Lost Girl Review: Episode 2

Lost GirlEpisode #2: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Fae
This episode opens with Bo and Kenzi doing some shopping. Kenzi’s wearing a blonde wig (as a disguise, I guess?) and it’s a pretty good look for her. They’re buying tools to fix up their “crack shack” as Kenzi calls it.

We learn Bo is from a small town in the Midwest, “all car shows and church socials.”

already got lucky
Snicker snack!

She sees a hot guy giving her the eye and thinks about “feeding” on him. Kenzi stops her, telling the disappointed guy that he already got lucky. The scene switches to a forest where some guy is running around looking for something—or someone. A bunch of green flame pillars appear at random (at first, it seems like he might be chasing them) and eventually he finds a shack hidden in the woods. He goes in and finds a pot o’ gold…well, actually a chest full of jewels. We then get the new opening credits with Bo’s voiceover, which I think lasts through the series, although the credits change from season to season.

When the credits end, Bo and Kenzi are furnishing the crack shack. It looks like an abandoned building; I’m not sure if it’s meant to be the same place Bo was staying when she rescued Kenzi last episode…the interior is vaguely similar, but I think it’s a different place, bigger, with two floors, and actually in worse shape. Kenzi says she “acquired” a lot of their new furniture; Bo doesn’t like that. For a life-draining succubus, she’s pretty moralistic. The green fire from the opening appears in the house, along with a chubby, raggedy-looking guy.

Don’t laugh–you don’t know where this thing’s been!

Bo, not having a weapon handy, threatens him with a plunger. Kenzi talks some smack too, and even has some brass knuckles. He tells them his name is Will, as in will o’ the wisp, and he lives in the forest. “A-skippin’ and a-jumpin’ all the day?” as Kenzi says. Will’s reply? “Hey, there’s no shame in that.” Fae pride, right there.


Will says he needs help. They’re not interested, but at the mention of his treasure being stolen, Kenzi perks right up. Will says he’ll trade information on Bo’s past for her help, and mentions she has a birthmark on her left foot as proof he’s not full of shit. He gives them a backpack, saying the guy who stole his treasure dropped it. The pack has a huge handgun in it;

big gun
It’s pretty big … I guess.

I mean, this thing looks like a goddamn flare gun! I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a Wildey or something along those lines, but it’s fucking huge. At the police station, Hale is regaling Dyson with a story of his date with a hot girl who turned into two hot girls (she was a Gemini). He tries to get Dyson to double with him (the girl has a sister, who’s also a Gemini), but Dyson notices Bo waiting for him at his desk.

charmed cops
I just open my mouth like this, and guys flock around me!

She seems to have charmed all the cops in the vicinity—whether by using her powers or just by being hot, I’m not sure—and she asks Dyson to track the owner of the big-ass gun. He gives her shit for getting involved in Fae business and she threatens to expose the Fae to the human cops, so Dyson puts Hale on the gun trace and takes Bo to the Dal.

The Dal (short for Dal Riata, which in real life, was an ancient kingdom in Ireland) is the bar that Trick owns. He tells Bo it’s a way station, where Light and Dark Fae can mingle in peace. Everyone in the bar is fascinated by Bo, not because of her power, but because she refuses to pick a side. Trick takes her to sign in and she refers to his décor as “early Tolkien”.

early Tolkien
No, I really don’t wanna read your slashfic.

Trick says, “Where do you think he got it from?” He asks about her parents—her real parents. She knows nothing about her background. Trick tells her both of her parents must’ve been Fae, otherwise she’d have no powers. He also tells her the Light and Dark Fae have been on the brink of war for a thousand years. Dyson gets the info about the guy who owned the gun (Michael Connel) and Bo heads out after him. Trick is still playing things close here, hinting that he might suspect who Bo is, but I’m pretty sure he knows exactly who she is and is just bullshitting Dyson. As we’ll see eventually, Dyson knows some of Trick’s secrets, but not all of them.

nice car

Bo and Kenzi show up at the trailer park to look for Connel. She’s driving a different car than in the first episode; there she had a ’69 Chevelle hardtop (which looked to be in pretty good shape), now she’s got a yellow ’69 Camaro SS (in kinda crappy condition). I wonder if the “69” models are meant to be a sex joke? Probably not, most people’s minds aren’t as warped as mine. I think the ratty yellow car suits Bo better; she’s supposed to be poor, and it certainly matches her crack shack, though it seems to run really well. Anyway, at Connel’s trailer, they almost get blasted by a trap gun when Bo opens the door…in fact, her hand actually does get wounded. What’s with this Connel dude and guns? They search the trailer and find a bunch of books about the supernatural. Kenzi finds an ad circled in the Yellow Pages for a pawnbroker/jeweller. They figure Connel must’ve gone there to sell the jewels he stole from Will. I’m not sure if it’s ever said where Lost Girl is supposed to take place; it was filmed in Ontario, but they seem to avoid stating where it’s happening, probably so Americans can relate; but if you look closely at the Yellow Pages, you can see some Toronto street addresses (Yonge Street jumped out at me), so they were using a local phone book as a prop.

Their search is interrupted by a neighbour with a rifle—Jesus, does everyone in this trailer park have a gun? Maybe they hand them out when you move in. The neighbour is played by Debra Lynn McCabe, who playedhot neighbour Alex’s mom on Degrassi the Next Generation. She looks different enough that I didn’t recognize her, but damn she looks good! Wish I had a neighbour who looked like that. Bo gives her the old sex-mojo, but almost kills her, then almost chokes Kenzi when she stops her. Bo thanks her for the “cockblock” (her words) and they leave. Kenzi notices Bo’s hand is healed from draining the hottie neighbour. Bo sends Kenzi to look after Will and heads to the pawnbroker’s place. At first, she tries to bullshit him into giving her information, but she’s not great at subtlety, so she threatens to break his arm. I’m not sure why she didn’t use her “charming” power, but he is kinda ugly, so maybe she just wasn’t feeling it. He tells her Connel is waiting with the jewels at a motel and she leaves. Meanwhile, at the crack shack, Kenzi is putting out fires and making fun of Will’s weight. (He is pretty big for a sprite.)

