Lost Girl Reviews: Season 4, Episode 11

Lost GirlEpisode 11: End of a Line

This one starts with Kenzi and Tamsin trying to decide which cheesy movie to watch, vampires or zombies (or the cheesiest of all, Jerry Maguire). Kenzi’s still pissed off that Bo is spending so much time with Rainer and keeps shutting her out. Bo overhears and assures Kenzi they are still BFFs. Bo says Rainer is someone who really needed her (to break his curse), unlike Dyson, who gave his love away then turned into an angsty a-hole (Kenzi refers to him as “Mopeyrevenant sliced Dick”), or Lauren, who’s pals with the Morrigan now. Tamsin mentions that Hale might want Kenzi to move in with him, which freaks Bo out. She and Kenzi make up (Bo: “You complete me.”; Kenzi: “You had me at a-hole.”) When Bo goes to get some drinks, she’s menaced by a zombie-looking dude, who doesn’t seem to feel it when she runs him through with a sword. He does feel it when someone invisible slices his head off; Bo’s unseen saviour turns out to be Acacia, Tamsin’s former mentor.

Tamsin is surprised to see Acacia still alive and with a new hand in place of the one Rainer’s crows cut off. (She claims Massimo gave her the hand.) Bo mentions Hugin and Munin betrayed Rainer, so they could’ve been acting o their own. When Acacia learns new handRainer is now Bo’s boyfriend, she’s ready to take off, but Tamsin stops her. Acacia says she’s a Revenant hunter now and it’s just a lucky coincidence that one was trying to waste Bo. Revenants are re-animated dead Fae, sent to settle a score, though the first thing I thought of was that Distillers song, “I Am a Revenant”. The Revenant has a Wanderer tarot card on it and Tamsin immediately suspects Rainer of sending it. Bo defends her man, but Acacia points out that they really don’t know anything about Rainer; he’s not even in the standard reference books. Bo says Rainer went to the battlefield to pay his respects to the dead, but Tamsin and Acacia aren’t convinced, so Bo says they’ll go see Rainer and prove he’s not a bad guy. They bring the Revenant’s head with them, but leave the body, which Kenzi finds moments later. She takes it pretty well; I guess she’s getting jaded after all this time.

At Trick’s place, he and Vex talk about Rainer. Trick says he was a terrible king and Rainer was always way ahead of him because of his foresight. Vex asks if Rainer was evilTrick offers Vex a drink and Trick says he was just defiant, like Bo. Trick says evil does exist, mentioning the Goruda and the Pyrripus, which seems to be the name of the dragon-horse whose picture Trick keeps looking at (and who may or may not represent Bo’s father). Vex thinks the Pyrripus is just a fairy tale and tells Trick everyone has regrets; he betrayed his own family and saw them wiped out. Trick mentions Vex’s father, saying he was one of Trick’s bravest generals. Vex says he never knew his father and Trick offers to tell him anything he wants to know.

At home, Kenzi gets a surprise visit from her mother (Galina) and cousin Dmitri, and she doesn’t look thrilled. At some kind of homeless camp, Bo, Tamsin, and Acacia try to find headless revenantwho sent the Revenant. Tamsin says the Cult of the Dead hang out there, so they’ll know who’s behind it. Bo insists it’s not Rainer, but another shambling Revenant shows up to attack her. Before Bo can fight it, Dyson comes out of nowhere, rips the Revenant’s throat out, and knocks its head off. At home, Kenzi is still worked up about her family being there (Dmitri is obviously some kind of scam artist) and freaks out when Hale shows up. (Kenzi: “I swear I’m nothing like her, she’s only my mother by birth.”) Hale admits he’s the one who called Kenzi’s family, and immediately realizes he may be in shit for doing that.

