Dick’s. Dick was trying to get Beaver laid and set him up with a girl who was supposed to be easy, but she left early with Logan. So Dick and Sean brought Beaver into the bedroom where Veronica was passed out and told him to start banging. After they left, Beaver covered Veronica up and then ran outside to puke, where a couple of girls (including Carrie Bishop) saw him. Beaver seems proud that he didn’t rape an unconscious girl, until Veronica reminds him he just left her there alone.

At the office, Veronica’s doing more ritual cleaning and gives Keith a message that the person he’s been looking for in Las Vegas has been found. He’s worried about her being at home alone, but she tells him she’ll be fine. At the Echolls’ house, Aaron is overcompensating again, trying to make a special dinner for Logan. Unfortunately, he’s chosen crab cakes and Logan’sVeronica and Duncan going at it deathly allergic to shellfish. Aaron doesn’t even know when Logan’s birthday is, but he still wants credit for trying. Logan says as soon as he turns 18, he’s outta there. Veronica asks Carrie (who she’s been kinda cool with since they exposed Mr. Rooks) about the party and she says she saw Veronica and Duncan about to get it on (apparently enthusiastically on both sides), so she closed the bedroom door.

She goes to see Duncan and he admits they had sex, but he thought she was into it, since she seemed to be relatively lucid and enthusiastic (and he was pretty wasted too). He figured she wanted to pretend it never happened, so he never mentioned it and he’s surprised she doesn’t actually remember. Celeste watches Duncan and Veronica's talkShe asks why he just took off and left her there if it was all consensual and loving and he says when he woke up and realized what he’d done, he freaked. Turns out Celeste (who’d been trying to break them up for a while) told Duncan that Veronica was his (half-)sister from Jake’s affair with Veronica’s mom. That’s why Duncan dumped her so precipitously and why he was freaked out about banging her (and he admits, sister or not, he never really stopped loving her). As Veronica turns to leave, she sees Celeste watching them. So, does this mean Celeste technically never had anything against Veronica and the only reason she was trying to break her and Duncan up is because she sincerely believes they’re brother and sister?

Veronica goes to Wallace’s place and tells him everything about the party and Duncan and everything else. She even shows him the files she’s put together on Lilly’s murder. She then apologizes to Alicia for getting her inVeronica tells Wallace everything trouble with Wiedman. Alicia’s pretty cool about it, but worries she might’ve ruined things between her and Keith. Veronica tells her Keith really cares about her and things will work out fine. Meanwhile, Keith is in Vegas setting up a date with an escort. Turns out he’s been tracking this particular woman (Cheyenne) for a while; she was with Abel Koontz the night of Lilly’s murder, which means she can alibi him. Cheyenne’s not too enthusiastic about that idea, but Keith says the person who actually killed Lilly should be in jail not Koontz.

Veronica tells Logan she’s sorry for suspecting him and says she wasn’t raped, just had drunken sex with Duncan. I’m not sure if that really counts as consensual, since they were both out of it, but I guess the important surprise partything is that Veronica doesn’t feel violated anymore. And maybe talking to everyone, finding out what all happened, and finally telling people her story helped work through everything. Aaron has planned a party for Logan, so he and Veronica head into the house, smooching the whole time. But it’s a surprise party, so all their classmates are there (including Duncan) and get a front-row seat of Logan and Veronica making out. So much for keeping the relationship a secret.

Dick starts mouthing off and Logan tells him to get the hell out, repeating it to the room in general if they have a problem with Veronica. Duncan’s not thrilled about his best friend dating his ex (and possibly his sister), so heMadison gives Veronica's drink something extra walks out. Madison acts all friendly and gives Veronica some punch, but Meg warns her not to drink it, saying Madison likes to spit in people’s drinks (which she calls a “trip to the dentist”). Veronica confronts Madison and she admits she spit in her drink the night of the party and gave it to Veronica. So I guess that means Dick put the GHB in Madison’s drink, not knowing she would hand it off to Veronica.

Outside, Duncan can’t open his car and loses his shit, going nuts and busting the window with a shovel before kicking the car like a maniac. I assume this is because he’s been off his meds lately, but Meg comes outside, sees his freak-out, and figures it’s because he’s still in love with Veronica. Logan and Veronica slip out of the party to his room and start making out like crazy. It looks like they’re ready to bang, but Logan Duncan freaks outconfesses something about the night of Shelly’s party: he and the others were messing with Veronica when Duncan stopped them (which is what Meg described to Veronica earlier), and Logan wanted Duncan to loosen up, so he spiked his drink with GHB. Veronica says it’s fine and they start making out again. Logan goes to get a key to the liquor cabinet and Veronica notices a camera in the ceiling fan above the bed. She traces the wire to a closet and finds other cameras pointed at the bed, so she assumes Logan is a perv and calls Weevil to give her a ride home. She gets another shock s she walks in the door … her mom is sitting on the couch with her dad.

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