Lost Girl Reviews: Season 3, Episode 13

Lost GirlEpisode 13: Those Who Wander

This episode follows on from last time, which ended on several cliffhangers: Trick was mugged and tossed in a car trunk; Dyson was captured by Isaac Taft (Lauren’s new scumbag boss) and forced to fight in a cage; Lauren found out Taft was experimenting on Fae to make humans’ lives better; and Tamsin was shot by a guard when she and Bo tried to get into Taft’s compound. This episode begins with Bo beating the hell out of a guard and draining some of his chi. But when she tries to use that chi to revive Tamsin, the energy just flows back to the guard. He passes out before giving Bo any info on where to find Dyson. We see Dyson still in his glassine cage, surrounded by other captured Fae. He tries to get through to Aife, but her mind seems to be gone and she just rambles about Death coming for them.

Bo takes Tamsin back to her place and (for some inexplicable reason) calls Kasey and Amanda, two of the sorority girls from “The Kenzi Scale”. I guess it was established that they were friends with Tamsin, but they’re acting like total goofballs, sniping at each sorority girlsother one minute, then making out. They tell Bo the bullet isn’t what’s killing Tamsin, it’s just that Valkyries have a natural life-cycle and Tamsin’s reached the end of hers. (Which explains why her hair has been falling out lately.) The Muffys also mention that Tamsin’s been working for some bad-ass, ancient dude lately; Bo knew Tamsin was up to something after finding the photos and the magic vial in her truck last episode. Amanda decides she might as well take the bullet out—it’s okay, she’s been pre-med for twenty years, so of course she knows what she’s doing. This particular operation includes a makeover … unfortunately, it’s pre-Richard Gere Pretty Woman. Bo calls Kenzi, who says she’s safe in the sewers, but we see she’s actually being held by the Morrigan after getting grabbed by her troll last episode.

When Tamsin revives, she says she’s too weak to use her Valkyrie power on all the guards at the compound. Bo is obviously wondering who Tamsin’s really working for, bad makeoverbut she plays it cool. Tamsin says Massimo (the douchey druid) can give her a power boost, so Bo agrees to meet him. Kenzi tries to figure out what the Morrigan wants with her, but the Morrigan only tells her that Trick is dead. At the compound, Dyson finally gets some answers from Aife. Apparently it was Taft who grabbed Aife after she fell from the landing while fighting Bo. Taft’s been interrogating her about who the strongest Fae is and Aife said it was Dyson. She knew Dyson loved Bo enough to give up his wolf for her (she saw it in Bo’s eyes when they were fighting), so she gave his name as the strongest Fae in order to protect Bo.

We see that Lauren is still caged too, with Gerry the turncoat bartender’s wife, whose name is Suneetha. She’s wounded and Lauren tries to help her. When Taft shows up toMassimo and Tamsin get Lauren, she insists on him letting her save Suneetha before she’ll cooperate; Taft seems to agree. Bo and Tamsin meet with Massimo, who gives Tamsin the essence of the kiss he got from Kenzi last episode. He says he’s taking off to a cabin up north and warns Tamsin about letting personal feelings get in the way of the job. Apparently, the guy who hired them only cares about results and doesn’t like excuses. At the compound, Taft tells Lauren his brother was beheaded (by a Wendigo, as it turned out) when they were kids and he got blamed for it and shipped off to an asylum. He spent his whole life researching Fae and now wants Lauren to turn him into one of them by splicing Dyson’s DNA with his. He seems to want Lauren’s approval, and tells her she can’t go back and tell the Fae about him since she’s already walked out on them.

At the compound, Bo and Tamsin walk right up to the front door and are immediately Kenzi threatenedcaptured—which is all part of their plan, as far as I can tell. At the Dal, the Morrigan asks Kenzi about Bo’s “lineage” and Kenzi tries to be glib but accidentally lets it slip that Bo can feed off multiple people at the same time. The Morrigan tries to zap her with a stun gun, but the protection charm that Hale slipped into her pocket last episode keeps her safe. The Morrigan figures the Dal is warded somehow, but says she already got what she needed and tells her troll to get rid of Kenzi.

Bo is taken to meet Dr. Taft (Taft: “How’s it hanging?”; Bo: “Judging by your pants, high and to the left.”) Taft brings Lauren in, who says she’s tired of being treated like an animal by the Fae. Bo tells Lauren she loves her and Lauren says she used to love Bo. SheBo and Lauren tells Taft she’ll do the surgery on him and Dyson as long as Bo is freed, unharmed. Bo has no idea what’s going on and thinks Lauren must be brainwashed, but Lauren says she’s thinking clearly for once. I’m pretty sure Lauren is bullshitting Taft here to buy some time, but she’s pretty damn convincing. I’d say the hurt she feels over her break-up with Bo, and the resentment toward Dyson, is real and she’s using it to be more convincing. Bo is taken to a cell and Taft goes to taunt Dyson, who’s now strapped to an operating table. Lauren—still very convincing as the pissed-off lover—says Dyson probably won’t survive the operation.

