Lost Girl Reviews: Season 4, Episode 4

Lost GirlEpisode 4: Turn to Stone

This one starts with Bo and Dyson sparring in an old gym. Bo’s still worried about Lauren, but Dyson says it’s better that she can’t be found, with all the craziness that’s been going on. Bo is also sick of lying low and wants to get out and do something, but Dyson reminds her the Una Mens are trying to police the Fae and will probably kill her as soon as they catch her. Bo would prefer a straight fight to hiding, but finally agrees with Dyson. She’s apparentlygym sex getting hungry, as she puts the moves on him and they start banging in the boxing ring. There’s a weird noise and we see a gargoyle sitting nearby, seemingly watching them. But when they look, the gargoyle is gone and Dyson says the noise was probably just old pipes. Maybe this gargoyle will be like a Weeping Angel.

At home, Kenzi is still taking care of Teenage Tamsin (though “taking care” is a relative wards on Bo's placeterm, as she’s letting her eat tons of junk food). Tamsin seems to be doing well, as none of her hair falls out when Kenzi brushes it. (Hair falling out is a bad sign for Valkyries.) Bo comes home and a ward that Trick put on the entrance flames up, so Kenzi has to let her in. Kenzi mentions the ward is only supposed to activate against evil … hmmm, I wonder if that’s a clue? Tamsin still can’t remember her previous employer (i.e. Bo’s dad), but Bo isn’t sure she’s being completely honest. Kenzi checks her phone, then says they should go to the Dal for drinks; they leave Tamsin at home to watch X-Files, which she apparently loves.

The Dal is a little depressing (Bo likens it to occupied France), but Kenzi says it’s the safest place for Bo to be. Bo puts on some music and gets everyone in the place dancingdirty dancing at the Dal (to “I Know What Boys Like”, though it doesn’t sound like the original version) and stripping … she’s like walking, talking Ecstasy. Kenzi talks to Massimo the scumbag druid, which was obviously her real reason for coming. Massimo says she still owes him for the stuff he’s giving her to simulate Fae powers, but Kenzi says she wants permanent powers and she’ll pay him when she gets them. He gives her some more (temporary) power-up, but doesn’t really agree to do permanent.

At home, a couple of burglars come in and Tamsin’s Valkyrie powers manifest. Instead of empty housemaking them doubt themselves, like usual, it just seems to spur them on. Tamsin keels over with a huge pain in her back. The Dal is really rocking, with everyone dancing (to Spice Girls this time) in various stages of undress. The gargoyle makes another appearance, though nobody notices it. Kenzi shows Bo her Fae Fireworks and Bo is happy instead of pissed off. Dyson mentioned there was something different about Bo since she got back and this is a good sign of it: the old Bo would at least have been worried that Kenzi was messing around with Fae magic. When they get home, the place is cleaned out and Tamsin has grown again … back into Rachel Skarsten.

At the police station, Bo tells Dyson what happened and he says it may have just been regular human burglars, since the magic ward wouldn’t keep them out. Tamsin is Tamsin at cop shopscarfing down a doughnut and seems like she’s kinda out of it; her mind doesn’t seem to advance at the same rate as her body … or maybe she’s regressing mentally every time she grows. Bo and Dyson start talking about banging, using shopping as a euphemism, and Tamsin asks if she can come along. Bo takes off to find the thieves, leaving Dyson to babysit Tamsin. He says she’s going to help him find Lauren.

Speaking of Lauren, we see her and Crystal (her new girlfriend who betrayed her last Bo saves Kenziepisode) locked up in a basement somewhere. Crystal is chained to a pipe and tries to apologize for fucking Lauren over, but it sounds a bit hollow. A voice comes over a loudspeaker greeting Lauren, then addressing her by her real name, Karen. Kenzi is out in a parking lot waiting for Massimo—she knows he’s the one who sent the burglars—but his thugs are there instead. They try to kidnap her as a warning to pay her debts, but Bo shows up and kicks their asses. Bo’s not thrilled to find out Massimo is the one they’re looking for.