At the camp, Bo and Acacia go to talk to a dude named Harvey about the Revenant while Dyson and Tamsin talk to some of the people outside. (Apparently, Tamsin once broughtblood taster in Harvey’s mother, so she figures it’s better if she stays away from him.) Harvey turns out to be kind of a dick and Acacia’s ready to waste him, but Bo uses her succubus mojo to get his cooperation. He drinks some of the blood from the Revenant head and starts talking like a sommelier (“It’s hard to tell the terror from the terroir.”); he claims drinking the blood is the only way to control a Revenant—or to tell who else is controlling it. He finally says the Revenant belongs to Acacia.

Bo and Acacia square off (Harvey grabs a camera, hoping for a clothes-ripping catfight) classic girl fightand Acacia says she might have killed the guy originally, but she didn’t re-animate him. She says if she wanted Bo dead, she’d already be dead. Outside, Dyson and Tamsin run into a crazy dude ranting about someone named Laveau who can control the dead. When Tamsin comes in to get Bo and Acacia, she finds them in a mutual headlock like kids on a playground. (Harvey: “Punch her in the tits!”) Tamsin mentions the Laveau lead and they leave … after Bo breaks Harvey’s camera.

At home, Kenzi gives her mother shit for choosing her boyfriend over her daughter. She doesn’t come right out and say it, but it’s pretty obvious that the guy was fucking withKenzi's mom Kenzi and that’s why she ran away to live on the street. Her mom says she was afraid to get rid of her boyfriend because always figured she needed a man in her life, but she finally dumped his ass six months ago. Kenzi hugs her and they kind of make peace; I think Kenzi has missed having a mother whether she wants to admit it or not. Maybe that’s what drew her to Bo; she needed someone to watch out for her. They make dinner plans and her mom tells her to wear some colours instead of so much black.

At the camp, Acacia and Tamsin catch up and Tamsin admits she’s the one who turned LaveauRainer into the Wanderer by giving his soul to the Blood King instead of taking it to Valhalla. Acacia freaks and says they have to kill Rainer, pointing out that he’s probably sending the Revenants after Tamsin, not Bo. They find Laveau, who turns out to be a Voodoo priestess who likes making pointed observations about people. Bo asks her about the Revenant head and Laveau says she’ll re-animate all the dead if that’s what Bo wants. Acacia’s sewn-on hand starts acting up and she slashes around at everyone with her sword until Tamsin grabs her.  So I guess Laveau can animate body parts, not just whole corpses.

Bo realizes Laveau is the one who sent the Revenants and asks why. Laveau says Bo has something she needs … the Seed. When the Una Mens were killed, their power went intoHale proposes the Seed and Laveau needs it to protect her from the Pyrripus, the Devil’s horse. Dyson knocks her out before she can say more. At home, Kenzi and Hale finish a meal that Galina made and Hale proposes to Kenzi. Before she can answer, Dmitri gets a call from Galina’s boyfriend, who apparently hit Hale up for some “start-up money” for some shady bullshit. Kenzi realizes her mom was lying about dumping the prick and throws her out of the house. Hale realizes he fucked up big time.

Bo and Dyson take Laveau back to Harvey, but it turns out they’re working together. Harvey’s been banging Laveau, who is the head Revenant; yeah, she’s dead. They want Bo drinks some bloodthe Seed and we get a zombie movie trope as the Revenants start busting into the place through the windows. Bo cuts Laveau’s head off and drinks some of her blood s she can control the Revenants. She tells them to be at peace and they all keel over. At home, Kenzi tells her mom to get lost and says she no longer feels sorry for her. She used to think Galina was a victim, but now she knows she’s just someone who’s too scared to stand up for herself so she certainly wouldn’t stand up for her kid. Dmitri says Hale is a good guy and urges Kenzi not to fuck things up with him; Kenzi throws Dmitri out too, after retrieving the stolen cell phone from his pocket.

