Lost Girl Reviews: Season 4, Episode 6

Lost GirlEpisode 6: Of All the Gin Joints

This one starts with an opera singer doing an aria for an audience of one … some guy in an old European-style military uniform. She finishes and he applauds vigorously, then has someone come out to escort her away. She pretends to faint and hums a note into the guy’s ear, which knocks him on his ass. The diva takes off and the guy recovers temporarily, blowing a whistle that seems to cause the diva some pain. But the guy keels over again and the diva keeps running away.Bo and Kenzi help Ianka At the Dal, Kenzi is reading a (really weird) note from Tamsin, saying she’s taking off for a while to get her shit together. Bo’s still wondering how her name got on the contract binding her to the Dark Fae, but before she can ponder it too far, the diva stumbles in. Bo and Kenzi help her (nobody else in the place even gets up) and she turns out to be Russian, which is convenient, since Kenzi speaks Russian. When the diva sees Bo, she gets all worked up, saying “I’ve finally found you” and “she told me to come”. When Bo asks who told her to come there, she says it was Bo herself.

Later, in the basement, Trick ministers to the diva, whose name is Ianka. He tells Bo she’s an Alkonost, a Fae descended from Bird People, whose voice is how she feeds; she can dark belch beeraffect Fae (and humans) with her voice, but if she uses it improperly, it could kill her too. Bo’s interest is piqued when she learns an Alkonost’s voice can evoke memories, for good or ill. Trick insists Ianka be left alone to rest, so Bo heads upstairs, telling him to let her know when “Liza Fae-nelli” is awake. At Lauren’s place, she’s moving out (and dancing to some hot ass music) when the Morrigan walks in with pizza and beer—moving day traditions in Canada. (The beer is from the Morrigan’s own micro-brewery and is called “Dark Belch”.) The Morrigan actually seems friendly, which freaks Lauren out a bit. We learn Lauren has every Star Trek DVD ever issued (even Enterprise, which I actually liked for the most part), plus numerous collectibles. I knew there was a reason I liked Lauren so much! The Morrigan is much less impressed than I was, saying she showed up just in time and handing Lauren some old, leather-bound books.

At the Dal, Dyson tells Bo about Lauren working for the Dark (which Bo already knew),doing it in the storeroom and she tells him that she’s Dark now too (which he definitely didn’t know). She starts putting the moves on him, but he says Light and Dark are forbidden to bang, so she drags him into the storeroom and starts giving it to him. Bo seems to be into some BDSM stuff now, but before Dyson gets too whipped, Trick walks in on them and almost has a heart attack (Trick: “Balls of the minotaur!”) He gives them shit for breaking the rule about fraternization, then tells Bo Ianka is awake.

Bo's flashbackBo talks to Ianka, who says she sang for Bo once before, but can’t remember where. (Ianka also speaks English now, for some reason.) Ianka says Bo encouraged her to escape and to come to the Dal to find her. Bo doesn’t remember any of that, but when Ianka sings for her, she has a memory of being dressed in a fancy nightgown in a lavish bedroom and later running away through the woods. She asks Ianka to sing more, but the diva says they made a deal before: Ianka would sing and Bo would get her what she wants most—freedom.

Bo gets pissed off and her eyes turn that evil shade of blue we’ve seen before, which makes Ianka say she’s just like all the others. Bo apologizes, but doesn’t remember meeting her before, or making a deal with her. Ianka tells Bo she needs her freedom andBo finds the contract in her knife that she’s been starved by the guy holding her captive. In order to feed, she has to have a real audience. She says Bo knew she’d lose her memory, so she put the contract inside the hilt of her knife. When Bo looks, the contract is in there. Ianka’s captor (Bamber) shows up in the Dal, yelling for her to come out. Bo goes up to see him and he demands Ianka be returned to him. Bo gives him the standard anti-slavery speech (which you’d think wouldn’t be necessary, but these are Fae we’re dealing with) and he reveals he has a GPS tracker in Ianka’s necklace. Bo says she’ll tear the necklace off, but Bamber says that’ll just tighten it around Ianka’s throat. Bo tries a different tack, flattering him and threatening to reveal his selfishness if he doesn’t let Ianka perform her famous aria for a crowd. Bamber relents, but makes a list of demands.

At Lauren’s place, she finds out the books the Morrigan gave her are the private journals Lauren checks out the journalsof Charles Mayo, Albert Einstein, and Marie Curie; she’s suitably impressed. We find out a couple of interesting things here: first, the three aforementioned scientists were all Fae; and second, the Morrigan frequents garage sales. She dumps a bunch more old journals in Lauren’s lap and Lauren is incensed to read about a doctor experimenting on humans back in 1830. She’s less righteous when the Morrigan tells her that particular doctor was human. They argue over ethics of human experimentation and Lauren flatly refuses to take part in it. The Morrigan is surprisingly accommodating … she’s obviously up to something.

At the Dal, everyone is getting ready for Ianka’s performance. Trick tells Kenzi she should leave because Alkonost songs can hurt humans, but Kenzi refuses. She’s excitedMarcus threatens Ianka to see Hale come in, but he totally ignores her and heads straight for Ianka. Turns out they’re old friends, which instantly makes Kenzi jealous. Bo is too excited about possibly regaining her memories to comfort Kenzi much. Ianka starts to sing and Bo remembers being on the train and someone giving her a crown, which she refused. Before she can see his face, some guy shows up on the stage and grabs Ianka, breaking the spell. The dude says Ianka is wired to blow up, so everybody better stay cool. Naturally, Bo and Dyson immediately start thinking about a fight.

