Lost Girl Reviews: Season 4, Episode 3

Lost GirlEpisode 3: Lovers. Apart.

This one starts with Dyson and Clio (the Elemental) appearing on the Death Train. Dyson’s in some pain from shifting dimensions and Clio whistles in his ear to cure him. A weirdo conductor shows up, but when Dyson mentions Bo’s name, the whole train shakes. Clio says she can hear the screams of the souls trapped on the train, so they’d better find Bo and get the hell out of there. Little do they know, Bo already jumped off the train atJulia attacks Bo with a frying pan the end of last episode. We see her running through the woods (still in a fancy nightgown, though it’s a bit muddy now). She finds an old stone house and heads inside. The place looks abandoned, with all the furniture covered and the windows boarded up. A family shows up at the door and it sounds like they’re going to be staying at the house (which the teenage daughter describes as a shithole). When they see Bo, they’re a bit startled, but all Bo can say is “Home?” The teenage daughter whacks her on the head with a frying pan.

At Lauren’s old place, we see some kind of repairman (or maybe the building manager?) fixing the A/C. He finds the file with Lauren’s real name and criminal history (the file Morrigan with an eyepatchTaft tried to use to blackmail her) stuffed into the duct. He removes it, but is surprised by the Morrigan, who melts him into a pile of goo. The Morrigan is looking a little the worse for wear after being Vex’s plaything (she’s sporting an eyepatch), but she’s obviously lost none of her power—or ruthlessness. I’m not sure why she’s at Lauren’s place though. Speaking of Lauren, we see her at the restaurant where she’s been hiding out (as a waitress named Amber with a bad red dye job). Her fellow waitress Crystal comes in and sees Lauren has reorganized everything behind the counter. Lauren shows her nerdish tendencies by explaining the new system and making jokes about the vinegar being next to the baking soda. Crystal is obviously still hot for her, but Lauren says she can’t get into anything—though I think it’s pretty clear she’s hot for Crystal too.

Bo wakes up to find the mother and daughter (Cathy and Julia Jenkins) calmly knitting. She’s still out of it and asks them about the train; Julia assumes Bo is some kind of heroin addict. Bo sees the father (Ian) hanging a bunch of shoes on a rope outside and walkingIan hanging shoes around backwards, which Cathy says is an old family tradition. These people are weird … I think Bo might’ve stumbled into the family from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Bo asks about Lauren and tries to get her bearings and Cathy asks if she’s hungry, which was probably the wrong thing to say. Bo’s eyes glow blue and she hears a voice telling her to kill everyone. Ian comes in and she eyes him up, which prompts Julia to say “Can you not look at my dad like he’s made out of hot dogs?” Bo says Julia reminds her of her best friend. Ian says Bo has to get the hell out and when his wife objects, he gets really surly. Cathy and Julia both seem scared of him, so maybe he’s an abusive prick. Bo asks if she can use the crapper before she leaves.

On the train, Dyson finds the room Bo was in and the maid is still zonked out of the bed. Dyson and Clio prepare to follow BoDyson wakes her and asks about Bo (which shakes the train again) and the maid says “he” will be mad that Bo’s gone. (She also mentions what a great kisser Bo is.) Dyson finds the door leading outside, where a piece of Bo’s nightgown is caught on the railing. Clio says the stomach cramps that Dyson had earlier could affect Bo since she left the train without a ticket, and the pain could get back enough to kill her. Dyson asks Clio to track Bo down and she uses her Elemental powers to make the scrap of nightgown start glowing. She and Dyson jump off the train.