At the Dal, Dyson’s getting wasted and Bo tries to talk to him. He’s obviously hurt that she took up with Rainer so fast and says he’ll always be there for her, but if Rainer turns out to be a bad guy she might be on her own on that one. Bo says Rainer didn’t kidnap herDyson drinks and that you can’t choose your path, only follow it. Dyson points out that Bo actually does seem to choose her path more often than not. Downstairs, Trick and Vex are pretty wasted and Trick’s telling war stories about Vex’s father. Trick’s books suddenly re-align themselves on the shelves and Trick knows Rainer is being written back into history. Vex is about to leave when Trick mentions the stolen Una Mens Seed. He says whoever has it can prevent (or cause) untold suffering. He says he can see the good in Vex and Vex says that makes one of them. He leaves without saying whether he took the Seed or not, though I think we’re supposed to believe he did.

At the camp, Tamsin says she knows Acacia wasn’t hired to track the Revenants; she planted the tarot card so Tamsin and the others would help her against Rainer. Acacia Rainer's pictureadmits it and Tamsin says she’s not a remorseless killer anymore. If Rainer is evil, she’ll kill him, but she has to be certain. Acacia warns her to watch out for Massimo, who’s planning something big. Tamsin reminds her Massimo is dead, but Acacia says death doesn’t necessarily mean much these days. At home, Tamsin shows up and Bo says she’s sorry for all the trouble but she can’t ignore her feelings. She says sometimes you just have to go for it; Tamsin agrees and looks like she’s about to kiss Bo, but they’re interrupted by Rainer being written back into a reference book. Tamsin doesn’t recognize him and Bo says that’s Rainer, the guy who hired Tamsin to capture her. Tamsin says that’s not the guy who hired her.

In Kenzi’s room (I have to point out, Kenzi has one of the waving cat things from Bo’s birthday in her room, although it’s no longer waving) she and Hale talk. She says sheKenzi shows off her ring doesn’t want to rush into things and lose herself the way her mom did by feeling trapped. I guess that’s a “no” on the proposal then. Hale is worried, but she assures him they’re not breaking up, they just aren’t getting married right away. Later, Kenzi finds Bo downstairs and shows her the engagement ring. She says she hasn’t really said “yes”, but she’s strongly considering it. Bo is thrilled and wants to congratulate Hale, but Kenzi warns that he’s currently pantsless, so Bo heads out to get wine and food for a celebration.

At the Dal, Tamsin comes in to talk to Dyson, who’s pretty smashed. She climbs on his lap Dyson and Tamsinand starts dry-humping him, telling him to stop thinking so much and just act. The weird thing is, I think they’re going to bang because both of them are trying to keep their minds off Bo. At home, Kenzi is surprised by Massimo, whose face is all burnt to shit. He starts kicking the crap out of her and she grabs for a sword, but Massimo gets it first. He’s about to kill her when Hale comes in and starts wailing on him. He uses his siren power to met Massimo’s brain, but his ears start bleeding again like they did a few episodes back. Hale can’t hear anything, so he misses Kenzi’s warning andimpaled Hale gets impaled from behind by Massimo. Massimo shows Kenzi the sacred Clan Zamora twig that Hale gave her to protect her from harm and which she gave him to pay for her “powers” when she was pretending to be Fae. It’s obviously what kept him from dying in the fire pit and from Hale’s powers. Massimo thanks Kenzi for the twig and says they’re even, then takes off.

Hale tells Kenzi he loves her, then dies. Bo finds Kenzi weeping over Hale’s corpse. Kenzi admits his death is her fault, since she gave Massimo the twig that kept him from dying. Kenzi freaksShe begs Bo to use her reverse succubus power to revive Hale, but Bo says there’s not enough chi for he to bring him back. Kenzi says she can take the chi from her, but Bo doesn’t want to. Kenzi says Bo’s always talking about helping people, but only really helps herself. She says she’ll never forgive her if she doesn’t do it, so Bo takes some chi from her, but knows it’s not enough. Kenzi freaks out, saying she doesn’t care if she dies, but Bo says she cares and she’ll always choose Kenzi to live over anyone else. Bo uses her mojo to calm Kenzi down and knock her out, then Bo starts crying like a maniac too.

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