Lost Girl Reviews: Season 4, Episode 10

Lost GirlEpisode 10: Waves

You’ll recall that Bo dropped a bombshell at the end of last episode, showing up at the Dal with Rainer and saying he was cool. This episode starts with Bo staring into a mirror as a voice-over of all her friends arguing plays over the scene. Bo’s covered in blood spray and Rainer (also somewhat bloody) comes in behind her andlegless says what they did was necessary and they didn’t have a choice. I guess we’re supposed to assume he and Bo killed all her friends … yeah, right. Elsewhere, we see a woman at a fancy indoor pool talking on the phone. She sounds like a big-business type, yelling at someone about a deal. She hangs up and heads into the pool to relax, but the water starts churning and something attacks her. She freaks out and we see her legs have been chewed off above the knees.

At Dyson’s gym, he and Lauren are discussing Bo’s odd behaviour and both think she’s gym meetingpossessed or under a spell. Dyson’s freaking out and Lauren’s trying to reason with him, reminding him that Bo shut them out. Kenzi comes in and says the way Bo’s acting sucks, but they need to respect Bo’s decision. She says she’s taken a case (the woman in the pool whose legs disappeared) as a way of getting their minds off all the Bo stuff. The legless woman (Diana) rolls in on a wheelchair. At home, Bo is still wondering if shutting her friends out is the right thing. Rainer comes in—wearing only a towel, so I guess they’re banging—and says what she did was necessary. Bo says she’s happy with what she did to get him back, but now that she remembers everything, she has to take some time to make sure she’s still doing the right thing. We then get a flashback; presumably, we’re going to learn exactly what happenedBo meets Rainer on the train, since Bo now has her memories back. In the flashback, we see Bo entering the train for the first time, when she was whisked from the Dal by the black smoke at the end of last season. She finds Rainer there (with “The Wanderer” playing on an old Victrola, naturally) and he says she’s just one of a long line of women who have showed up to be romanced by him. All of them either get off the train as soon as possible or get bored with him and leave later; either way, their memories are erased. Bo still wants to know why he kidnapped her, but he says he had nothing to do with it and gets the handmaiden (who we’ve seen before) to take Bo to a room, and mentions she’ll be getting off at the next stop.

At the gym, Diana says she’s Fae—an orphaned Pixie raised by humans—and tells Dyson, Lauren, and Kenzi what happened. Dyson figures it must be a company executive, since Diana was using the corporate pool when she was attacked. Diana suggests a guy named Lauren's secretDarren Clare might be behind it. Dyson and Kenzi decide to go in undercover at the company, since Dyson’s been training Kenzi as a Shadow Thief. She obviously a good student, since she whips out a pair of panties that she apparently stole from Lauren; Dyson claims he never taught her to do that. Diana says Kenzi can infiltrate the company as “mail distribution and maintenance”, which sounds like a fancy way of saying Kenzi will be working in the mail-room. Diana says Dyson can go in as “efficiency consultant”; she warns them that the whole building is monitored for heat distribution, which not only allows the bigwigs to track people, but also detects if anyone’s getting too stressed out. Very 1984. She’s hacked them into the system, so they can monitor themselves and other employees; I guess that’ll let them know if people are lying. Diana says the most important thing is to blend in …

… and we see Dyson blending in seamlessly by making every woman in the place stare at him as he pushes the mail cart through the offices. I guess Dyson’s a panty thief after all.Dyson's entrance Why is Dyson pushing the mail cart? Seems his and Kenzi’s jobs somehow got switched … imagine that. Kenzi does look good in her power suit and she’s pretty stoked, but Dyson warns her to calm down before the heat monitor blows her cover. Lauren (back at Dyson’s gym) is wired in with the two of them and can talk to them. When she asks what’s happening, Kenzi says they’re basically in a yogurt commercial. Dyson tries to deliver some mail to Darren Clare, but can’t get past executive KenziClare’s snooty assistant, so he plants something on one of the envelopes. (Assistant: “Aren’t you a little unkempt for a corporate setting?”; Dyson: “Aren’t you a little nasal to be answering phones?”) The thing Dyson stuck to the envelope turns out to be a “heat band-aid”, which lets them track the envelope to its final destination. Kenzi is supposed to follow it by going through the vents, but  notices another employee watching her. She’s ready to try some convoluted scheme to get past him, but Dyson just grabs the guy.

