Lost Girl Reviews: Season 2, Episode 22

Lost GirlEpisode 22: Flesh and Blood

This one starts with Bo and Kenzi doing an inventory of weapons (plus a teddy bear) to use against the Goruda. Bo figures all the weapons are too mundane to do any real damage and knows she has to use the Naga venom to kill the Goruda but can’t see how. Kenzi slaps her and Bo slaps her back; they quickly realize they’re being controlled by Vex, who’s been sleeping on the couch. He tells them he’sstabbed bear sick of their constant worrying about the Goruda. I’m thinking Vex is worried too, but he deals with it by trying not to think about it. He forces Kenzi to stab the teddy bear, but before Bo can give him shit, she gets a call from Trick. He tells her to come to the Dal and bring the cane-sword he gave her for her birthday.

When she gets there, she learns there have been a lot more incidents around town, proving the Goruda’s power is growing. He’s worried about Bo’s plan, which is basically to use her blood to put all her friends in thrall so she can use their power against the Goruda. But Trick is afraid that having that kind of power will corrupt her. Trick says the cane-sword Trick muggedbelonged to her grandmother, Isabeau. He pulls out a small vial hidden in the hilt and tells her it’s Isabeau’s life essence; it can neutralize poison, cure disease, and even stop the darkness growing inside her. They hear a noise upstairs and go to check it out. There’s a weird smoke creature flying around, but Bo’s sword just goes right through it. The smoke creature grabs Trick and disappears with him.

Bo calls for backup but it’s too late. Hale and Kenzi go to study Trick’s maps, since he was close to figuring out the Goruda’s location. VexVex contrite wonders why Trick is so important and Bo tells him Trick is the Blood King, which shocks the shit out of him. Downstairs, Kenzi’s having trouble reading Runic, which she describes as a cross between Egyptian hieroglyphics and a doctor’s prescription pad. She treats the symbols as a secret code, saying she was a master of codes back in high school. (Though some of her appellations sound a bit weird: “We’ve got a silent house, a pair of broken glasses, and Bo and Laurena skinny guy lifting weights at the beach.” Tolkien is spinning in his grave.) I guess Hale can’t read the runes either, so Kenzi’s plan is as good as any. Bo goes to see Lauren and finds out she could only salvage one dose of Naga venom. They almost have a very romantic moment, but Bo screws it up: “I love you … all, so much.” You almost had it there, Bo.

At the Dal, Kenzi takes a break and gets a neck massage from Hale, which gets Vex’s attention. (Vex: “Oh go ahead and merge naughty bits already. Hale massageSeriously, I am the only one seeing this?” No, you’re not the only one who sees it.) Bo shows up and tells the others her plan to use her blood to control all of them so they can present a united front against the Goruda. Nobody’s thrilled about it, but Bo says it’s the only way to get past the mutual distrust that’s lingering in some of them. In the Goruda’s lair, Trick is delivered to him by the smoke creature. Trick says he can’t be forced to use his blood powers, but te Goruda says he has another way to get what he wants. He pulls a “ghost of blood kingChristmas past” and transports himself and Trick to Trick’s castle at Edenderry, near the end of the Great Fae War. Trick sees himself on the throne getting advice from a dude named Allister, who’s the Mole guy that we saw last episode. Apparently he was a metaphorical mole before he was a real one, feeding info to Trick’s enemies. That’s why Trick banished him and why he owed Trick a debt.

At the Dal, Bo asks Kenzi for a “favour”. She’s worried that controlling so many powerful people will turn her evil like her mother (Kenzi: “Long as you don’t turn bee-yotch.”), so she tells Kenzi if she starts to go evil, Kenzi should use the unbinding ritual Trick used on Bo and Lambert. If that doesn’t work, Kenzi will have to kill her. Kenzi’s understandablyfake injection reluctant, but finally promises she will, if it comes to that. Upstairs, Lauren is giving everyone shots of Bo’s blood. It’s obvious that Dyson (or Kenzi) hasn’t told anyone that he got his love back from the Norn. When it’s Vex’s turn, he makes Lauren spill some stuff as a distraction, grabs an empty vial, and pretends to inject himself. I guess the guy who can control people doesn’t like the idea of anyone controlling him.

In the past, Trick contemplates using his blood powers to end the War, but his wife, Isabeau, tells him it’s too dangerous as there are always consequences to using his power. She suggests trying to broker peace with one of the Dark armies, but Trick says they can’t be trusted and forbids it. Isabeau and TrickThe Goruda reminds Trick that Isabeau went to try the peace negotiation anyway, and judging by the anguish on Trick’s face, it didn’t end well. At home, Dyson stops by and offers to bang Bo, to give her as much strength as she needs. She says no, thinking it’s just a side effect of the blood injection he got. Ah, if she only knew. But before he can say anything, Kenzi comes in and says she figured out where the Goruda’s hiding. It’s an abandoned insane asylum … of course.

They plan their assault and get a surprise visitor: Hale’s sister Val shows up with weapons from the family vault and offers to go with them. Hale’s not happy about it, but she insists and gets a dose of Bo’s blood. Bo gives a motivational speech, ending with “Let’s go kick some evil ass.” At the asylum, Vex is being a dick (as usual) and Bo splits the team: Dyson andcrossbow Kenzi Vex go one way, Hale and Val another, and Bo takes Kenzi and Lauren with her. Bo must not be a D&D fan, or she’d know never to split the party. Bo, Lauren, and Kenzi are attacked by some goons and Bo takes out two of them. The last one goes after Lauren, but Kenzi puts a crossbow bolt in his neck. Dyson and Vex are attacked too and make short work of their foes, but Vex’s right arm gets smashed by a morning star.