Dyson and Hale end up at the trailer park and we see the hot neighbour being loaded into an ambulance—with a huge smile on her face. I think Bo might have opened up a whole new world for her…assuming she lives. When Bo left, she said the hottie was alive, and when they’re putting her in the ambulance she’s not covered up like they usually do with dead bodies; but later Dyson’s giving Bo shit and acting like she killed her. Maybe almost killing someone draws as much unwanted attention as actually killing them. Bo and Kenzi go to the motel and I’m once again reminded why I like Kenzi so much: “Let’s break in and get Yakuza on this guy’s Fae-robbin’ ass.” But Bo makes her wait in the car. Bo disguises herself (half-assedly) as a maid to get into Connel’s room, but he pulls a gun on her. He knows she’s working for Will and tells her Will is his father.

Bo as maid
I told the agency I wanted a cheerleader, not a maid!

Connel tells Bo the story of his parents (his mom was a researcher in the woods, she followed the faerie lights, met Will, and got knocked up…if I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times); Connel says he just wants to meet Will and says if Bo brings him to a storage locker, he’ll return the jewels. Outside, Kenzi sees a weird-looking guy approach the motel room; he gets even weirder as he pulls a big knife and then takes his own head off before busting into the room. Connel runs away as Bo fights the headless guy.

Bo fights dullahan
At least it wasn’t the plunger.

Kenzi tosses her a mop, which Bo uses to impale the headless dude. Bo fights really well here; she must’ve been practicing. Bo and Kenzi go to the Dal to find Dyson. They’re informed that unescorted humans aren’t allowed there, so Bo “claims” Kenzi…something that’ll have repercussions later. They show Dyson the headless corpse in Bo’s trunk and he’s explains it’s a dullahan. They’re mercenaries who remove their heads to cause fear in their opponents. The dullahan is taken from Celtic myth, although some of the details are different here. Dyson says they’re usually unstoppable (Bo’s definitely been practicing) and Bo asks him to get her in touch with Lauren, who said she might have a way to help Bo control her hunger. Dyson offers to bang her, but she says she’s looking for a more long-term solution; I wonder if that could have more than one meaning? While they’re talking, Kenzi finds jewels in the dullahan’s pockets. They figure Will hired the dullahan.

Back at their place Will (who’s fascinated by the fire extinguisher Kenzi brought) says he didn’t hire the dullahan. Bo tells Will that Michael Connel is his son. Will tries to remember Michael’s mother (prompted by Kenzi’s “bow-chicka-wow-wow”) and seems happy to have a son. He says he wants to meet Connel.

Bo and Lauren
Wow, you’ve got some nice objectives there, Lauren.

First, Bo goes to see Lauren and we get more sexual tension between the two. Bo asks her for something to help her fight the hunger. Lauren gives her a shot that she says will take the edge off (“ramp you back down to randy…frisky even.”), but warns it won’t help her heal. Lauren also tries to recruit Bo to the Light Fae, but Bo says they’ll have to do things her way before she’ll join.

Bo goes to the storage place and tells Connel that Will wants to meet him. She calls Kenzi and Connel shows her the jewels inside a storage locker, but when she goes in he pulls a gun on her again. He locks her in and says he’s going to expose the Fae. Bo tries to empathize with him by talking about her own nebulous past (and it’s obvious she feels a connection because of the whole “I don’t know who my parents are, but I know they’re Fae” thing), but he says at least she got powers out of the deal, where he got nothing. When Will and Kenzi show up, Connel holds them at gunpoint and they argue. Will says, “One of us can’t be with one of you forever” which is a telling remark for Bo, although she doesn’t know it yet. Will also says he couldn’t risk Connel’s mom spilling the truth about the Fae, but Connel says he’ll do it anyway. Just then, another dullahan shows up…turns out Will did hire them to kill Connel before he knew he was his son. But once a dullahan takes a contract, they can’t be called off, so Kenzi releases Bo and she fights the dullahan. She doesn’t do quite so well this time, getting sliced in the throat.

Kenzi with head
Kenzi gettin’ some head.

Kenzi saves her ass by dropping the dullahan’s head into a flaming barrel (shades of Donkey Kong!) that Will had previously ignited. It’s nice to see Kenzi kicking some ass (or head) too, instead of just being saved by Bo. It makes them seem more like a real team.

Bo asks Will to tell her what he knows about her past. He says he saw a Fae midwife carrying Bo through the woods when she was a baby and the midwife was really freaked out. So, yeah, Will’s kind of a lying sack of shit. But he points out that Bo knows more now about her past than she did before, which is technically true, I suppose. Will and his son disappear, taking the treasure with them, to Kenzi’s disappointment. Bo’s still bleeding like crazy and tells Kenzi to call Dyson. Back at their place, BoBo and Dyson and Dyson bang; she starts healing almost immediately. This is the start of their long relationship, with all the shit it entails. As if to set the tone for the years ahead, Bo asks if he’s not afraid she might kill him, but he says he’ll take his chances. To a certain extent, he might be staying close to her (so to speak) for Trick’s sake, but it seems like he already has a genuine attraction to her.

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