Veronica Mars Reviews: Season 2, Episode 20

Veronica Mars S01 titleEpisode 20: Look Who’s Stalking

This one starts with Veronica at the doctor’s office finding out she has chlamydia. She’s blindsided, since Duncan’s the only guy she’s ever been with, they used protection, and she doesn’t think he could’ve had chlamydia anyway. The doctor says you can never tell and prescribes antibiotics. At school, Wallace and Jackie are all worked up about the Prom, making big plans. Mac on the other hand, isn’t quite so enthusiastic, since she’s stuck going with Vincent because of Veronica’s “deal” with him. Principal Clemmons makes an announcement that Prom has been canceled (becauseWoody in a compromising position of alcohol violations on the senior class trip), which thrills Mac and bums Wallace and Jackie out. At home, Keith gets a call from Woody and goes to the Camelot Motel, where he finds Woody with a hot babe (a campaign worker) who’s half-naked and passed out. Woody says they were messing around and she must’ve taken pills with booze because she passed out and he can’t wake her up. He wants Keith to take her to the ER so he won’t get in trouble. Keith finally agrees, but says he’s not going to be Woody’s “fixer” again. Keith takes the girl out to his car wrapped in his jacket and heads for the hospital.

At school, Gia tells Veronica someone has been following her in a “totally Kendall gets under Veronica's skinnondescript” car and she wants Veronica to figure out who it is. Veronica thinks having the mayor’s daughter owe her a favour might be nice, so she agrees. At the office, Kendall tells Keith she wants her hard drive back or she’ll tell the cops he broke into her house. Veronica comes in and almost calls her a name that starts with “C”. Veronica asks to borrow some remote cameras for Gia’s case and Keith gives her some sketches to hand out. They’re of the guy who hired the escort to steal Cliff’s briefcase a few episodes back.

At home that night, Veronica puts the cameras on the roof and gets Gia to come over. Sure enough, the nondescript car shows up and Veronica runsLogan invites Veronica to Alterna-Prom the license plate. Turns out to belong to an old friend of hers … Leo D’Amato, the former cop she used to date. At school, Veronica asks Logan if Duncan banged anyone besides her and Meg. (She doesn’t mention the word chlamydia, naturally.) Logan says she and Meg are the only girls he knows about Duncan having sex with. He invites Veronica to the Alterna-Prom, a pseudo-ceremony thrown in lieu of the canceled Prom by Logan and a bunch of his rich friends. Veronica mentions Wallace and Jackie and Logan says it’s cool if she brings them … and whoever else she wants.

At the coffee shop, Veronica grills Leo about why he’s following Gia. He admits he works for a private security company and Gia’s dad (Woody) Veronica and Gia confront Leohired them to follow Gia, but he has no idea why. Gia wonders if it has something do with Keith and shows Veronica a newspaper with a photo of Keith carrying the unconscious girl out of the motel. Keith has seen the paper too and goes to Woody’s office to give him shit. Apparently, Woody told reporters that Keith was investigating campaign leaks and took it upon himself to ply the poor girl with booze to get info out of her. Woody says he had no choice, since he has to keep his nose clean with the big incorporation vote coming up. Keith informs him that he’ll be voting against incorporation and leaves.

Later, Gia comes to Veronica’s place and says her dad pulled the security detail when she asked him to, but she found a DVD waiting when she got home. It’s a creepy video of her brother’s soccer game, with some zoomedcreepy video of Gia footage of Gia herself. Veronica examines the video and sees another woman with a video camera across the field. She asks Gia to get that video, since the reverse angle might show whoever was taping her and her brother. At the office, Keith talks to his reporter friend, who lets him know that Woody has been saying (off the record) that Keith got the girl drunk and took advantage of her. Keith tells him to ask the girl, but it seems she disappeared from the hospital before even being treated and now nobody can find her. Smells like a set-up to me, but I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be on Keith or Woody.

At school, Veronica tells Wallace and Jackie about Alterna-Prom, but Mac and Corny (the stoner) overhear and get interested too. Well, Logan did say video of creep taping Giashe could bring anyone she wanted. Keith goes to see Terrence in hospital and asks why he broke into the house of Ms. Dumas’ parents. He says she was writing a tell-all book about all the crap he’d done, including throwing a big play-off game. He figured he’d better try to find the manuscript before the truth got out. At home, Veronica checks the video Gia got and finds the guy taking the creepy video. Unfortunately, his face is covered by the camera, but he’s wearing a letterman jacket and Veronica notices a red pickup truck in the background that disappears when the guy does.

