Lost Girl Reviews: Season 4, Episode 12

Lost GirlEpisode 12: Origin

This one starts at Hale’s funeral. Dyson is giving a eulogy and Kenzi looks numb. (Although I have to say her dress is a bit weird … like she’s wearing a beaded curtain.) Dyson goes on about how great Hale was and how his family is sequestered in the tomb with his corpse, mourning him. After the service, Kenzi is still out of it and Bo tries to make her feel better, but a warrior-woman shows up out of nowhere and pledges fealty to Bo, referring to her as “my queen”. Bo has no clue what’s going on, but Kenzi gets pissed off and leaves, frustrated that the world still seems to revolve around Bo, even today.funeral

At the Dal, Rosette (the warrior woman, who’s played by one of the stunt doubles on the warrior womanshow) tells Bo she was sent to protect her from the Pyrippus, who was prophesied to rise after the death of the Una Mens. She says she was already attacked by someone looking for the Origin Seed, where the dead Una Mens’ power went, and mentions that the Pyrippus will now be after Bo. Bo is more worried about Kenzi so she tells Rosette to back off. As Bo tries to comfort Kenzi, Kenzi only has one thing on her mind: Massimo’s death. Bo, Kenzi, and Dyson go to Massimo’s lair where he’s making Kenzi ready to waste Massimosomething in a mortar and pestle. Kenzi’s ready to slit his throat with the same sword he used on Hale, but she wants the Clan Zamora twig first. Massimo mentions a prophecy about Rainer dying seven days after he rises, which gets Bo’s attention. Dyson’s ready to waste Massimo, but he whispers something in Dyson’s ear that changes his mind. He says they have to take Massimo to see Trick. Kenzi’s pissed off, thinking Dyson’s betraying her by not killing Massimo, just as Bo betrayed her by not resurrecting Hale. Bo tries to reason with her, to make her look at the bigger picture, but Kenzi’s too mad to listen.

In the Dark Fae archives, Lauren is searching for information about Rainer. She finds an old book that references a monster (which sounds like the Pyrippus, given the description) and a passage about the Wanderer betraying the Fae. She’s surprised thatTrick talks to the Morrigan the ink is coming off on her fingers, but before she can ponder that, she hears something below and sees the Morrigan talking to someone, saying the deaths of the Una Mens and Hale were probably Bo and Rainer’s work. She suggests killing Bo, so Lauren takes the book and leaves, not sticking around to see who the Morrigan is speaking to. We quickly find out it’s Trick, who naturally doesn’t want Bo harmed. He says the Light and Dark have to forget their differences for a while and work together against whatever is threatening them.

At the Dal, Tamsin and Bo are trying to find information about what Massimo said when Rosette comes in. Rainer says she was his best lieutenant and never stopped trying to Tamsin reads the prophecyrescue him. Judging by the looks they’re giving each other, I’d say there’s some deeper feelings involved. Tamsin reads a prophecy that says if the original curse fails, Rainer will die within a week of being brought back and can only be saved by the blood of the one who cursed him—which would be Trick. But since Bo shares some of Trick’s blood, she might be able to break the second curse and find the Pyrippus, who’s been manipulating all of them. Rainer says they need some kind of talisman, something they both shared and Bo gets an idea.

At home, they examine the Wanderer tarot card and try to figure out its connection with the prophecies. Bo remembers the card catching on fire when Kenzi touched it, so sheburnt Wanderer card lights it with a match. The Roman numeral XXV shows up on the card, just as it did for Kenzi. Bo thinks it might refer to time, as in 8:00 PM, but Rainer wonders if it means something else. Lauren comes in and says it might be map coordinates, then tells Bo they need to talk. Lauren shows Bo the book she took from the Dark archives, which contains a very unflattering picture of Rainer. Bo notes the ink on the book is still wet and Lauren speculates that’s because Rainer is being written back into the history books. She reads a prophecy about the Warrior (i.e. Rainer) escaping his Lauren reads a prophecycurse, the Valkyrie (Tamsin) being reborn, and the blood of Zamora being spilled (Hale’s death). The prophecy also mentions the women of the horse and that either the Warrior or the Queen will die. Bo mentions that Rainer and Rosette think she’s the Queen and Lauren wants to get her someplace safe. Bo’s still pissed off about Lauren cozying up with the Dark, but Lauren said everything she’s done has been for Bo. Bo’s not buying it, but it seems to be her broken heart talking, not logic. She’s still hurting from Lauren’s choice to work for the Dark, although it was Bo’s choice for them to break up. Before they can resolve anything, Rainer interrupts, saying he has an idea where they should look next.