They go to Massimo’s workshop and ask him about who he was working for when he and Tamsin set Bo up. He doesn’t tell them and refuses to return their stuff. He says heKenzi gives massimo hell wants a certain herb that Lauren used to have and if they deliver it, he’ll cancel Kenzi’s debt and give their stuff back. Bo says if he double-crosses them, she’s kill him—and it sounds like she actually means it. In the basement, Lauren finds a camera and wonders who’s watching. Crystal says she was hired to get close to Lauren, but after they fucked, her feelings changed. Lauren remembers doing the same thing to Bo (she even uses Kenzi’s term, “spy-banged”) and starts telling Crystal her background.

Lauren (or Karen, I suppose) and her brother were activists who got too heavily involved Lauren and Crystal captiveand started blowing up pipelines and shit. Unfortunately, at one of the explosions, there were people present and eleven of them were killed. Lauren took off and hasn’t stopped running since. The voice pipes up, telling her to look under a big tarp in a corner of the room. Lauren finds a bunch of lab equipment and some blood samples. The voice tells her to analyze the samples within the hour or Crystal is dead. Lauren realizes her capture has nothing to do with her eco-terrorism, it’s just “Light Fae bullshit”.

At Lauren’s place, Bo and Kenzi are checking all the plant life for the herb Massimo wants. Of course, Lauren has a whole wall of herbs, so that complicates things. Bo wonders if Lauren was working for Dr. Taft willingly, to get something from him. She finds the file with Lauren’s real name (Kenzi: “Okay, not the sexiest moniker.”) andherb search criminal record. Bo feels shitty that she never noticed Lauren was lying to her. She says everyone in her life lies to her, except Kenzi; which makes Kenzi feel guilty because she never told Bo about she and Dyson almost getting it on when Bo was gone. I’m not sure why she hasn’t told her; their memories of Bo were wiped out, so I don’t think Bo would get too mad about it. Kenzi finds the herb they’re looking for, but when they try to leave, Massimo has warded the doors so fire flares up when Bo tries to cross a threshold. (Bo: “And he just graduated from a-hole to douche.”) Even though Fae wards don’t usually affect humans, Kenzi can’t get past the barrier either.

At the cop shop, Tamsin is helping track Lauren’s cell phone and driving Dyson crazy with her incessant questions. (Her mind still seems to be in “teenager”mode.) She asks about love and Dyson is reluctant to discuss it, but says she’ll know it when she feels it. Kenzi's all wetShe gives him shit for being mean and says she didn’t get to choose whether she wanted to be Light or Dark, since her previous self made that choice. Dyson says maybe she’ll get a new choice someday. Foreshadowing, maybe? At Lauren’s place, Kenzi says her temporary Fae powers wear off eventually, but she contemplates showering to accelerate the process. Makes sense, since it’s a powder/cream that she applies to gain the Fae powers in the first place. While she’s talking about showering, Bo pours water all over her (Kenzi: “Refreshing.”) and Kenzi heads out to get the components to remove the ward. Bo says Kenzi might be the new Trick, with her knowledge of spells and such, but Kenzi says she’s the new Bo, since she’s the one saving the day.

Bo roots through Lauren’s drawers and finds a present that Lauren bought for her and a note (“For giving me the freedom to love … and I do.”) It’s a necklace and Bo is touched, but her reverie is interrupted by the gargoyle appearing again and the lights blinking off,gargoyle then back on. Bo kind of sees the gargoyle in the corner of her eye, but when she turns to look, it disappears. The lights keep going crazy and she starts talking out loud, telling the Wanderer he won’t take her again. The gargoyle keeps popping in and out and Bo finally sees it, with blood on its mouth … and she has a wound on her forearm. Kenzi gets back and removes the ward on the front door. At the cop shop, we see Tamsin with a couple of bloody marks on her back, right where wings would grow. I guess this is supposed to make us think Tamsin’s changing into the gargoyle, but I think Valkyries do have wings of their own, so it’s probably a fake out.

