Lost Girl Reviews: Season 4, Episode 7

Lost GirlEpisode 7: La Fae Époque

This one continues from last episode, with Dyson in the Una Mens’ custody, facing execution. Bo and Kenzi have grabbed one of the Una Mens monks and brought him to the police station so Hale can help get some answers. But Bo’s succubus power doesn’t work on the monk (because he’s a eunuch), so Hale uses his siren powers. The monk seems especially vulnerable to sound … maybe because he took a vow of silence, so he’s not used to loud noises? He spills that Dyson isn’t being executed forsuicide banging Bo, it’s because he (supposedly) committed treason back in 1899 by killing a bunch of Fae and humans. Bo and he others don’t believe it, but when they decide to use the monk to get in the Una Mens cave, he uses the Fae equivalent of a cyanide capsule: an incantation that kills him, complete with foaming at the mouth. (Kenzi: “Latin really is a dead language.”) But his robed corpse gives them an idea. In the Una Mens headquarters, Dyson is chained up naked and watches as the Keeper pronounces sentence on another Fae who broke the rules. She’s summarily executed without even removing her from her cage.

At home, Lauren is helping with Dyson’s case. She’s hooking Bo up to some electrodes and Bo kinda hits on her a bit (unsuccessfully). We see the other ends of the electrodes are hooked up to Cassie, the Oracle Bo met a few years back. Cassie’s less annoying this Cassie and Bo get readytime; at least she doesn’t talk like a Valley Girl now. Cassie’s there to take Bo inside Dyson’s memories to figure out what really happened in 1899. She mentions the big gap in Bo’s memory, but says even she can’t penetrate it. Lauren uses the “red thread of destiny” to connect Bo and Cassie, which freaks Cassie out, but Lauren says there’s no other way. When Bo is inside Dyson’s memory, her subconscious will still be in the present, so she’ll populate the memories with people she knows. (Which I guess is an excuse for using the regular actors in a historical set piece.) Cassie says she’ll pop up in the memory too, and when she does, it’s time for Bo to get out. Otherwise, her memories could fuse with Dyson’s and they’ll both go insane.

At the Una Mens cave, a couple of monks are scrubbing Dyson down like a horse. One of them turns out to be Kenzi wearing the dead monk’s robes (and she seems to enjoy themenage a trois “scrubbing naked Dyson” part of her disguise). She ties another red thread around Dyson’s ankle to establish the connection between him, Bo, and Cassie. At home, Lauren detects the connection and Cassie tells Bo to prepare herself. She’s catapulted into the past, where she wakes up in bed with two hot women, while an irate French father pounds on the door. My first thought was “Well, that’s Bo”, but it soon becomes clear that while we see Bo, she’s actually taken Dyson’s place in his memories. So it was Dyson who had the merry ménage and then changed into a wolf and busted through a boarded up window to escape the wrath of their father.

Dyson (I know it looks like Bo to us, but I’m going to refer to him as Dyson, since Trick wields a bo staffeverything that we see is something that actually happened to him) gets away, but is soon tracked down by a pissed off father and brother … not necessarily the same one. Before the guys can blow him away, Trick shows up and pounds them with a bo staff, which Dyson acknowledges is a strange weapon for turn-of-the-century France. Trick is dressed like a monk and offers Dyson sanctuary. He lists Dyson’s recent “accomplishments”: thief, con, philanderer. Trick says Dyson is infamous throughout Europe (which makes Dyson proud), but says he could do more with his life. Trick mentions something called the Helskór, the “Hell Shoes”, which have been sought by the most powerful Fae (including “the one who Wanders”); Dyson says he’s heard theTrick tells Dyson about the Hell Shoes tales of the battles fought over the Hell Shoes and that they can only be worn by someone worthy. (In real world Norse mythology, the Helskór were placed on the feet of the dead so they could walk to Valhalla.)  to Trick says a Prince is rumoured to have found them and wants to sell them to the highest bidder. Since the Shoes are said to lead to the End of Days, he wants Dyson to get them before some scumbag Fae does. Dyson sort of agrees to check things out—without really agreeing—and when Trick introduces himself as Fitzpatrick McCorrigan, Dyson refers to him as Trick … presumably for the first time.

