Veronica Mars Reviews: Season 3, Episode 13

Veronica Mars S01 titleEpisode 13: Postgame Mortem

This one starts with some half-time drama at the basketball game. Hearst is getting killed, so the coach (Tom Barry) harangues the team, giving his own son (Josh) some extra motivational vitriol. Unfortunately, that motivates Josh to quit, which doesn’t do the team much good for the rest of the game. Wallace tells Veronica about the debacle later and she points out he’s getting a lot of playing time, so there’s that. Wallace says he’s only getting court time because his friend (or ex-friend) Mason is always in trouble with the coach, even though Mason might actually be the better player. WallaceLogan's suite in a mess asks how Veronica’s doing after her latest break-up with Logan, but she’s still not in a great place. She’s handling it a hell of a lot better than Logan though: when Dick stops by the hotel room to let Logan know he’ll fail Economics if he skips class one more time, he finds a couple of hotel employees outside Logan’s room. Apparently Logan has been ordering room service but not returning the trays and they’re running short. Dick heads into the room and cons Logan into going out on the balcony. Dick locks him out there and lets the hotel guys in to clean up the pigsty that is Logan’s suite.

Dick tells Logan he’s got a date with a hot babe tonight and she’s bringing her sister, but Logan’s not interested. At the office, Veronica finds Coach Barry’s wife and son meeting with her father. Coach Barry was found shot Josh and his mom at Keith's officeby the side of the highway and Sheriff Lamb thinks Josh might’ve done it, so they hired Keith to prove his innocence. Josh says after the blow up at half-time, he cooled off them went out to this spot on the coast where his dad always went to unwind after a loss. The Coach’s car wasn’t there, but his body was. There was no cell signal, so Josh headed home and his mom made him shower since he was covered in blood. Someone else must’ve called in the murder because Lamb showed up and found Josh’s bloody clothes and his dad’s championship ring (which Josh says he found in his locker after the game and assumed was a peace offering from his dad).

Josh’s lawyer (Cliff) says the PCH biker gang have been carjacking a lot of people along that stretch of highway, so they could be the ones who killed Coach Barry. Josh also mentions a big Hearst benefactor named Stoltz who’s been pushing to replace the coach with someone who could win. After JoshLogan meets Heather and his mom leave, Cliff says he believes them, but they’ll need solid proof. Keith mentions Josh’s little brother, but he’s severely autistic, so he can’t testify. At the hotel, Dick gives Logan shit for his slovenly ways because the girls are about to show up. When Dick’s hottie (Melinda) and her sister Heather arrive, Logan’s “date” turns out to be twelve years old. Yeah, he’s the babysitter; Dick and Melinda head out to a beach party and Logan goes back to bed to brood some more, leaving Heather to amuse herself with the big screen TV.

Veronica asks Weevil if he can arrange a meeting with the new head of the PCH bikers and he agrees … after she offers him money. Keith goes to ask Stoltz tells Keith his alibiStoltz about Coach Barry, who isn’t too broken up about Barry’s death. Stoltz was on his private jet when Barry was killed and tells Keith to check it out. The next morning, Heather is still in Logan’s suite and he gets a call from Dick saying he and Melinda took an impromptu road trip to Vegas, so he’s stuck with Heather for the day at least. Heather gives Logan shit for being such a drag; it looks like she’s one of those precocious kids who are always telling adults what to do about their problems … sort of a junior version of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

Veronica meets with the new PCH leader, who turns out to be Arturo from Versatile Toppings. Arturo insists the PCHers didn’t jack the Coach (he drove a ten-year old station wagon) and tells her they use nail strips to popArturo tells Veronica she's on the wrong track people’s tires, not guns. At the hotel, Heather gets Logan out of his depression by cajoling him into playing Mario Kart. She gets him to admit he’s all angsty because of a girl and then asks if he’s got any extra-small clothes around. (“I’m starting to smell like you.”) Veronica goes to see Josh and asks him to take her to the spot where he found his dad’s body. Meanwhile, Mason goes to the cops and tells Lamb he saw Coach Barry arguing with Josh beside the highway the day the Coach was killed.

Out by the highway, Veronica finds tracks leading toward the cliffside, which makes her think the car was pushed over, not stolen. When she brings Josh home, Lamb is waiting to arrest him for killing his father. At the visiting Josh in jailhotel, Logan gets a call from Dick saying he and Melinda got married, so they’ll be staying in Vegas for a while longer. Heather and Logan are getting along okay; she even pranks him by pretending she’s going out to see some predator she met online … and Logan falls for it. Veronica visits Josh in jail and tells him the Coach’s car was found in the ocean off the cliffside. Josh mentions Mason might have a grudge against him because he took his starting position on the team. He also says Mason was flashing a gun around at a party recently, but Lamb wouldn’t listen when Josh told him that.