The next morning, Keith is happy to read the story by his reporter buddy that contradicts Woody’s bullshit and reveals that the girl was an escort andGia mad at Veronica was paid from Woody’s campaign funds. On the way to school, Veronica stops to vote “No” on incorporation. She checks the parking lot at school for a red pickup, but there isn’t one. Gia gives Veronica shit over the newspaper story, but Veronica points out that all her father did was deny getting the girl drunk; the escort and campaign fund stuff was dug up by the reporter. Gia’s still pissed off though. That night, the news reports that Neptune citizens voted against incorporation by only three points.

Veronica shows Keith the video from the soccer game to get his opinion and he shows her the video he downloaded from the creepy DVD someone sent Veronica and her dad compare creepy videosWoody a while back … video taken inside Woody’s house while he and his family were there. Keith tells Veronica how Woody took him off the case when he figured out the video was shot long before the incorporation controversy came up. Keith warns Veronica that whoever shot these videos is dangerous and tells her to drop the case. At school, Logan gives Veronica shit for inviting a bunch of losers to Alterna-Prom. He notices her stuffing envelopes with the sketch of the guy who paid the hooker to steal Cliff’s briefcase and mentions that he looks like the guy who shared a cell with Aaron.

Veronica stays really late after school wanting to warn Gia about her dad, but Gia’s still pissed off and won’t even talk to her. In the parking lot, Veronica sees the red pickup and realizes it belongs to the janitor, Lucky.Lucky shows the girls his big knife She calls her dad, but heads back inside, since Lucky and Gia are both in the building pretty much alone. She finds them in the janitor room with Lucky showing Gia his war scars. She doesn’t seem too bothered, but when Veronica whispers that Lucky was the dude with the red truck she finally gets a clue. Lucky pulls out a huge knife that he says he got in Iraq. He’s still being sorta friendly, but also kinda scary, blocking the door and waving the knife around. He tells Gia he knows her father, but before he can elaborate, Keith comes in and tackles him.

Keith asks why Lucky was stalking Gia and Lucky gets pissed off, saying elevator rideWoody deserves it. Sheriff Lamb shows up to take over, but Keith figures he’ll screw everything up so he handcuffs himself to lucky and tosses the key down the sink. Veronica heads to Alterna-Prom at Logan’s hotel room, bringing along her friends (and it looks like Mac gave in and brought Vincent after all), which doesn’t impress the rich snobs … or Logan. In jail, Keith tries to get Lucky to talk, asking him why Woody deserves to be stalked, but Lamb shows up and breaks the mood.

At Alterna-Prom, Mac and Vincent are actually kinda getting along. Dick is being his obnoxious self, practically begging Madison to bang him again.Veronica messes with Madison Veronica has a little fun with Madison, hinting she knows about her and Lamb banging. (“I can’t imagine what that’d be like, being on the Lamb … you’d just wanna close your eyes and pray for it all to be over. You’d have the cops crawling all over you.”) After telling Dick the odds of her banging him are a googolplex to one (which excites him), Veronica saves Gia from taking a Trip to the Dentist and they make up. Wallace and Jackie cut out early to go bang.

A drunk Logan tells Veronica he never really got over her and he’s going to Logan confesses his true feelingsmiss her when she leaves after graduation. He says he’s sorry for last summer and would do things differently if he could. Veronica is confused by his confession (and her own feelings) and when Logan tries to kiss her, she takes off. Meanwhile, Wallace and Jackie are getting busy in a different hotel room. At the jail, Lucky is almost ready to tell Keith why he hates Woody so much, but Lamb comes in to take the cuffs off. Keith asks for a few more minutes to get Lucky’s confession, but Lamb says Lucky has been bailed out … by Meg’s father. The next morning, KeithVeronica feels like crap is stunned to read a story in the paper about Terrence throwing the championship game. Veronica goes to see Logan and says she’s thought about what he said and wants to keep in touch after graduation because she’s not ready to lose him either. Unfortunately, Logan was so wasted, he doesn’t remember anything he said to Veronica last night … and he’s not alone this morning. Yeah, Kendall’s with him. So, Veronica gets punched in the heart again.

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