Kenzi heads into a vent (“If this goes Alien, I am Sigourney Weavering out of there.”) and ends up in the inner sanctum … which is full of severed legs frozen in storage jars. Kenzileg room rifles through the mail and finds substantial medical bills for Darren’s snotty assistant, Tad. She can’t even pronounce whatever affliction Tad has, so she just gets a photo and sends it to Lauren. At the pool, Dyson is doing the same thing and Lauren asks him to bring her a sample of a plant growing beside the pool. Dyson realizes the pool water is salty and finds a big pearl in the filter, on which Kenzi immediately calls dibs.

In the flashback, Bo is looking to leave the train before the next stop, but the handmaiden tells her that would kill her. She says Bo should give Rainer a chance, for all pearltheir sake, and lays out a fancy dress. She gives Bo a dinner invitation and urges her to attend, saying she looks hungry; I’m not sure if she means for food or sex … or maybe both. At Dyson’s gym, Lauren is examining the pearl he brought her and they all lament the fact that Bo hasn’t been in touch. Lauren figures out the pearl isn’t a pearl, it’s crystallized salt, which freaks Dyson out. He tells Kenzi to get the hell out of the office as fast as she can. When she and Lauren ask what the problem is, Dyson tells them the horrible truth … it’s mermaids. Apparently, that’s bad.

Kenzi’s actually excited to meet mermaids (she’s thinking Darryl Hannah and Ariel), but Dyson says mermaids are psychopaths who lure sailors off course and destroy theirdinner conversation ships. Kenzi says if mermaids are so bad, they should help rid the company of them and Dyson reluctantly agrees. In the flashback, Bo and Rainer still aren’t getting along. He insists he didn’t bring her there and that wiping people’s memories isn’t his power, it’s his curse. He’s fascinated when he finds out Bo is unaligned, but she’s still suspicious of him and decides to eat by herself.

At the office, Kenzi pretends to be a visiting efficiency expert and quizzes Tad, who turns Kenzi and Tadout to be in a wheelchair. He says he had some arterial disease and Darren paid all his medical bills and gave him a job, so now he protects Darren from the “crazies”. Tad leaves and Kenzi goes through his files, finding one labeled “creeper mail”. Must be those crazies Tad mentioned. Lauren says the files Kenzi stole earlier are all about men getting their legs cut off, all with surgical precision. Kenzi wonders why Diana’s legs were just torn off and Dyson says it might be because she’s a woman and the others were men. Lauren asks Kenzi to go back into the “leg room” and get a sample.

In the flashback, Bo finds Rainer in her room. He acts all brooding and angsty—which she seems to like if Dyson’s any indication—and he tells her he used to have the power ofangst ridden foresight. He could see his enemy’s next move, which helped him in battle. He started fighting both Light and Dark, thinking their forcing people to choose one side was bad for everyone; he says he was fighting against tyrannical rule, but can’t remember whose. Of course, we know Trick is the one who condemned him to forget after he rebelled against the Blood King’s rule. Bo seems to be feeling some empathy for Rainer just as the next stop is announced for the train.

At the office, Kenzi is having trouble breaking into the storage tanks and she gets caught by Darren, who has a cold heat signature—as in cold like a fish. He uses his merman power to fill her lungs with water, which she starts hacking up. He finds the stolen Darren attackscreeper mail in Kenzi’s purse and says Tad never showed him the stalker letters. He says the letters are from his sister and pulls out a bunch of pearls. (Darren: “Do you know what this means?”; Kenzi: “She loves Buck-a-Shuck Tuesdays?”) He says his sister Dominique wants to kill him and when Kenzi mentions Diana’s mutilation, Darren figures Dominique stole Diana’s legs so she could come after him on land. He says Tad was his first donor and all the other legs came from people who filled out their donor cards. Kenzi feels bad for Darren, since he just wanted to have legs so he could mingle with the “land people”; I think she’s still hung up on Ariel. Some severed legs and feet fall from the mail chute and they realize Dominique has dumped Diana’s legs. Darren says she’ll be coming for him but has to be in the salt-water pool system. Kenzi knows Dominique will need new legs and gets an idea.