In the cells, Bo realizes her mother is captive too. Aife mentions Bo’s father and says he’d slaughter all the humans, resurrect them, then slaughter them again. Bo asks about her getting juicedfather, but Aife’s too far gone to respond. Bo and Tamsin decide to put their plan into motion; Bo injects Tamsin with a syringe while feeding off her chi. Both of them get amped up from it (Tamsin: “It’s like the Trojan War and World War Two running through my veins!”) and pretend to fight. In the O.R., Lauren starts the operation by jamming a big needle into Dyson’s hip to extract bone marrow. Back at the Dal, Kenzi and Bruce the troll seem to have made friends. As she’s bandaging his arm (where the Morrigan zapped him to test her stun gun) she encourages him to quit. He says the Morrigan would kill him if he tried, then tells her he noticed the Twig of Clan Zamora in her pocket. Kenzi realizes Hale must’ve slipped it in there to keep her from being harmed.

At the compound, the guards show up to stop Bo and Tamsin’s fight. They (rather stupidly) open the cell and Tamsin uses her Valkyrie powers to knock all of them out. Earlier she said she wasn’t strong enough to affect so many, but Bo’s eyes are glowing blue as Tamsin does her thing, so maybe she’s helping somehow?valkyrie and succubus Tamsin keels over—seemingly near death—after taking down all the guards and Bo releases all the prisoners. Suneetha says Bo really is “the Chosen One”, and Bo and Aife look for a way out. They find Taft in his office, somewhat recovered from the operation. Lauren seems to have turned him less into a wolf and more into the Flash; he can move really fast now. He grabs a knife and tries to stab Bo at super speed, but Aife jumps in front of her and takes the knife in the gut.Aife knifed Dyson busts in and wastes the guard and Taft takes off. Bo says Taft needs to die and Dyson goes all wolfy and chases after him, leaving Bo with her dying mother.

Tamsin shows up and tells Bo they need to get the hell out of there. Bo doesn’t want to leave her mother, but Suneetha says she’ll stay with her. After Bo and Tamsin are gone,Aife says thanks Aife revives long enough to drain Suneetha; that’s gratitude for you. In the OR, Tamsin finally reveals her true self, saying she’s bringing Bo in for whoever hired her (though she’s still vague about who that is). She uses the magic vial, but it doesn’t work. Bo tries to mess with her head, but Tamsin’s ready to do things old school (Tamsin: “I’m older and stronger than you.”; Bo: “All I heard was ‘old’.”) They square off and start to fight.

We finally check in with Trick, who’s still in the car trunk. He’s got a dagger and is ready to fight, but it turns out Hale is behind his “abduction”. Speaking of fights, Bo and Tamsin Tamsin's choiceare really wrecking the operating room with their big brawl. They go back and forth, but eventually Bo gets the upper hand. But she refuses to finish Tamsin off, which gives her a chance to put a blade to Bo’s throat. Bo tells her to listen to her instincts and fight against whoever’s paying her. Tamsin tosses the blade, but she’s freaked out, saying her employer will come after them. Bo says they have to get everyone together; she sends Tamsin for Dyson while she goes to find Kenzi, saying they should meet at the Dal. Tamsin tells Bo she’s never met anyone like Bo in her many lifetimes and they kinda have a moment; we knew Tamsin had a thing for Bo, but it almost seems like it’s reciprocated here.

Hale tells Trick he’s done as the Ash, his last official act being to save the Blood King from the Dark. Stella Nashira pulls up and Hale says she has a gig in Scotland and wouldn’tbondage Morrigan mind some company. Trick’s a lucky guy, ’cause Stella is looking damn good. Hale says he’s going to look for Kenzi and assures Trick he’s not worried about the Morrigan, since he has a man on the inside. Turns out Vex is working for Hale and now has the Morrigan tied up and under his power. I gotta say, bondage Morrigan is looking pretty good too. I’m not sure if Vex has been working for Hale since he left, although that’s kind of the impression I get.

Dyson catches up to Taft and tells him Lauren mixed his DNA with Suneetha’s—who’s a huntingCabbit not a wolf. (A Cabbit is apparently a rabbit/cat cross, that has lots of kids and can move really fast.) Dyson gives Taft a head start, then goes full wolf and chases him down. Elsewhere, Kenzi tells Bruce the troll she wants to become Fae (which he says is a bad idea) with Massimo’s help (really bad idea). Bruce gives her the keys to the Morrigan’s brand new hot-ass car. (Kenzi: “I love you.”; Bruce: “I love you too, Kenzi.”; Kenzi: “I was talking to the car.”) Bruce tells her to keep it on the road and Kenzi says “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”

A newly-bloodied Dyson finds Tamsin waiting for him in her truck and he jumps in (after picking a piece of Dr. Taft out of his teeth). Tamsin says she should’ve expired years agoWanderer but she’s too stubborn. Dyson says whatever she’s worried about, she’s got friends to help her through it. The truck radio comes on, playing “The Wanderer”, which Dyson recognizes from Bo’s Dawning. A black-clad figure (looking almost exactly like the figure on the Wanderer tarot cards from earlier episodes) appears on the road ahead. Tamsin says she thinks it’s Bo’s father and tries to run him over, but he disappears and the truck goes over an embankment. The truck ends up flipped over at the bottom of a cliff with some kind of green mist rising from it.

At the Dal, Bo shows up looking for Kenzi and Trick, but the place is empty. The radio changed cardcomes on (playing “The Wanderer”, naturally) and Bo calls him out. Things start exploding all over the bar and a lone Wanderer tarot card floats down in front of Bo. She picks it up and is enveloped by black smoke, which makes her disappear. The tarot card falls to the floor again, except now the Wanderer figure on the card isn’t alone. And that’s it for Season 3; more of a cliffhanger than we’ve had for a season-ender before. We’ll have to wait to see what happened to Bo (and everyone else).

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