The intruder’s name is Marcus, and it turns out his people and Bamber’s have been fighting for generations. On a more personal level, he and Bamber have been stealing Trick talks about the necklaceIanka back and forth for a while now. They’re ready to bring both their species into all out war, but Trick reminds them the Una Mens will get wind of any trouble and make an example of them. Ianka almost faints, but when Marcus catches her, she gives him a little smile, which Bo notices. Bo convinces Marcus that Ianka is too weak to leave and insists she get some rest. Marcus has sabotaged Ianka’s necklace to kill her and Trick recognizes that the necklace is made of some kind of magic quartz from Atlantis. He says it needs to be frozen by “liquid argonic crystals” to render it inert. Bo says she’ll send Kenzi to get the liquid argon.

At Lauren’s place, she and the Morrigan are acting goofy from the beer (it’s 25% alcohol!) when Kenzi walks in to ask for help. She’s not impressed that Lauren is hanging out with the Dark Fae leader. At the Dal, Ianka and Hale reminisce about old times and she kissesKenzi breaks up the party him, which Bo sees. Hale pretends to leave, but hides. At Lauren’s place, she gives Kenzi the liquid argon and Kenzi gives her shit about being so chummy with the Morrigan … then says everyone misses her. Kenzi lets slip what they need the argon for, which gets Lauren’s attention. At the Dal, Bo confronts Marcus, saying she knows he doesn’t want to kill Ianka. He says he’ll do whatever it takes to keep Bamber from getting her back, even if it means killing her. After Bo leaves, Marcus and Ianka get cozy on the couch, while Hale watches from his hiding place.

Dyson uses Bamber’s tracker to listen in on Marcus and Ianka’s conversation, but they realize someone’s eavesdropping and Marcus sets off the detonator. Bo tells everyone in the Dal to hit the deck. Kenzi comes in and tells Bo (courtesy of Lauren) that Ianka’s eavesdroppingnecklace can’t explode anymore, since all the magic fire is gone from it … or something. Kenzi doesn’t tell Bo that Lauren was hanging out with the Morrigan, which is fine since Bo neglects to mention Hale kissing Ianka. Kenzi goes to look for Hale and Dyson tells Bo that Ianka and Marcus are gone. They wonder how long Ianka and Marcus had been planning their escape and Bo asks Bamber what he knows. He says Ianka was different after spending time with Marcus and Bo realizes they must have fallen in love. Dyson finds a piece of Trick’s Omni-Transmitter missing and they figure Ianka is going to broadcast a death note to all of Bamber’s people. Dyson goes to warn them and Bo heads for Bamber’s estate because he has some kind of sonic stone that she figures Ianka will use to amplify her death note. Kenzi can’t find Hale and when she finds out Ianka’s power can kill Fae, she insists on going with Bo.

At Bamber’s place, it turns out Marcus plans on using Ianka to wipe out his all enemies, aka Bamber’s people. She thought they were just going to use the transmitter to soul trainannounce their love for each other. When she finds out the truth, she refuses to cooperate, but Marcus uses a whistle to cause her pain. Hale shows up and uses his own siren power on Marcus, who pulls a gun. Bo stands in front of Hale, but Marcus says if he hears any sound besides the death note, he’ll blow everyone away. Bo tells the others to leave, but nobody does, and Ianka interposes herself in front of Bo, who’s still in front of Hale. (Bo: “What is this, Soul Train?”) Marcus tells Ianka to sing the death note and she realizes he never really loved her.

She starts singing the death note, but only for Marcus. It hits him hard and he drops the gun; Kenzi is also affected and Hale carries her out of there. Marcus dies from Ianka’s death note, then—as at the end of every opera—the heroine gets a tragic death scene. Ianka’s use of her death power while weakened is enough to kill her; she knew it would be, but was tired of being owned and fought over like a possession. She says Bo inspired her to seek freedom, and when Bo reminds her she’s no longer unaligned, Ianka says her heart can be whatever she wants it to be. She gives Bo something, then dies.

tragic ending
The ending of every opera, ever.

Kenzi wakes up on a park bench with Hale and he tells her about Marcus and Ianka Hale and Kenzi kissdying. They finally admit how they feel about each other—not in so many words, but they do smooch—and Kenzi asks if Ianka’s death note hurt Hale. He says no, but we see that at least one of his ears is bleeding. At home, Bo examines the gift Ianka gave her, which is sort of like a music box; when she opens it, she hears Ianka’s voice and has a memory of being on the train again, looking in a mirror and seeing the big handprint just below her neck. At Lauren’s place, the Morrigan gives her access to the Dark Fae labs and keys to a new condo (since the Light owns her currentLauren and Morrigan kiss place). Lauren says she still doesn’t trust the Morrigan, which seems to impress her. Lauren kisses her and the Morrigan says “This could be the beginning of a beautiful … something”, which ties back to the episode’s title with another Casablanca reference. After the Morrigan leaves, Lauren peels off some fake skin from her lip and puts it in a petri dish; so now she has the Morrigan’s DNA, or maybe her Fae essence or something?

At home, Bo and Dyson are banging like crazy, which brings out the evil blue glow in her eyes again and she gets a little too aggressive for Dyson’s taste. She says she’s afraid of Bo and Dyson bangingturning out like Marcus, all bitter and twisted from the weight of her own rage. Dyson reminds her she’s the one who inspired Ianka to be free, but Bo says that was almost a different person, one who was planning her escape while on the train, sending clues to herself in the future, and even joining the Dark willingly. Bo suddenly feels pain and the mark reappears on her. She tells Dyson she was marked by the Wanderer, or Rainer, or her father, who may all be the same person. She and Dyson are startled by three of the Una Mens who suddenly pop up in her bedroom. They say Dyson has broken the rules and they’re there to get him. He goes all wolfy (which the Una Mens seem able to imitate somehow) and prepares to attack … and that’s it. We’ll have to wait until next episode to see what happens.

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