Next thing we see is Lauren (reluctantly) entering the corporate pool. I’m not sure why Kenzi didn’t use herself as bait, other than simple self-preservation; I guess she figures Lauren has better legs, which I’d generally agree with. Lauren splashes around a bit asLauren catches a mermaid Dyson hides nearby. He sees (or maybe smells) something and gives Lauren a sign. She uses some kind of sonic pulse to immobilize the mermaid, who Dyson grabs. In the flashback, Bo is ready to leave the train when she finds a dead butterfly under a glass cloche and has a memory of holding a dead butterfly when she was a kid. She revives this butterfly, which impresses the hell out of Rainer. He says she’s the one, but insists she get off the train. He gets even more angsty, which apparently Bo’s into because she doesn’t get off the train; she comes back in and they start making out.

At the pool, Dominique is fixated on Lauren’s legs; Dyson’s ready to filet her, but she says all mermaids get magical legs for a year, so they can see what it’s like to live among mermaid talkwalking people; Lauren compares it to the Amish Rumspringa. Dominique says she returned home like she was supposed to, but her brother never came back. He found a way to replace his magical legs, so she tried to do the same. She says she’s mad enough to kill, but not her brother—her sister, who turns out to be Diana. Diana was supposed to bring Darren back, but never returned, so Dominique went after her and stole her legs. Dominique says she was tired of being shut out by someone she loves, which naturally resonates with Lauren and Dyson. At Dyson’s gym, Diana and Daren are talking and Kenzi realizes Diana is a mermaid too. Unfortunately, it’s too late, as Darren holds a knife to her throat and Diana says Kenzi is going to be her new bottom half.

Dyson and Lauren return with Dominique, but instead of her convincing her brothermermaid family and sister to come home, they convince her to join them. Darren will get Dyson’s legs, Diana Kenzi’s, and Dominique Lauren’s. Dyson is ready to fight, but they fill his lungs with water. Lauren gets an idea when she notices the plants Dyson took from the pool area have died in the fresh water she stored them in and douses the oceanic trio with ordinary tap water. They … don’t seem to enjoy it. In the flashback, Bo and Rainer have been banging like crazy, but he can sense Dyson and Bo and Rainer in bedKenzi are close to finding the magic compass, which will release Bo and wipe out her memory. Bo goes over all the clues she’s left herself, including her contract with the Dark, so she’ll find her way back to the train. She says she return and free him so he can regain his memory and his powers. He asks what she’ll do if he turns out to be a monster, and she says she’ll just kill him. She tells him to keep the train running and wait for her, then she leaves.

In the Una Mens’ cave headquarters, Bo and Rainer come in and he regains his power ofKeeper in trouble foresight after the Keeper throws the Wanderer card at him. I’m assuming this is still a flashback, taking place after last episode’s end but before the bloody beginning of this episode. The Una Mens threaten to kill all Bo’s friends, so Bo and Rainer fight them, Rainer using his power to guide Bo in her fight with the Keeper. We see Dyson, Lauren, and Kenzi cleaning up the remains of the mermaids; apparently tap water pretty much dissolves them. Kenzi wonders where Bo is and what she’s doing. Turns out, she’s helping Rainer slaughter the Una Mens. All of them are dead origin seedexcept the Keeper, who tells Bo if she kills her she’ll be damned to Irkalla. Bo runs her through with a sword. At home later, Trick comes to see Bo. She’s still mad at him, but he begs her not to kill the Una Mens. He mentions the Origin Seed that was stolen from him and says if the Una Mens are killed, all their power will transfer to the seed. He says it’s too much power for anyone and begs that she not kill the Una Mens if Rainer asks her to. you’re a little late on that one, Trick. We see the Origin Seed absorbing all the dead Una Mens power … then we see a bloody hand reaching for the Seed.

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