Veronica Mars Reviews: Season 3, Episode 19

Veronica Mars S01 titleEpisode 19: Weevils Wobble But They Don’t Go Down

This one starts with Veronica and mac waiting in line to buy frozen yogurt at the Hearst Food Court. Veronica mentions Piz’s disappointment that she’s going to intern with the FBI all summer and Mac advises her to let Piz know that she’s just as bothered by the prospect of not seeing each other for months as Piz is. A blonde girl at the front of the line gets in some kind of trouble with her student ID and is hauled off by campus cops. In the Human Resources office, Weevil tries to get worker’s comp for hurting his knee moving a washing machine. But the HR guy doesn’t seemVeronica and Piz get sexy to believe Weevil was really hurt on the job. He says he can file the claim, but might have to wait a couple months to see if it goes through. I guess Weevil can’t afford to go to a doctor and can’t afford to stay home from work, so he’s kinda screwed. Later in Piz’s dorm, Veronica takes Mac’s advice and tells Piz she’ll miss him over the summer and she’s not looking forward to the long-distance thing. Her heartfelt admission leads to some sexy times on Piz’s bed.

At the police station, the head of Hearst campus security tells Keith that two students recently got in trouble for using fake student ID cards to buy stuff. Weevil in the line-upStudent cards are sort of like debit cards; the students can put money on them to buy stuff at Hearst, but these two students had fake cards loaded up with fake money, which means they were committing fraud. Their parents have already paid off the money and the students were put on probation, but the security head says they bought the fake IDs from a non-student, so that’s Keith’s department since he’s acting Sheriff. Both students (one of whom is the blonde Veronica and Mac saw earlier) pick out the same guy from a line-up as the one who sold them the fake IDs … and it’s Weevil.

Naturally, Weevil calls Veronica for help and tells her he’s already lost his job. He’s being accused of using his janitor keys to get into the Bursar’s office, make fake ID cards, and load them up with cash before selling them.Veronica flashes her badge at Bursar's office Weevil says he wouldn’t have a clue how to do that and figures he’s being accused because of his criminal background. Veronica wonders how anyone would know about his record and he reminds her he talked about it in her Criminology class as a favour to her. Veronica checks with the Bursar’s office (flashing her brand new detective badge) and learns the card-making machine is the only one on campus. It’s made by a company called Magneto Corp and if anything happens to it, the machine has to be shipped back to Magneto Corp headquarters in Marietta, Georgia.

Veronica learns that a cashier is the one who figured out students were using fake IDs because the names they used were suspicious, so she made a list and finally blew the whistle. Veronica talks to the cashier (Jalisa), who Jalisa shows Veronica the listshows her the list of names: Niels Bohr, Sylvia Plath, Leonardo Fibonacci, Honus Wagner … yeah, I’d say those are pretty suspicious. Jalisa says she’ll keep an eye out for others, but they quit coming after “Sylvia” and “Honus” got busted. Veronica lures “Sylvia” (whose real name is Abigail) to the library with an email about an overdue book. After flashing her badge again (I think Veronica just loves showing that thing off), Veronica asks Abigail where she got the fake card. Abigail says her real card was out of money and Weevil approached her to offer to sell her a card with a thousand dollars on it for only a hundred bucks. She says she had to keep eating, so she bought the card, not thinking it would cause so much trouble.

While walking through the halls, Wallace notices some dude following him … and picking one of his discarded papers out of the garbage can. Veronica asks Weevil about his worker’s comp claim and he insists he didn’t make the fake cards. Veronica says both witnesses claim they met Weevil at 1:00Keith gives Weevil bad news PM, but Weevil says that’s his lunch break … which he spends alone in his car. Keith tells Weevil he’s been bailed out, but also has some bad news: the campus cops found another Magneto Corp machine in an empty locker right next to Weevil’s locker. So much for the machine being one of a kind. In the engineering lab, Wallace puts the finishing touches on his year-end project, a big model airplane. He tells Veronica about the guy who was following him and she says he should double back on the guy and catch him.

Wallace’s engineering prof tells Veronica that you’d need a super-computer to crack the digital codes on a Hearst ID card. He says there’s one in the Physics Lab, but they’re pretty strict about letting anyone else use it, and engineering prof talks techyou’d still have to write the software to crack the code and wait while the computer decrypted it. Not likely Weevil would know how to do that, even if he did have access to a Magneto Corp machine. The prof tells her to talk to Leon, a grad student who just got a paper published on crypto. Later, Veronica urges Piz to ask her father to do an interview on the Hearst radio station, since Vinnie is already scheduled to be interviewed. Keith agrees to do the interview, but he has some bad news for Veronica … the card-reader machine they found next to Weevil’s locker had his fingerprints (and only his prints) all over it.