When they run into each other again, Lauren offers to stay with Vex since he’s in no shape to travel (multiple arm fractures). Bo’s not happy about leaving her but Lauren insists and Bo finally agrees. She gives Lauren a big smooch (which doesn’t make Dyson too happy) and leaves her with Vex. In the past, Isabeau goes secretly to treat with the Dark King, thinking she can end the War. Allister swears not to tell Trick, but as soon as she leaves Kenzi slicedhe writes a message to someone. Trick asks the Goruda what was in the message and the Goruda seems surprised he doesn’t already know. At the asylum, Kenzi is now with Val for some reason and they run into Hale at the site of a previous fight. One of the unconscious dudes wakes up and slices Kenzi across the side. She starts bleeding like crazy and Hale is understandably freaked out.

In the past, the Goruda tells Trick the message Allister sent was supposedly from Trick himself, ordering his wife killed. Both the Light and Dark Fae were horrified by that and turned against the Blood King and that’s when Trick used his blood to force a peace. The Goruda says the whole thing was based on a lie, but Trick can make it right by undoing the peace treaty. He takes Trick back to the present, and gives him the bloodDyson vs Goruda paraphernalia. Elsewhere in the asylum, Hale brings Kenzi to Lauren and she moves Kenzi and Vex into an old operating room. Trick is about to undo the peace he forged when Bo and Dyson show up and convince him not to. The Goruda gets pissed off and he and Dyson fight, but Dyson gets his ass kicked. Bo and the Goruda square off.

In the operating room, Kenzi’s still bleeding like hell and Val says some feel the powergoons are approaching. Vex wants to take off and Lauren realizes he faked the injection of Bo’s blood back at the Dal. That explains why everyone was still sniping at each other and why Bo doesn’t have all their power to draw on. Lauren gives Vex a real injection and the difference is immediate and obvious. Fighting the Goruda, Bo’s eyes get that evil blue glow we’ve seen a few times before and she goes on the offensive. In the operating room, Hale uses his siren power to cauterize Kenzi’s wound, which seems to work pretty well. I’m not sure about that; Kenzi already lost a lot of blood, so cauterizing the wound shouldn’t instantly revive her like it does. But I guess this is “fantasy medicine” where stopping the bleeding immediately revives aGoruda enters Trick person. There’s a neat callback to the first episode when Kenzi wakes up, as she wonders if she got roofied again. She convinces Lauren she has to see Bo and the others help her up. Bo is getting the upper hand against the Goruda until he projects himself into Trick’s body, the same way he did with Nadia.

Naturally, Bo doesn’t want to fight Trick, even though he’s fully under the Goruda’s control. The others show up and the Goruda starts to use Trick’s trick injectionbody to undo the peace treaty. Vex holds him back, but it takes all his power. Bo remembers that Nadia had Fae DNA in her blood, so the Goruda’s essence must exist inside whoever he inhabits. Bo injects Trick with the Naga venom, which causes the Goruda to exit his body and dissipate. Unfortunately, that kills Trick too and Bo freaks out, going darker as she vows to slaughter everyone who worked for the Goruda. Kenzi tells her it’s time for her meds, but Bo uses Isabeau’s essence to revive Trick instead of driving the evil influence fromBo goes nuts herself. Trick notices her eyes still have the evil blue glow and tells Kenzi to perform the unbinding ritual fast. Bo goes nuts like she did  at the Lich’s place in Episode 8, ranting about ruling the world and having everyone kneel before her. Kenzi does the unbinding with Hale and Bo keels over, which Trick says is a good sign.

At the Dal, Trick is brooding and Bo tries to get him to join the victory party. He says even if the Goruda’s vision of the past was bullshit, there may have been some truth to it: the Light and Dark might have united Kenzi's armover the death of the Blood King. Bo reminds him that he once told her not to put too much stock into visions, but he reminds her that the Nain Rouge’s vision of Bo killing him came true … though there was no mention of an immediate revival. Upstairs, Kenzi thanks Hale for saving her and shows him her arm, which is all red and full of pustules … not coincidentally, right where that black shit splashed her when she was at the Norn’s place. Hale says she should have Lauren look at it, but she blows him off and goes outside for some air. Dyson urges Lauren to get out of town before a new Ash is chosen, but Lauren seems to want to stick around with Bo. Something tells me Dyson wasn’t so much motivated by concern for Lauren’s welfare as he was bymirror Bo getting rid of a potential rival. As Vex observes, Bo’s gonna have fun juggling Dyson and Lauren’s feelings toward her, and hers toward them. Bo goes out to look for Kenzi, but when she looks in the mirror she sees the evil blue glow is back in her eyes. Strangely, she doesn’t seem all that worried … in fact, she almost looks happy. Yeah, that could spell trouble down the road. But we’ll have to wait to see what comes of that, because this was the last episode of the second season. Next season we’ll get more into Bo’s dark side and the mystery of who her father is.

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