At the Morrigan’s place, Lauren is waiting for her—in some sexy lingerie. Lauren says she ready to join the Dark for real and wants to seal the bargain with some poontang.Lauren being seductive The Morrigan is suspicious of Lauren’s motives (“I don’t need to claim your clam to claim you.”) and Lauren says the Dark have treated her better than the Light ever did; plus, she has nowhere else to go. She says she’s not looking to be the Morrigan’s girlfriend, she just wants some of the benefits. The Morrigan says humans are fun to play with and they start making out. Bo, Rainer, and Rosette go to a “spiritual healing centre” (with the street number 2015) and find a weird modern art horse woman downpicture of a horse, which makes Bo think of the “women of the horse” in the prophecy. A woman named Epona (Epona was the name of the Celtic horse goddess, if I’m not mistaken) comes in and Rosette attacks her, saying Epona tried to kill her earlier. Epona denies it, but Bo uses her succubus mojo to gain Epona’s cooperation. Epona is fascinated by Bo, but says the Pyrippus has to be protected from her, since her intentions are unclear. She then drops the bombshell (which wasn’t that hard to guess, really) that the Pyrippus is Bo’s father.

At the Dal, Vex comes in to see Kenzi and she says she wants him to help her kill Massimo. She tells him about giving Massimo the Zamora twig and Vex is hesitant to help. Kenzi says it’s the wrong time for him to have an attack of conscience. He offers toBo and Rainer talk take care of Massimo, but Kenzi says it’s something she needs to do and just wants Vex as back-up. He finally agrees. At home, Bo and Rainer discuss the Pyrippus. Bo wonders if he’s as evil as the stories say, and if that means she’s part evil too. Rosette says the prophecy warns that if Bo and Rainer form an alliance, the Pyrippus will be released from his prison. But if they don’t ally, Rainer will probably die. Bo’s not sure what to do; she obviously wants Rainer to live, but if the price is releasing some ultimate evil into the world …

At Massimo’s lair, Kenzi is ready to start slicing him up, but Vex stops her with is Mesmer Vex stops Kenzipowers. He says Massimo belongs to him: Massimo’s mother abandoned him and Vex gave a blood oath that he’d take care of him. Massimo’s ready to go after Kenzi, but Vex stops him and tells him to get out while he still can. Kenzi still wants Massimo’s blood, but Vex won’t let her go after him. At the Morrigan’s place, she’s getting some fantastic head from Lauren. Afterwards, she’s weirded out because she’s sweating, which Lauren says is normal during great sex, but the Morrigan says she never sweats. Lauren then drops a bomb … the Morrigan (or Evony, as Lauren calls her) is now 100% human. Evony tries to melt Lauren with her power, but nothing happens. Lauren explains that she used Evony’s own DNA to concoct a serum to take away her FaeEvony's orgasm powers; I guess we know what the whole “Lauren peeling fake skin off her lips” thing is about from a few episodes back. Evony wonders how Lauren administered the serum and apparently Lauren put it on her own vag. (Lauren: “Forgotten already? It was only twenty minutes ago you were down there.”) Evony wonders if Bo might prefer her as a human, maybe even want to bang her. Lauren punches her—ostensibly in the interest of getting a blood sample—and says such a radical transformation might kill Evony. Evony starts reaching for something in her purse.