At the house, Bo wanders down to the basement and finds some steel doors. Inside one is a bed and a few amenities, but the room is obviously a cell where Ian keeps his daughterIan holds a shotgun on Bo locked up. The family finds her snooping and Ian trains a shotgun on Bo. Cathy says they’re trying to protect their daughter from a ghost. Ian says he inherited the ghost, but everyone in his family died before they could give him details. Every year on that date, the ghost comes after them, which is why they come out to the woods and lock themselves in the rooms. Julia thinks they’re nuts because she’s never seen the ghost, but Ian says she has to get inside the room for her own safety. Julia wants Bo to come in with her, but Ian says Bo has to leave and Bo agrees. Ian locks Julia in the cell.

At Lauren’s place, the Morrigan is getting a manicure when Massimo the asshole druid shows up. The Morrigan wants him to replace her eye (“Just grow me a new eyeball or newspaper clipping about Julia's dadyou’ll be growing a new ball of your own!”) The Morrigan wastes the manicurist, which makes Massimo a bit nervous about not screwing up. The Morrigan talks about children and how they can disappoint their parents; that becomes significant later. At the house, Bo slips in to see Julia, who shows her a scrapbook of her family history. It seems Julia’s family members keep dying in weird ways: suicides, accidents, mass murder. Her dad was the only survivor when her grandfather massacred his whole family and killed himself and Julia worries he might’ve inherited some “murder gene” and is just lying about the ghost. Bo obviously feels protective toward Julia (she accidentally calls her Kenzi once), so she agrees to get her out of the house.

In the woods, Dyson loses Bo’s trail, but Clio says she knows these particular woods well, and has a friend who can help them. Her friend (John) fell asleep against a tree and wasfoot fetish buried by monkeys, which I’m assuming is a reference to some kind of fairy tale. She uncovers John’s face and asks about Bo, and John says he saw her but refuses to say which direction she went. Clio takes her boot off and offers John a lick of her toe (I guess he has a foot fetish), but he says he’d rather sample Dyson’s tootsies. We next see Dyson and Clio back on the trail, so I guess he did it. (Clio: “You must really love this girl.”; Dyson: “we will never speak of this again.”)

At the house, Bo and Julia get outside and Julia explains all the shoes her dad hung up: apparently, the ghost can’t come past the barrier without trying on all the shoes and Julia passes the protective barrieruntying all the knots. Just as Julia goes outside the shoe barrier, she mentions that the ghost can’t get into your body if you’re walking backwards. Too late, Bo realizes it’s not a ghost they’re dealing with, it’s a Body-Jumper (aka a Jumby), which jumps right into Julia, causing her to go into convulsions. Ian gets pissed off and once he realizes Julia was outside the barrier, he tries to shoot her. He admits he’s the one who slaughtered his family when he was a kid (under the influence of the Body-Jumper, obviously) and doesn’t want Julia to do the same thing and have to live with it afterwards. Bo says she knows what it’s like to have something dark inside that you can’t control.

Julia rises into the air like Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice and says she’s now pure evil and loving every minute of it. Bo tells Ian and Cathy to get out and when they see her eyesJulia possessed by the Jumby glowing, they realize she’s not what she seems and listen to her. At the restaurant, Crystal tells Lauren that she used to be a singer, but found out that being the best singer in a small town didn’t mean shit in the city. She decided on a new dream: owning a small farm where she can be self-sufficient and just enjoy life. Her waitress job is her way of working toward that dream. She tells Lauren if she ever wants to spill her guts, she should stop by. Oh yeah, these two are definitely getting it on.

At the house in the woods, Bo is getting her as kicked by Julia when Dyson shows up. The Body Jumper leaves Julia and seems to pop into Clio, who Dyson quickly grabs by the Lauren and Crystal getting it onthroat. Back in Hicktown, Lauren shows up at Crystal’s lace with beer and pizza. Naturally, Crystal is in her underwear and invites Lauren in. Called it! At the house, the Jumper leaves Clio and goes back into Julia, who promptly calls for her mother, then slices her throat. Clio goes out to get peonies (“the healing plant of the gods”) and Bo refuses to leave without trying to help Julia and her mother, even though her own pain is getting worse. Dyson tells her she could die, but she insists on helping the humans. So, same old Bo. Back at Crystal’s place, she and Lauren drink beer and talk about all the shit they’d like to forget. Then they bang like weasels in heat.