That night, Veronica asks Leon about making fake student IDs and Leon finds out his research materials are all missing. The next morning, Keith’s radio interview doesn’t go well when he says he’ll keep enforcing theWallace catches his stalker underage drinking laws in campus-area bars. Vinnie says he’d rather deal with terrorism and murder, not worry about some harmless drinking laws. Naturally, the students love that. In the library, Wallace catches his stalker, who has transcripts of all his grades and a bunch of photos of him. Turns out the guy represents the Castle, a Skull and Bones-type secret society at Hearst, and they want Wallace to join. Of course, it has to be a secret.

Veronica shows Weevil a photo of the card-making machine and he doesn’t recognize it, so they start retracing his steps the day before he got arrested, to see what he might’ve touched. His first stop was the radio station (where Veronica gets a photo of a suspectKeith is still getting annihilated), but there’s nothing there that someone could’ve transferred his prints from. After striking out at the HR office, they go by a dorm where Weevil fixed the sink. He notices that a bunch of stuff that used to be under the sink (and that he had to move) is now gone. Veronica is surprised to find out one of the girls living there (the one who broke the sink by dumping ramen down it) is in Veronica’s Criminology class, which means she knows about Weevil’s record. Veronica makes a fuss over the girl’s hairstyle and takes a picture of her, but it turns out she really wanted a pic of a photo that’s pinned up on the board behind her.

The photo is of a bunch of rich kids on a ski trip to Aspen and when Veronica and Weevil examine the photo, they recognize a couple of faces. Besides the ramen-dumper, there’s Abigail and Leon, and Veronica figures one of the others is “Honus Wagner”. She asks Weevil if he wants to just clear himselfAspen photo or take all these rich punks down. You can guess which option Weevil chooses. At the hotel, Dick gets serious for once and starts talking to Logan about Beaver. Spending time with his dad has made Dick feel guilty about treating Beaver like shit and Logan says he needs some time away, so he invites him to go surfing tomorrow. Dick agrees, but says he’s bringing some anti-depressants in the form of a 24-pack of beer. Meanwhile, Veronica has put up the Aspen photo around campus, asking for names of everyone in the pic as a sort of “missed connection” thing.

The next day, Veronica, Piz, and Mac go to the beach with Wallace to test his Dick apologizes to Macmodel plane, which crashes on its maiden flight. Logan and Dick are there surfing and they all end up hanging out, which gets awkward fast. Dick (who’s half-cut) apologizes to Mac for treating her (and Beaver) like shit. Logan and Piz get into a weird argument when Piz mentions how he never had time to surf because he had to work, which Logan takes as a “working class vs. rich class” dig at him. I think maybe Logan is being a tad oversensitive here (or it’s just his jealousy coming out).

Thanks to her Aspen flyers, Veronica is able to identify the other people in the ID card scam, including one named Patrick Nickerson, whose father just happens to be the head of Magneto-Corp. Patrick approaches Veronica andVeronica meets the conspirators brings her to a conference room in the library where all the co-conspirators have gathered. They know she’s onto them, so they offer to load her up with a fake student ID card so she’ll never have to spend another cent at Hearst. Apparently, they stole a third card-making machine from Patrick’s dad and are ready to start up their scam all over again … using less obvious fake names this time.

Veronica isn’t temped by their offer, but does record it and threatens to give it to her father unless they all turn themselves in to the campus cops by tomorrow. Abigail let it slip that they weren’t hiding the new card-maker in their dorms, so Veronica sends Weevil to the engineering lab to look for it before they can retrieve it. At the hotel, Dick shows Logan a video he was Logan wails on Pizemailed of Veronica and Piz messing around in Piz’s dorm. It’s not a full sex tape, but Veronica is naked. Logan goes to the radio station and beats the living shit out of Piz. At the office, Keith tells Veronica all the conspirators turned themselves in to the campus cops. She gets a call from Weevil, who says he didn’t find the card-making machine in the lab … but we see he’s lying; he did find it. Keith listens to the “confession” Veronica recorded and points out that it wouldn’t hold up in court, but she says the conspirators didn’t know that. Logan shows up at the office, bruised, bleeding, and with his hands all busted up from pounding Piz.

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