At the Dal, Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin are going over Hale’s stuff. They find an old childhood Tamsin heraldry lessonpoem that changes in front of their eyes to say something about the Queen. There’s crest on the back that Bo says belongs to the Knights of Rainer and signifies loyalty. Tamsin points out the crown on top of the crest and says it refers to the Queen. Bo knows that everyone is assuming she’s this Queen, but Tamsin and Dyson are freaked out. Dyson says the Queen isn’t just a queen, she’s “the One” … whatever that means. At Massimo’s lair, Massimo is packing a bunch of his Druid crap, including what looks like Valkyrie hair and a box that might just be the one with the Origin Seed in it. Vex is urging him to come with him to England (to stay with a friend of Vex’s, aVex disappointed in Massimo playwright in Warwickshire named Bill), but Massimo doesn’t want to leave. Vex reminds him that his mother abandoned him and Vex is all he’s got, so Massimo agrees to go to England with him. (Vex cautions him not to mention Hamlet to his friend Bill, as he thought the ending should’ve gone the other way.) Massimo gets a phone call and immediately changes his mind and takes off, despite Vex’s warnings that things won’t work out the way he thinks.

At the Morrigan’s place, Massimo shows up (yeah, she’s his mother, which most of you mother kissprobably guessed a while back) and she gives him a very un-motherly kiss. He’s thrilled that they’re both human now, but Evony doesn’t share his enthusiasm. She goes through his bag, tossing stuff aside like it’s junk. You’d think the head of the Dark Fae would recognize the power of some of that stuff, but she doesn’t seem to know shit. She starts insulting Massimo and he gets mad, but they’re interrupted by Lauren, who’s shocked to find out he’s Evony’s son.

Bo, Rainer, and Rosette sneak into a ceremony conducted by the Women of the Horse. Epona spots them and Bo starts looking around at all the horse-themed décor. She spots aEpona dies particular statue and Epona attacks. Rosette duels Epona while Bo and Rainer open the statue and pull out a piece of cloth. Epona is stabbed and says something about a handfasting right before she dies. Bo wonders if that means she and Rainer are supposed to get married. At home, Kenzi is ripping up photos of herself and Hale. Bo comes in and tries to talk to her, but Kenzi’s not too receptive. She reads a prophecy from a book about “one with eyes both brown and blue; Kenzi unclaimedone who shifts, a Valkyrie too; one whose blood it rules the world; one who sings, his life unfurled; a warrior to be her guide; a healer always by her side.” Kenzi adds “the Professor and Mary Ann”, but points out that she isn’t mentioned anywhere. Bo tries to reassure Kenzi, but she’s not having  it and asks Bo to unclaim her. Rosette interrupts, saying Rainer needs Bo and Kenzi insists on being unclaimed, so Bo does it. She gives Rosette a note to take to Rainer and tries to talk to Kenzi again, but Kenzi just walks out.

In Massimo’s lair, he’s holding Lauren captive and raving about forcing Evony to love him again. He says Lauren is going to help, but she refuses. Massimo eats the Originseed trouble Seed, saying it’ll give him the combined power of the Una Mens, which freaks Lauren out. But after he eats the Seed, Massimo keels over and starts writhing on the ground. Elsewhere, Bo agrees to bond with Rainer to save his life and fight the Pyrippus together. Rainer says he loves her, but Bo says it isn’t about love for her, it’s about what’s best for her family. After the bonding ceremony, Rosette starts laughing like burning warriora maniac and reveals that the bonding will allow the Pyrippus to return from Hel and rule the world. Rainer is pissed off that Rosette betrayed him, but she says the Pyrippus promised her all kinds of power. But the Pyrippus doesn’t appear, leaving Rosette disappointed. She’s even more disappointed when an unseen force pulls her into the fire and she’s burned to sit. Bo wonders what she and Rainer have just unleashed and we see a bright light breaking free from what looks like an ancient altar covered in stones.

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