In the present, Bo is bumbling non sequiturs and Lauren tries to make sense of it. (“Bo: “Shoes … milkmaids … boobs.”; Lauren: “It’s nice to know Dyson was an intellectual.”) Bo Kenzi the angelmentions the Wanderer, which gets Lauren’s attention, but switches back to boobs again. Funny, I always figured Dyson for an ass man. At a cabaret, Dyson talks to a barmaid named Angel (played by Kenzi with a terrible French accent) who’s wearing Victoria’s Secret-style wings. She points out the Prince who’s trying to sell the Hell Shoes. He’s sitting at a table with his scar-faced lackey (named Crater); the Prince looks like Vex. Bo has a weird memory glitch, where she sees someone from the present, Dyson’s boxing coach. The feature act comes on—Flora Bloom, whose posters we’ve already seen once or twice. She’s played by Lauren, dressed like a fin-de-siècle floozy. I’m not sure if Zoie Palmer is doing her own singing here or not. Both Bo and Dyson respond favourably to Lauren’s performance, but Dyson leaves the cabaret, much to Bo’s chagrin.

At the Una Mens cave, Hale pleads for Dyson’s life, but is rejected. Kenzi’s phone goes off and she’s discovered, so she’s set to be executed along with Dyson while Hale is dragged out. In Dyson’s memories, we find out he and Flora are lovers (though she’s mad becauseDyson and Flora-or Lauren and Bo she hasn’t seen him for a while) and that Flora was a Leshy, a woodland Fae. (By the way, Lauren’s French accent is even worse than Kenzi’s.) Dyson tells her about the Prince possibly having the Hell Shoes and she starts dreaming of a big score, enough to buy back her woodlands. They agree to split the money 50/50, then start getting it on. Since this is Dyson remembering banging Flora, when Bo looks in the mirror that’s what she sees. But she also seems to be experiencing it as herself, which means she’s kinda banging Lauren with Dyson’s dick and feeling all the sensations. She refers to it as “for investigative purposes”.

In the present, Bo starts moaning Lauren’s name, which makes Lauren feel good until she realizes it might be Dyson moaning her name. Cassie starts counting down from one hell shoeshundred, which Lauren figures may be bad news. In the past, the Prince shows up at Flora’s place (which looks like the same set they use for Bo and Kenzi’s place in the present) and Dyson hides. Vex’s Spanish accent isn’t too bad. Flora gets all seductive with the Prince and blindfolds him so she can check out the Hell Shoes (which he brought in a box), but he catches her, so Dyson jumps out and decks him. Crater starts pounding on the door, so Dyson figures the best place to hide the shoes are on Flora’s feet. But when she puts them on, her eyes change and the Shoes start burning her. She says she’s been rejected, that the Shoes aren’t meant for her, but when Dyson tries to pull them off, the shoes won’t budge. Flora has changed, gotten more angry, and leaves, followed by Dyson. Crater comes in and finds the unconscious Prince and the empty box.

In the Una Mens cave, Dyson and Kenzi talk and she says she crawled through a sewer to mask her scent before she infiltrated the cave. Dyson is impressed and says when theyCassie unties her own thread get out of there, he’s going to train Kenzi to be a Shadow Thief. She’s pretty good at regular thieving, so she should take to that pretty well. In the past, Dyson finds a bunch of bloody corpses and knows Flora is responsible, which makes Bo wonder why he was blamed for it. Cassie shows up as Bo has another memory glitch of Dyson’s coach. Cassie says it’s time to get out, but Bo’s so close to figuring things out she doesn’t want to leave, Cassie says the glitches mean their memories are starting to fuse and she’s impressed that Bo has lasted so long in someone else’s head. Cassie unties the thread from her own ankle and leaves Bo/Dyson to continue the investigation.