Kenzi bandages Bo’s arm and finally spills her guts about everything: stealing from Trick Kenzi upsetand Hale to pay Massimo, kissing Dyson, being in love with Hale. Bo is upset, but Kenzi said she had to do something because Bo left her and she would’ve been killed by the Una Mens. Kenzi says no matter what she does, or how much they all care for her, she’ll never really be one of them, and she was sick of always being on the outside looking in. I see where Kenzi’s coming from, although Bo’s disappearance was hardly her choice. Anyway, Bo’s not happy, but Dyson calls to tell her he lost Tamsin. (Kenzi: “What? She’s just a baby; she doesn’t even know how to twerk yet.”; Dyson: “Yeah, well, she also looks like my old partner who used to bang Hydras over lunch.”) Bo and Kenzi realize the whole thing with the herb and being trapped inMassimo and Tamsin Lauren’s place was just Massimo getting them out of the way so he could go after Tamsin (Valkyrie hair being worth a metric shitload of money). Bo goes to find Massimo, leaving Kenzi behind to wait for Dyson (“You two are close, right?”) I don’t know why Bo’s being so shitty; she and Dyson haven’t been a couple since she and Lauren got together, so she doesn’t really get a say in his love life. Massimo shows up at Bo’s place and convinces Tamsin he’s a friend; she believes him, which gets her in all kinds of shit.

He takes her back to his place and ties her to a chair, then tells her she’s a monster. He bad haircutmentions their previous partnership and how she tried to kill Bo. Tamsin figures that’s why Bo has been weird around her, and Massimo says people like them don’t have friends … they die alone. He gets ready to harvest her hair, which he can only do after she’s dead. Bo shows up (“Never give a woman a haircut she doesn’t want.”) Massimo grabs Bo (she really has lot her touch) and is about to cut her throat when Tamsin goes full Valkyrie and sprouts wings.

In the basement, Lauren gives the results of her tests to the cameras (the Fae elder has “Mad Fae disease” from feeding off its own family members) and tells her captor she’s done fucking around. She slips her handcuffs (something she learned from Kenzi) andfull valkyrie starts haranguing Hale, who she assumes is the one holding them. But when the door opens, it ain’t Hale … although we don’t get to see who it actually is yet. At Massimo’s, Bo talks Tamsin out of killing him and says even though they didn’t always get along before, she doesn’t hate Tamsin. They hug and Bo uses some of her succubus mojo … I’m thinking that may have repercussions later, especially since Tamsin says “This is what love feels like”. Bo gives Tamsin an mp3 player and tells her to wait in the elevator with the music cranked.

Massio says a Valkyrie getting her wings means she’s on her last life, then thanks Bo for Massimo begssaving him. Bo says she doesn’t let children do her dirty work and gives him shit for sending a gargoyle after her. Massimo says gargoyles only serve a higher authority—Elder Fae. Bo starts draining him and realizes he’s human. Massimo compares himself to Kenzi, but Bo says Kenzi is family, human or not. She takes back the hank of Valkyrie hair that he collected from Tamsin and he starts crying and begging her to give it back. He says his mommy needs it and he needs to impress her. Bo throws the hair into a red-hot brazier and Massimo jumps in after it. Human or not, I get the feeling this isn’t the last time we’ll see him.

At the gym, Bo and Kenzi make peace over Dyson and Bo says they’re family, and sometimes family members fight. At home, Dyson is telling Tamsin a bedtime story (andBo and Kenzi make up it seems like they got all their stuff back from Massimo … there’s even one of the waving cats from Bo’s birthday, although it’s no longer waving) in Kenzi’s room, which looks like it’s in the attic. I think this is the first time we’ve seen Kenzi’s room (first time for Dyson too; he says he assumed she slept in the bathtub). Dyson tells Kenzi she’ll always have a place among them, even though she’s not Fae. He says she can be “more” and offers to teach her when he thinks the time is right. He doesn’t Bo gets bad news from the Keeperelaborate, but I’m assuming he’s going to teach her how to fight. He admits that he’s lost Lauren and thinks she’s in trouble. Bo goes to see the Una Mens in their cave complex and notices the gargoyle sitting there; I guess we know who sent it. She tells the Una Mens’ Keeper to leave her the hell alone and that if they come after her, she’ll fight back. The Keeper says they were after the unaligned succubus, but according to the blood the gargoyle took, Bo is no longer unaligned … she’s chosen a side. She’s Dark Fae. And on that ominous note, the episode ends. We’ll have to wait to see where this goes, although it may very well be true. Bo has been exhibiting signs of “Darkness” for a while now.

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