In the woods, Bo and Dyson find Julia and Bo drains her. Bo is catapulted into some kind of dream-state where she meets the Jumby who’s been messing with the Jenkins family. (Bo: “If you don’t stop torturing these innocent people, I’m gonna crack my foot off insad Jumby history your retro ass.”) The Jumby is a black woman who’s dressed in old-fashioned clothes (like, post-Civil War old-fashioned). She tells Bo (shows her, actually) that the Jenkins family were the ones who killed her fiancé, Noah (who was a white dude, incidentally; this show’s definitely set in Canada). The Jenkinses thought she was a witch, but she’s actually an Elemental. Noah didn’t care when he found out and took a bullet for her (which didn’t matter, as the bullet went through Noah and killed her anyway), so now she’s carrying her hatred of the killers down the Jenkins family tree.

Bo wakes up back in the house and tells Ian what she found out. He wonders why he has Massimo freaked by Morrigan's kissto pay for something his ancestors did, and Dyson says the past always comes back. The Jumby tries to take over Bo’s body and she fights it, but her pain from being off the train doesn’t make it easy. At Lauren’s place, Massimo has replaced the Morrigan’s missing eye and she gives him a big smooch—which totally weirds him out. The Morrigan blames Bo for capturing her, but Massimo says he and Tamsin already took care of Bo. The Morrigan is happy to hear that and anticipates doing whatever the hell she wants now that Bo’s gone. Massimo asks if he can come back and live with her, but she’s not interested.

Back at the house, Bo realizes that the Jumby and Noah’s remains were buried separately, so if they’re dug up and re-interred together, that might satisfy the Jumby’sThe Jumby and Noah's spirits re-unite need for vengeance. Dyson and Clio go to find the remains and just after he leaves, the Jumby takes over Bo’s body. Dyson and Clio move all the bones into one grave and find a couple of rings. Bo shows up and tries to kill them, but Dyson performs a quick marriage ceremony for Noah and the Jumby, using himself and Bo as proxies. The two spirits rise and mingle, then descend into the grave together. Dyson, Bo, and Clio leave .. apparently without covering the open grave.

At the restaurant, Lauren comes in and the boss tells her someone’s been phoning every ten minutes asking about a woman named Karen (Lauren’s real name, which we saw in the file Taft had) and saying there’s a reward for information about her. Lauren freaks Clio holds a knife to Bo's throatout and takes off. In the woods, Bo and Dyson say goodbye to the Jenkins family (Cathy’s still alive, in case you’re wondering) and tells Julia she can call her if she ever needs her. Lauren goes to Crystal’s place and tells her she’s leaving town and to pretend they never met if anyone comes around asking questions. Back near the woods, Dyson asks Clio to use her Elemental powers to heal Bo like she did with him, but Clio pulls a knife and holds it to Bo’s throat. She says it’s nothing personal, but Vex is paying a shitload of money to get Bo back. Unfortunately for Clio, the Jumby already healed Bo’s affliction (in gratitude for Bo helping her) and told Bo what Clio was up to—which she learned while she was inside Clio’s body. Bo beats the shit out of Clio and drains her, but doesn’t kill her. She tells Dyson she’s ready to go home.

Later, they’re driving down the road in a car (which I’m assuming they stole, going byLauren gets mugged the broken glass on the dash) and Bo falls asleep. Lauren is hitchhiking down the road when Crystal pulls up. Lauren jumps in, but gets mugged by someone in the back seat. So I guess Crystal’s just a two-faced asshole … but who’s she working for? Dyson and Bo drive past Crystal’s car on the side of the road and consider stopping to see if someone needs help, but Dyson says it’s more important to get Bo home. Man, Lauren just has the shittiest luck, doesn’t she?

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