Josh asks Veronica to get him a book and maybe some peanut butter cookies; she says she can swing the book, but the cops usually inspect (in other words, eat) whatever food anyone brings by. Keith confirms Stoltz’s alibi, but his work is interrupted when Mindy O’Dell drops by. Keith tells herMindy's excuses for Keith's evidence he wants to drop her case and mentions the eggshell he found on her Volvo, even though she claims she had the car at the Neptune Grand Hotel the night the egging went on at Hearst. Keith also mentions a phone call from her to Professor Landry, even though the two of them were supposedly in the hotel room together all night. Mindy comes up with some weird excuse about going to the lobby to buy toothpaste for Landry and calling him to check the brand. It sounds like horseshit, but Landry confirms it.

Mindy says she can’t explain how eggshell got on her car, but she doesn’t Heathr gives Logan advice on romancewant Keith to give up on proving her husband was murdered. He reluctantly agrees to keep looking into it. At the hotel, Logan tells Heather a few details about his break-up with Veronica and she says maybe he just needs to try harder. He says he left a heartfelt apology on her voicemail and didn’t even get a call back, but Heather’s sense of romance remains undimmed. Keith checks with hotel security about the night O’Dell died and learns the lobby tapes are erased after a month, but the parking valets keep records forever.

Veronica talks to Mason, asking how he could’ve seen Josh’s face if he was driving by on the highway. Mason says he recognized the Hearst team jacket and caught a glimpse of Josh’s profile as he went by. When Veronica asksVeronica questions Mason about his gun, Mason tells her to fuck off. Keith later confirms Mason was with his girlfriend when the Coach was killed. Keith says he hasn’t quite dropped Mindy’s case and he’s learned someone took Mindy’s Volvo out of the hotel lot at 1:51 AM and returned it at 2:59. Since the murder happened around 2:20, Veronica figures either Mindy or Landry must’ve killed O’Dell and Keith asks if she knows someone who can help at the hotel.

Veronica asks Logan’s “friend” Tina (from Hi, Infidelity) about room charges and Tina says Landry and Mindy got room service and ordered Kiss Veronica unimpressed by the songKiss, Bang Bang on pay-per-view at 2:02 that night. She says Veronica’s old nemesis Jeff Ratner was on duty then. In Logan’s room, Heather tells him she called the local radio station a hundred times until she got through to dedicate a song from Logan to Veronica. Logan gets her back for her earlier joke by telling her local calls cost two bucks each … and she falls for it. Veronica hears the song (Nick Lachey’s “What’s Left of Me”) on the radio while looking for Ratner, but she’s not impressed.

Logan is skeptical about Heather’s plan, but she says girls love big gestures like that and that people in love shouldn’t give up so easily. Logan offers toawkward elevator ride take her up to the gym to keep her from going stir crazy. Ratner tells Veronica he heard an (indecipherable) argument when he came to deliver room service, so he left and returned later and Mindy answered the door. Veronica is surprised to hear the argument was between two men. As they’re leaving, they run into Logan and Heather on the elevator and things get awkward. It doesn’t help when Veronica notices Heather is wearing one of her shirts (which fits perfectly).

Heather makes things worse by mentioning the song dedication and telling Veronica Logan still loves her and wants her back. Veronica is unmoved and Landry passes Veronica's testLogan drags Heather off the elevator as soon as he can, giving her shit for interfering in his life and telling her love is a hell of a lot more complicated for adults than it is for kids. Veronica runs into Professor Landry at Hearst and he mention her internship at the FBI is looking good, especially since O’Dell wrote her a glowing recommendation shortly before his death. Veronica tests Landry’s knowledge of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and he passes the test, although he could’ve seen that movie before or after he night O’Dell died so I’m not sure how that proves anything.

The next morning, Logan gets a call from Dick; he and Melinda are on their way back from Vegas and guess what? They’re already looking to get divorced. What a shock. Melinda tells Logan Heather has been a bit manic inHeather hugs Logan goodbye her bubbliness since their dad walked out on the family, but as long as she takes her Prozac she’ll be fine. Logan realizes why Heather was so invested in him and Veronica working things out and he apologizes and takes her out for ice cream. At the office, Keith lays out all the facts he’s uncovered for Mindy, but she has no explanation for the Volvo being checked out, the movie no one remembers watching, or the argument between two dudes in her room that night. She fires Keith, but he says he’s going to keep investigating, for her dead Veronica arrested in classhusband’s sake. Melinda picks Heather up and she agrees to play Mario online with Logan every Thursday. Veronica drops by the jail to give Josh some books, including a hollowed-out copy of Count of Monte Cristo with some peanut butter cookies inside. He mentions Mason’s gun again, but Veronica says if Mason shot Josh’s dad, he probably tossed the gun in the ocean. The next day in criminology class, Veronica gets a surprise when Sheriff Lamb shows up to arrest her for helping Josh escape from jail.

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