In the present, Cassie wakes up freaking out about the Hell Shoes, saying she never wanted to know about that kind of shit. Lauren doesn’t know what she’s talking about Dyson and Wolverine Floraand tells her to get back into the mix, but Cassie says she’s outta there. She warns Lauren not to cut the red thread, as only the person it’s tied to can do that. She also says to get a straitjacket ready for when Bo wakes up. In the past, Dyson tracks Flora down, finding her beside another victim. Flora has grown Wolverine-style claws (actually, they look more like X-23’s claws, except there are three per hand instead of two). Dyson and Flora fight and he goes a little wolfy and jams her own claws into her chest, which snaps her back to normalcy. The shoes still won’t come off and Dyson tells Flora he loves her, but she knows it’s not true; she says his great love is yet to come. Before they can figure out what to do, Flora is shot in the back by a mysterious figure with a pistol.

In the present, Lauren tries to wake Bo without success. She considers untying Bo’s red thread, but gets another idea; she takes the thread Cassie was using and decides to tie it around her own ankle, thus entering the memories herself. She leaves a message on theCrater the killer mirror in lipstick and prepares to go in. Back in the past, the Shoes have come off Flora’s feet with her death. Her killer turns out to be Crater, who says something in Latin after shooting Flora (Mortis, Invenio, In Unitate, which I think means “In unity I find death”.) and says he was ordered to do whatever it took to get the Shoes. Crater says Dyson will be blamed for Flora’s death because of his reputation. He then recites a litany of Dyson’s crimes, saying that Dyson has never committed to anything, he just uses people and moves on. He tells Dyson Flora’s death is his fault and he should just run away like he always does.

In the Una Mens cave, Dyson has been telling Kenzi the same story. He says Flora’s death really was his fault because he’s the one who made her put on the Shoes. His arrogance Dyson tells Kenzi the storyand certainty in his own abilities are what doomed her and all the people she killed. Kenzi asks what happened next and we get back to the past. Dyson refuses to let Crater take the Shoes and is about to go all wolf on him when Trick shows up and knocks Crater out. Trick says he never cared about the Shoes, but he wants Dyson to join him as he sails for the New World. In the present, Kenzi’s starting to worry that Bo might not be in time to save them; Dyson tries to reassure her, but the Una Mens come in and ask if they have any last words. Dyson says if they let Kenzi go, he’ll tell them where the Hell Shoes are; he has one in his possession and will reveal where he hid the other as soon as Kenzi is safe.

In the past, Dyson lays flowers on Flora’s grave and swears to hide the Hell Shoes. Lauren shows up, which freaks Dyson out, but Lauren appeals to Bo, saying she needs toBo figures out Dyson's clues cut the red thread and come back to the present to help Dyson. Bo has another vision of Dyson’s coach, this time holding up Dyson’s Championship Boxing Belt. She realizes what Dyson’s trying to tell her and cuts her thread. When she sees Lauren is in Dyson’s head, she almost cuts her thread, but sees the warning Lauren left. Bo then pulls a Sleeping Beauty move and kisses Lauren to wake her. It works, though Lauren says she woke because she untied her own thread. Bo says she knows how to save Dyson.

At the Una Mens cave, Bo come in with one of the Shoes, which was hidden in Dyson’s Crater unmaskedChampionship Belt. One of the Una Mens says  Mortis, Invenio, In Unitate, and Bo pulls his mask off, revealing him to be Crater. She tells the Keeper the Una Mens are the ones guilty of murder, not Dyson. She offers them the shoe in exchange for releasing Dyson and Kenzi. Afterward, they all hang out at the Dal and Bo speculates that they were all fated to be together. Dyson tells them what happened after flora’s death. He went to see Trick, who knew much of his past already, but considered him to be pure of heart, which is why he chose Dyson to found a new Fae colony with him in North America. Trick revealed himself to be the Blood King and Dyson sworeeveryone at the Dal fealty to him. Bo wonders why Tick has kept so much from her and Kenzi says Trick is scared of something. Bo asks Dyson why he never mentioned the Hell Shoes and their connection to the Wanderer before and Dyson says he’d forgotten it until Bo dredged it up in his memory. Bo decides they need to draw the Wanderer out and figures they can use the other Hell Shoe to do it. Dyson says he gave that Shoe to the bartender, Angel, and told her to hide it. Bo says it’s time to get it back.

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